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  • Uh, Hey there.

    - やぁ。

  • Everyone else in class seems to have a partner already, so it looks like you and I are a team.


  • You know, process of elimination... Yeah.

    消去法ってやつだね。( 咳払い ) うん。

  • So, are you like, new?


  • Like a transfer student?


  • Huh?

    - ん?

  • I hadn't really noticed you in class before.

    - 君のことクラスで見かけたことないような。

  • Oh.

    - あぁ。

  • So, you're new?

    - じゃ、新入りさんなんだ?

  • No, I've sat two desks behind you all year long.

    - いや、1 年間ずっと君の席の 2 つ後ろに座ってるよ。

  • How is that even possible?

    - そんなことってある?

  • I fade into the background sometimes.

    - 僕って背景と同化することがあるんだよね。

  • Okay, the fade into the background, that's what I do.

    - そっか、背景と同化ね。それ、僕のことだ。

  • That's my thing.


  • There's no way you could have pulled it off all year.

    君が 1 年間もそうだったなんてありえないな。

  • Yeah... So anyway, our topic is the French Revolution.


  • -You know what, how about we split up the duties between us so, -I'll just do all the work, and you can do the talking.

    あのさ、課題を分担してやるのはどう?- [ 2人とも ] 僕が全部やるよ。 で、君が発表をするんだ。

  • Well, okay.

    - え~と、うん。

  • I think personally, my strength lies in research less so public speaking.


  • Same with me.

    - 僕もだ。

  • Well, the last time I got up in front of the class to present, I threw up.

    - あぁ、最後に僕がクラスの前で発表をした時は吐いちゃったんだよね。

  • The last time I got up in front of a class to present, I blacked out, hit my head on the floor, and had to be rushed to the hospital.

    - 最後に僕がクラスの前で発表した時、気を失って頭を床に打って、病院に運ばれることになったんだ。

  • I died and had to be resuscitated twice.

    心肺停止して、2 回蘇生されたんだ。

  • Okay, I guess I'll do the talking.

    - 分かった。僕が発表をやるよ。

  • I'll just make sure I have a garbage can nearby.


  • So, uh, what's your name?


  • Huh?

    - え?

  • I need to know your name.

    - 君の名前を知らなくちゃ。

  • Why?

    - なんで?

  • I mean, we're working together on a project, isn't it a little odd if I don't know your name?

    - だって、一緒に課題をやるんだから、名前を知らないのってちょっと変じゃないかな?

  • Okay, well, my name is Frank.


  • Yeah, I don't really like small talk.

    - 僕、あまりおしゃべりは好きじゃないんだ。

  • Is that what I'm doing?

    - 僕の事?

  • Uh, let me just, you know, get to work in silence.

    - お願いだから、静かに作業させてもらえるかな?

  • Okay, and I'll just sit here and mentally prepare myself to give a presentation tomorrow.

    - 分かった。じゃあ僕はここに座って、明日の発表に向けて心の準備をしておくよ。

  • Oh.


  • So, the varsity basketball team has been doing pretty well this year, huh?


  • Sorry, I have never been this uncomfortable with silence before.


  • You're just so quiet, I feel like I have to keep talking and be the outgoing one in order to save this interaction from becoming a mattress fire of awkwardness.


  • You are really draining me.

    - 君といると本当に疲れるよ。

  • Is this how other feel when they talk to me?

    - みんな僕に話す時こんな気持ちなの?

  • Okay, this is getting to be too much for me, so I'm gonna take the, the textbook, and go to the bathroom for the rest of the class period so I can research in peace.

    - ちょっともう無理かも。僕、教科書を持ってトイレに行っておくよ。授業時間が終わるまでね。そうすれば静かにリサーチできるからさ。

  • What is happening to me?

    - 何が起こってるの?

  • I have become the thing that I dread.


Uh, Hey there.

- やぁ。

審査済み この字幕は審査済みです

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