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  • Uh huh, Yeah, Wow.

    Uh huh, Yeah, Wow.

  • Welcome to watch Mojo.

    Welcome to watch Mojo.

  • And today we'll be counting down our picks for the top 10 games.


  • Banned for violence.


  • Never been on.


  • I can't feel any of this.


  • It just needs some repairs and some guys or something for this list.


  • We're only looking at games which were outright banned and rendered impossible or illegal to purchase in at least one country.


  • If a game was censored and released, it doesn't count.


  • Number 10 Mad World.

    10位 マッドワールド

  • If Mad World had been released on any other console, it probably would have had no problems whatsoever.

    もし『Mad World』が他のゲーム機で発売されていたら、おそらく何の問題もなかったでしょう。

  • Unfortunately, this ultra violent hack and slash came out on the Nintendo Wii shattering Louise family friendly image.


  • Its core gameplay revolves around the gruesome game show Death Watch where the bloodier your kills are, the more points you earn.

    ゲームの中心となるのは、血みどろのゲームショー「Death Watch」で、殺せば殺すほどポイントが加算されていきます。

  • Horrified parents lobbied for the game's total ban, worried about the effect it may have on their kids despite its certainly not being marketed towards them.


  • It was completely banned in Germany, delayed in Japan and received the highest possible rating in the UK Number nine Silent Hill homecoming.

    ドイツでは完全に禁止され、日本では遅れて発売され、イギリスでは最高の評価を受けました。 ナンバーナイン サイレントヒル ホームカミング

  • The Silent Hill franchise has always dealt with especially dark subject matter But it was the fifth installment, Silent Hill Homecoming that really drew the ire of the Australian sensors.

    サイレントヒル』シリーズは、常に特別に暗いテーマを扱ってきましたが、オーストラリアのセンサーの怒りを買ったのは、第5作目の『サイレントヒル ホームカミング』でした。

  • Their main gripe with homecomings content was the use of a drill as a weapon, presumably worrying that this may encourage people to use drills as weapons in the real world.


  • While it was finally released almost a year later, for a while, it was completely illegal to sell after being refused classification down under number eight Carmageddon, it's been unceremoniously dubbed the most controversial video game of all time by some outlets and upon its release in 1997 became the first game refused certification in the United Kingdom.


  • The anti hero of Carmageddon is Max Damage, a psychotic criminal who gets behind the wheel of a car and runs over as many people as possible.


  • And the more you do this, the more points you rack up.


  • While it was eventually released in the UK after 10 months of appealing in Brazil, it was banned completely as well as in the city of Buenos Aires.


  • Number seven dead, rising three.


  • Perhaps bizarrely, the law in Germany prohibits video games with human like enemies, meaning that any and all games involving zombies are pretty much a no go area.


  • Because of this, the highly anticipated dead rising three was not allowed to be released by Germany's federal Department of Media, harmful to young persons worried about the effect that game could have on the country's youth.


  • What the hell?


  • But this hardly came as a surprise even to Capcom themselves, as both the 1st and 2nd dead Rising games were also banned from this corner of Europe.


  • It just needs some repairs and some gas or something.


  • Number six polls still, too.


  • Yeah, what New Zealand went all out in 2000 and four to stop people from getting their hands on this violent shooter?


  • Postal two is still considered one of the most offensive games that's ever been created.

    Postal 2は今でも、これまでに作られたゲームの中で最も攻撃的なゲームの一つと考えられています。

  • And for good reason.


  • One of the scenes cited specifically by the country's Office of Film and Literature classification was a moment where the player can, if they so choose, urinate on the enemy, so it's not hard to see why they took so much issue with it.


  • To this day, even owning the game in New Zealand is completely illegal and can see you getting a fine of $1400 and for retailers selling or promoting the game, it could land them a massive $38,000 fine.


  • No shots.


  • Number five counterstrike For two decades, it seems this is one franchise that has never been able to escape controversy.

    Number 5 counterstrike 20年もの間、論争から逃れられないフランチャイズのひとつであるようだ。

  • But it may be surprising to some to hear the original counter strike was made outright illegal in Brazil a whole eight years after it was first released.


  • This is because it allegedly promotes the subversion of public order and attacks the democratic state and the law, according to the Brazilian arm of Kotaku.


  • This was more specifically because counterstrike is set to teach war strategies and because of its portrayal of Rio's favelas.


  • Oh, no Number four Duke Nukem three D Uh huh.

    Oh, no Number 4 Duke Nukem three D Uh huh.

  • Love it or hate it, it's hard to deny that the Duke Nukem series is overflowing with violence.

    好き嫌いは別にして、Duke Nukemシリーズが暴力に溢れていることは否定できません。

  • Dukes never been particularly conservative or gentle when it comes to defending Earth from armies of invading aliens.


  • But this entry didn't go over well in Brazil.


  • They wound up banning it as a part of a crackdown on violent video games in the late 19 nineties, which also saw other claimed first person shooters like doom.


  • Take a hit.


  • Duke Nukem three D was even censored in the United States and in Germany it was illegal to advertise it.

    Duke Nukem three D」は、アメリカでは検閲が行われ、ドイツでは広告を出すことが違法とされたほどです。

  • Come get some number three mortal combat.


  • The very first Mortal Kombat was so controversial for its intense violence that it led to the introduction of the E S R B rating system.

    初代『Mortal Kombat』は、その激しい暴力表現が物議を醸し、E S R Bというレーティングシステムの導入につながりました。

  • But for the next 18 years, some people in Australia were desperate to have it totally banned.


  • Finally, when the 2011 reboot was released, they got their wish.


  • The Australian authorities refused classification to Mortal Kombat, making it illegal to sell or import copies of the game, citing the trademark fatalities as their reason.

    オーストラリア当局は、『Mortal Kombat』の分類を拒否し、ゲームのコピーを販売または輸入することを違法としました。その理由として、商標登録されている致命傷を挙げています。

  • Their statement said, Despite the exaggerated conceptual nature of the fatalities, impact is heightened by the use of realistic graphics.


  • Okay, Wow, Number two, man hunt, too.


  • Mm mm.


  • Yeah.


  • Few titles have reached the level of infamy of Rockstar Games manhunt to no stranger to pushing the boundaries just to see what they can get away with.


  • It seems that back in 2000 and seven, the studio went just a little bit too far with its gratuitous gore.


  • It was banned in Germany, New Zealand Saudi Arabia, South Korea and even the UK just to name a few.


  • The British Board of Film Classification refused to give it a rating after a murder in 2000 and four was linked to the first manhunt.


  • It remains one of the glorious and most violent games in history.


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  • Number one All violent video games and toys mhm In 2000 and nine, the Venezuelan authorities proposed a frustratingly vague bill to ban all violent video games, which, despite contention, went into effect the following year.

    第1位 すべての暴力的なテレビゲームとおもちゃ mhm 2000年と9年に、ベネズエラ当局は、すべての暴力的なテレビゲームを禁止するという、もどかしいほど曖昧な法案を提出し、論争になったものの、翌年には施行されました。

  • This law specifically states that people may not import manufacturers, sell, rent or distribute violent toys or video games, which they define as anything seemed to promote or incite violence.


  • Getting caught doing any of these things can land you an incredible five years in prison, along with hefty fines as video games, namely the likes of Grand Theft Auto and got divorced Series have been blamed for rising crime rates in the country.


  • I can't feel any of this.


  • Do you agree with our picks?


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