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  • So the Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce was fired on Monday, given the hook less than halfway into a season that carried heightened expectations before being hampered by injuries.

    だから、ホークスのコーチ ロイド ・ ピアースは、月曜日にフック半分以下の期待を運んだシーズンに与えられた、負傷によって妨げられる前に高まった期待に解雇されました。

  • Atlanta president and GM announced the move in a short statement that he was released by the team assistant Nate McMillan will serve as the team's interim coach.


  • Stephen A.


  • I want to start with you.


  • What is your reaction to the Lloyd Pierce firing in Atlanta?


  • I'm suspicious, and I'm alarmed.


  • Um, I'm happy that Nate McMillan, who's been a head coach in the NBA for 16 years, uh, in Seattle, Portland, Indiana.


  • I'm happy that he's the interim coach.


  • Personally speaking, I'd like to see him get the job permanently.


  • If not, I'd like to see guys like Mike Woodson, who had success of the Atlanta head coach years ago, who's an assistant on the Knicks bench be considered now.


  • But I will say this Lloyd Pierce, even though the record is not that impressive.


  • 63 1 20 since being hired in 2000 and 18, 20 and 47 last year.

    2000年に採用されてから63 1 20、昨年は18、20、47。

  • To be specific, Um, after starting off the season 10 and nine, they've lost 11 of their last 15.


  • I get it.


  • But for the Atlanta Hawks to take this position now, as opposed to the end of the season, it's got my antennas up Because Lloyd Pierce has been very outspoken about a lot of things pertaining to social justice issues and things of that nature.


  • He clearly, um, has had the support of the organization.


  • At least it appeared to be that way, uh, with the Atlanta Hawks, because they've been obviously on top of things that was transpiring Atlanta and throughout our nation.

    少なくともアトランタ・ホークスは そのように見えました 彼らはアトランタや国中の出来事を 把握していたからです

  • Uh, but to fire him now, I just find it a bit odd.

    でも今彼を解雇するのは ちょっと変だと思うわ

  • I find it a bit suspicious, particularly considering how outspoken coach Lloyd Pierce has been.


  • And Max, the brother, just had this had the birth of his second child, like 56 days ago.


  • I'm kind of surprised that something like that would happen, something it just seems to me.


  • And then you think about what's happening with the Atlanta Storm, the W N B a team, and you know, he's outspoken and been very supportive of that.

    アトランタ・ストームがどうなってるか考えてみろ W N Bのチームだ 彼はそれを率直に支持してきた

  • You know, obviously it all falls under that same umbrella, maybe rub people the wrong way.

    同じ傘の下にあるのは明らかだ 人を誤解させるかもしれない

  • This doesn't seem to be purely just the fact that they're struggling right now.


  • It seems to be a little bit something more that went along with this, and I'm concerned about it that he would be fired at this particular moment in time.


  • I don't like it.


  • Well, you know, I find it interesting that your antenna goes up there.


  • You know, I I don't think you're I think it's reasonable to start asking questions.


  • I'll also say, though, that that when you like, if you look at what's going on with the Atlanta Hawks, they're trying to build around Trae Young, and the way they've done it is to spend a lot of money on good but not great veterans.


  • The guys who were available, who they could reasonably sign and and put a team around him like guys like Gallinari or Rhonda Or, you know, like those kind of players.

    手が空いていて、合理的に契約できて、 ガリナリやロンダのような選手のように、 彼の周りにチームを置くことができた人たちだ。

  • And it doesn't seem to me just to be about veteran leadership around a young core or a young star in Trae Young that will mold the team eventually to be a winner.


  • It seems a little bit mixed up, like they're trying to sort of stay competitive and win now, and they're doing what they can while they're developing Trae Young.


  • But at any rate that those decisions have backfired this year because the record is bad and when the record is bad, the GM who puts the plan together ain't going to blame himself.


  • Usually, what happens is the coach catches it because the GM has the power to do that.


  • You got the power to get rid of the coach, and you ain't gonna get rid of yourself.


  • So shrank.


  • I believe in in, um, Travis shrank.


  • And who's Who's yeah, right in in Atlanta.


  • He ain't going to fire him.


  • He's going to fire the coach when you when you are underperforming.


  • And your plan was to put out a competitive product while you're seeing what you really have in Trae Young, like what he's capable of in terms of how far you can carry a team.

    あなたの計画は 競争力のある製品を出すことでしたね トレイル・ヤングの実力を見ている間に チームをどこまで運べるかという点でね

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So the Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce was fired on Monday, given the hook less than halfway into a season that carried heightened expectations before being hampered by injuries.

だから、ホークスのコーチ ロイド ・ ピアースは、月曜日にフック半分以下の期待を運んだシーズンに与えられた、負傷によって妨げられる前に高まった期待に解雇されました。


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スティーブン・A・ホークスが解雇したロイド・ピアースについて「疑惑と警戒」|ファースト・テイク (Stephen A. is 'suspicious and alarmed' about Lloyd Pierce being fired by the Hawks | First Take)

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