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  • In five years, the city will help you live in it.

  • We love cities.

  • That's why more than half of the world's population lives in that.

  • But cities can be hard on for giving places to live

  • and I'm not just talking about the dating scene. (sigh)

  • Cities are tough, because they require us to live on their terms

  • but in five years, the tables will turn, with cities adapting to our terms.

  • through cloud-based social feedback

  • crowd-sourcing and predictive analytics will shape our cities to our evolving wants and needs

  • comings and goings, and late night pizza hand cranks.

  • By engaging citizens, city leaders will be able to respond directly to our needs and dynamically allocate resources

  • and pizza.

  • Systems will connect billions of events in real time to anticipate movement, the react to human preferences, patterns, and demand.

  • For example, instead of buses running on fixed schedules,

  • monitoring system that might predict storms during rush hour will anticipate more riders and dispatch more buses.

  • Through our devices will develop an intimate relationship with our cities

  • We'll use our devices to do everything from report a pot hole to discover an underground show

  • As we speak to our cities, they will listen, and become a direct reflection of all of us who live there.

In five years, the city will help you live in it.


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