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  • best case scenario for this team is Trevor Lawrence is the real deal.

    このチームにとって最良のシナリオは トレバー・ローレンスが本物だということだ

  • We see him as a rookie play the way that we expect him to, that everyone expects him to.


  • And the Jaguars are hovering around that 500 mark at the end of the season and in the conversation for a playoff hunt.


  • But, you know, I think anything more than that honestly would be a little bit unrealistic.


  • What is the best case this offseason for the Jacksonville Jaguars?


  • As about three weeks ago, they got off to a rough start.


  • Yeah, I was gonna say the best case would be no more of that.


  • Um, let's make some better personnel decisions here if you're admire.


  • Um, but I think you know, they need to address some areas and free agency.


  • Um, they do have some building blocks here, but there are a lot of pieces that have to be fixed.


  • They've got to address the interior defensive line at tight end.

    タイトエンドの内部ディフェンスラインを 対策しなければならない

  • Um, I think the best case scenario would be then finding, um, a left tackle to protect Trevor Lawrence, adding a wide receiver.

    最良のシナリオは トレバー・ローレンスを守るために 左タックルを見つけて ワイドレシーバーを加えることだと思います

  • Whether it's Chris, God went out.


  • Robinson, one of the big ones or the middle tier receivers and going after and getting Hunter Henry the tight end because that's one of the biggest weaknesses on offense.


  • That would be a monster.


  • Massive off season for them.


  • So, UM, not really realistic, but purse?


  • Certainly the best case.


  • Mike.


  • There's been so much talk about Zach Wilson wound up the draft charter Mac Jones about him being a pocket quarterback.


  • But realistically, are the jugs taking anybody other than Trevor Lawrence with the first pick?

    しかし現実的には ジャグは最初のピックで トレバー・ローレンス以外の誰かを取るのか?

  • Well, Trevor Lawrence, his pro day urban Meyer was standing on the field in front of Trevor about 5 to 10 yards away while he was throwing, So I've never seen that at any other pro day ever.

    トレバー・ローレンスのプロの日 アーバン・マイヤーは トレバーの前に立っていた 彼が投げている間に 5~10ヤード離れていた 他のプロの日では見たことがないわ

  • Um, the Pro day was held a week or a month early because of Urban Meyer talking to Trevor Lawrence and asking them, Hey, why don't you throw early?


  • So I would be absolutely stunned if anybody else has taken at that number.


  • One spot.


  • Yeah, urban urban was on the field because he's urban, right?


  • I mean, urban is like I'm doing this.


  • I'm doing it my way when you look at it so with Jacksonville.


  • What What are the expectations this year for the Jaguars and Urban Meyer.


  • Realistic expectations, realistic expectations?


  • Honestly, I do think that what I described as the best case scenario is probably the expectations that most people have around here.


  • Um, but realistically, I would say, you know, if they can get up to 567 wins and they address some areas that they needed to fix.

    でも現実的には... 567勝を達成して、修正すべき点があれば...

  • And Trevor Lawrence looks like the real deal.


  • He's having a you know, Justin Herbert type rookie of the year.

    彼はジャスティン・ハーバートのようなルーキー・オブ・ザ・イヤーを 迎えている。

  • Um, you know, season that to me is the best case that they could possibly really hope for.


  • Here.


  • That's realistic anyway.


  • I mean, like I said, they've got some holes and they've got some issues on defense that they've got to address.


  • They do have 11 draft picks, and they have the most salary cap space so they can go after some guys.


  • But honestly, when you look at it, the bottom line record wise, if they could be in that 567 wind range, I think you know that that would be a really, really good debut for Urban Meyer.


  • Mike, let me ask you this.


  • What if they say you know what we understand that the Jacksonville Jaguar fan base has fallen in love with Trevor Lawrence, But we're moving out of the number one spot because we don't think that it's that he's the guy.


  • We're going to move down, and all these quarterbacks to us are pretty much the same.


  • We want some more draft picks to build this roster.


  • How would it be perceived in Jacksonville?


  • He would not be able to go out and eat, uh, in this city?


  • Um, I mean, they had fallen in love with Trevor Awards.


  • And as they should, I don't look when when Shad Khan was introducing Urban Meyer, they were talking about, you know, the fact that this franchise has never had a franchise quarterback Mark Brunell was really, really good way back in the franchise's early days.


  • But since then, it's been a mess, and that's the one thing that they've lacked.


  • And Shad Khan was talking about it and he never mentioned Trevor Lawrence.

    シャド・カーンはそれについて話していた 彼はトレバー・ローレンスの事を言わなかった

  • But we all knew who he was talking about, so if they were to move off of that, um, there would be a huge, huge outrage here in Jacksonville over that they want Trevor Lawrence here.

    でも彼が誰のことを言っているのかは みんな知っていました だからもし、彼がそれをやめたら ジャクソンビルでは、トレバー・ローレンスがここに 欲しがられているということで 大反発が起きるでしょうね

  • The fans want Trevor Lawrence.


  • And honestly, I'm not sure what Shot con would do in that scenario.


  • Um, he might actually walk in and fire them all on draft night as they move out of that number one spot and, you know, decided to hire a friend, his staff.


  • I mean, if it were me and they told me I don't want to take Trevor Lawrence, I would be really, really upset as an owner.

    もし俺だったら トレバー・ローレンスを連れて行くなと言われたら オーナーとして動揺するだろうな

  • And, you know, one of the reasons that Urban took the job is because they had the number one pick and the opportunity to get Trevor Lawrence.


  • So I just don't see it happening.


  • And if it did, who Urban would not be able to leave his house for a long time?


  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.


best case scenario for this team is Trevor Lawrence is the real deal.

このチームにとって最良のシナリオは トレバー・ローレンスが本物だということだ


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