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  • Hey guys it's Shane from English Understood here.

    やあ、みんな。『English Understood (イングリッシュ・アンダーストゥッド)』のシェーンです。

  • One of the best ways to learn English is to learn answers to common phrases that you will hear all the time.


  • So let's pretend today you go into a coffee shop and the person at the counter says to you 'What can I getcha?'

    なので、今日はコーヒーショップに行って、カウンターの人が "What can I getcha /wɒt kən ʌɪ ɡɛtʃʌ/?" と言うというのをやってみましょう。

  • What can I getcha?

    "What can I getcha?"

  • This means 'What can I get for you?'


  • What would you like to drink?


  • What would you say to him?


  • Let's pretend you want a green tea. What could you say?


  • Three common ways you could ask for a green tea are


  • 'Could I have a green tea, please?'

    "Could I have a green tea, please /kʊd ʌɪ hav ə ɡriːn tiː, pliːz/? (=緑茶をもらえますか)"

  • Could I have a green tea, please?


  • I'd like a green tea, please.

    "I'd like a green tea, please /ʌɪd lʌɪk ə ɡriːn tiː, pliːz/. (=緑茶を頂きたいです)"

  • Or 'I'll have a green tea, please.'

    または、"I'll have a green tea, please /ʌɪl hav ə ɡriːn tiː, pliːz/. (=緑茶にします)"

  • I'll have a green tea, please.


  • These are all very polite phrases to ask for something or to order something at a restaurant or a cafe.


  • So the next time you go to a cafe or a restaurant, try one of these phrases.

    なので、この次にカフェやレストランに行ったときは、どれか 1 つ試してみてくださいね。

  • And that is the end of the lesson today.


  • So comment down below and tell me what's your favorite drink to order at a cafe.


Hey guys it's Shane from English Understood here.

やあ、みんな。『English Understood (イングリッシュ・アンダーストゥッド)』のシェーンです。

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