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  • I just told myself I should never cry.

  • I had my nose shattered in a fight.

  • There are a lot of mixed signals in the world

  • I was told that being a man was being strong

  • What makes a man?

  • You don’t talk about your feelings a lot. It’s a very natural culture.

  • I never saw my dad cry except for once in my life. But it freaks me out.

  • I remember I was thinking that there was something wrong. I feel like a machine had like shut down.

  • You bury emotion as much as you can until you physically can’t hold it anymore.

  • Then you go somewhere privately and have yourself a little cry.

  • I never cry actually. I’ve ... only cried twice in the past 7 years.

  • I was always very much belittle forany sort of, you know, displayed emotion.

  • You know, by back home, if somebody looks you the wrong way or bumps you the wrong way,

  • you kinda have to do something about it because it’s testing your manhood.

  • Don’t back down from fights. Don’t be afraid to pick fights.

  • There’s a lot of violence where I’m from. I’ve had my nose broken 3 times.

  • When you feel threatened is when you bow up, as when you, you know, try to get that swagger on this.

  • It’s just so bro-ing and unrealistic.

  • If I could install fears in others, then they would see me as a man.

  • When I think of masculinity, I think more of a gentlemen and carrying yourself with you know strength and weight,

  • not necessarily violence and aggression.

  • Masculinity shouldn’t require to dominate everything.

  • Thankfully for the opportunity to travel to different places, I’ve seen that men could be any number of things.

  • It’s not one concrete definition.

  • When I think of what I wanna be as a man, I wanna be a good man, I wanna be kind, I wanna look out for people.

  • There’s million types of man in the world, and there’s no right way to be a guy.

  • It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, who you love,

  • if youre confident, most people see you as masculine.

  • It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to hug, hugem in.

  • What do you think a man should be?

I just told myself I should never cry.


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何があなたを男にしたの? (What Makes You A Man?)

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