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  • you reserve the right to sanction the crown prince in the future if deemed necessary, right?


  • Of course, we reserve the right to take any action at a time and manner of our choosing.


  • I will note, Steve that historically, uh, the United States, through Democratic and Republican presidents, has not typically sanctioned government leaders of countries where we have diplomatic relations.


  • The president has been clear to his team, and he's been clear publicly that the relationship is not going to look like what does look like in the past.


  • And even before the release of the Port Report on Friday, we had taken actions as an administration to make that clear through diplomatic conversations to our partners and allies in the region and through our actions.


  • And that includes a counter change and how we are communicating with the Saudis counterpart to counterpart going back to, uh, that appropriate line of communication.


  • It includes not holding back and raising concerns about human rights abuses.


  • We did see last month that Saudi Arabia did release to, uh, dual national prisoners and women's rights activists.


  • It includes pulling back from our support from the war in Yemen, but it's important to also note that there are areas where we have important relationship with Saudi Arabia intelligence sharing, also helping defend against the threats and the rocket attacks that they are getting.


  • Um, uh, you know, getting from bad actors right at their doorstep.


  • And, you know, global diplomacy requires holding countries accountable when needed, but also acting in the national interest of the United States.


  • And that's exactly what the president is trying to do.


you reserve the right to sanction the crown prince in the future if deemed necessary, right?



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米国はサウジの皇太子を制裁する権利を留保しているとホワイトハウスは述べている (U.S. reserves right to sanction Saudi crown prince, says White House)

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