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  • the U.


  • S marshals responsible for hunting down fugitives accused of breaking federal laws.


  • They operate in all 50 states and U.


  • S territories and have even been sent to capture runways in other countries.


  • If you've committed a federal crime and think you can get away, odds are sooner Rather than later, you'll find yourself with a team of Marshall's hot on your trail with some of the most high profile fugitives.


  • The U.


  • S Marshals Most Wanted list is a who's who of violent offenders, corrupt business and political leaders and even terrorists.


  • Now check out what definitely are the scariest criminals on the U.


  • S.


  • Marshals Most wanted List number eight John Payne Eligon.

    連邦保安官最重要指名手配リスト8 ジョン・ペイン・エリゴン

  • In 2009, John Mulligan ran a home health care business that wasn't quite on the up and up.


  • After multiple complaints, several individuals got together to Super Culligan.


  • Attorney Victor Jigar Patel took up the case, and a lengthy court battle ensued.


  • At some point in time, panel again became aware that Patel had damning information on his business dealings and so paneling and took steps to ensure that Patel would never be able to bring that information to court on December 7th 2016 panel again scheduled an appointment with Patel using an alias and then more disguised Patel's law office, once in his office panel again revealed his identity and strangled to talent to death.


  • Two days later, Panel again was arrested on the Canadian border for attempting to smuggle a firearm into Canada.


  • Since for the Canadians, finding a firearm in an American's belongings is like finding a French fry, you accidentally dropped beneath the driver's seat in that it happens literally.


  • All the time.


  • Mulligan was released back to the U.


  • S.


  • He was questioned by local police about Patel's death, but with not enough evidence to charge him.


  • He was later released.


  • Later, multiple search warrants would find enough evidence to link panel again to the murder.

    その後 複数の捜索令状が出てパネルを再び殺人に結びつけるのに十分な証拠が見つかるだろう

  • However, panel again was believed to have already fled to Mexico by then.


  • It's now believed that panel again, maybe in the Philippines, where he was stashing money for a long time.


  • However, if you have any information leading to his arrest, the marshals have a sweet $25,000 reward waiting for you.


  • Number seven Robocop.

    7番 ロボコップ

  • No, we're not kidding.


  • The U.


  • S.


  • Marshals are, in fact, looking for Robocop, known as Raymond Abbott Berga or Robocop, to his criminal affiliates.


  • Abbott Berga landed on the marshal's most wanted list after escaping from a maximum security facility in Puerto Rico.

    アボット・ベルガは プエルトリコの最大警備施設から脱走した後連邦保安官の最重要指名手配リストに載った。

  • He'd been arrested and charged with multiple federal firearms violations for his role in smuggling automatic weapons from the mainland, US into Puerto Rico, which were then disseminated to local street gangs and drug cartels, including groups affiliated to Colombian cartels.


  • Given his extremely violent nature and extensive knowledge of firearms, the marshals warned that Abbott Berga should be considered extremely dangerous.

    彼の非常に暴力的な性質と銃器に関する幅広い知識を考えると、連邦保安官は アボット・ベルガを非常に危険な人物とみなすべきだと警告した。

  • They also believed that Abbott Burger is still likely heavily involved in weapons smuggling.


  • Number six Jose Bastos Diaz.

    6番 ホセ・バストス・ディアス

  • In 2000 and five, police found the body of a woman who had been beaten and stabbed to death, prompting a manslaughter investigation.


  • It did not take the authorities long to link the killing to Jose Bastos Diaz, who was quickly arrested and face trial sentenced to 35 years in prison.


  • Gusteau's Diaz was moved to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Dolph Briscoe unit, where boosters Diaz in another inmate took the opportunity to escape via a hole in the fence.


  • The U s marshals Lone Star Fugitive task force assisted local authorities with the hunt leading law enforcement to a home in Reynosa, Mexico.


  • There, with the help of Mexican police boost STS escape, Accomplice was re arrested and returned to the US boost STS himself, though eluded capture and remains on the run.


  • Law enforcement believes he may still be in Mexico or may have smuggled himself back into the U.

    警察は彼がまだメキシコにいるか アメリカに密入国した可能性があると考えています

  • S.


  • If you have any information leading to his arrest, you may nab the $25,000 reward on his head number five.


  • Anthony Seth Burrows.


  • A most wanted criminal on the lam for 21 years, Anthony Seth Burrows is wanted for the cold blooded murder of a 19 year old at a House party in 2000.


  • Growing up amid the gang life in Tucson, Arizona, Ruben Rodriguez headed last turned his life around after a short stint in juvenile detention.


  • He had left his gang affiliations behind and gotten a job at a jewelry store with plans to return to school soon.


  • On April 29th 2000, Rodriguez attended a House party also attended by Burrows, who was described by those who knew him as a wannabe pretending to be Hispanic despite his Filipino descent.


  • The two got into a fist fight over a girl, with Rodriguez knocking Burrows to the floor.


  • Perhaps attempting to reconcile things, Rodriguez helped Burrows up off the ground and then began to walk away when Burroughs shot him in the back.


  • Rodriguez was struck in the carotid artery and quickly bled out, prompting Burrows to flee to the desert.


  • Before police could arrest Burrows, He boarded a plane to the Philippines, where he remained until at least 2014, when authorities received a tip that his mother was sending him money from the U.


  • S.


  • After searching her home, they found evidence of Burrows living in Manila in the form of letters he had written to her whining about how hard his life was.


  • But his mother tipped him off that the authorities were on their way, and he wants more went underground.


  • Today, the U.


  • S marshals continue to work with Filipino authorities to bring burrows to justice.


  • Number four Larry Chisholm arrested on armed robbery in narcotics charges Larry Chisholm was apprehended and sentenced to 40 years in prison back in the seventies in 1978 Chisholm, who had earned privileges for good behavior, was allowed to attend a bowling event with several other inmates.

    ナンバー4 ラリー・チショルムが麻薬容疑で武装強盗で逮捕された ラリー・チショルムは1978年に70年代に逮捕され、懲役40年の判決を受けています 模範囚として特権を得ていたチショルムは、他の数人の受刑者と一緒にボーリング大会に参加することを許されました

  • Yeah, apparently, Prison worked differently back then.


  • Once at the bowling alley, Chisholm excused himself to the bathroom.


  • Though a guard became suspicious and injured.


  • After a few minutes, authorities believe that an accomplice had stashed a shotgun there for Chisholm as he turned the weapon on the guard and severely injured him.

    数分後、当局は共犯者がチショルムのために ショットガンを隠していたと見ています。 チショルムは警備員に武器を向け、重傷を負いました。

  • He would escape, along with several other inmates and a guard as hostage.


  • The group hijacked a plane to Arkansas, and three days after arriving, he was arrested after kidnapping a civilian and getting into a shootout with the police.


  • Chisholm would escape again shortly after, and authorities got a tip that he was living in Mobile, Alabama.


  • Though he managed to escape before he could be apprehended, 1990 the authorities discovered him living in North Carolina under an alias, but once more he managed to evade capture.


  • The last confirmed sighting of Larry Chisholm was in December of 1990 in Atlanta, Georgia.


  • Given his tendency to escape police custody with extreme violence, Larry Chisholm is still considered extremely dangerous.


  • Number three John Ruffo on the lamp since 1998.


  • John Ruffo was charged with one of the greatest bank frauds in history, scamming over $350 million from banks.


  • John Ruffo was sentenced to 17 years in prison, released on a $10 million bond.


  • John Ruffo was ordered to report the federal prison in New Jersey on November 9th, 1998 but unsurprisingly, he never showed.


  • An arrest warrant was immediately issued.


  • John Rufus, last known movements, led police to an A T M on the way to the JFK airport, where he arrived shortly after.

    ジョン・ルーファスの最後の動きは JFK空港に向かう途中の A T Mに警察を誘導していました 彼はまもなく到着しました

  • Mr Ruffo then boarded a plane and, despite hundreds of tips, hasn't been caught yet.


  • Of the $350 million that he stole, all but about 13 million have been recovered, leaving Ruffo with plenty of places to retire and enjoy his ill gotten gains.


  • Number two.


  • Robert Lee King.


  • On December 1st, 2000 and 5, 20 year old Diana Smith woke up to an argument between her mother and her boyfriend, Robert Lee King.


  • Making her way to their bedroom, Diana discovered King standing over her mother and savagely beating her.


  • Fleeing to her bedroom.


  • She attempted to lock herself in her room while calling the police.


  • But King broke through the door and attacked Diana with a sharp object, cutting her in the neck.


  • King fled the home, and Diana rushed to her mother's side, finding her thoroughly beaten and bleeding profusely from a serious cut to her neck.


  • By the time the paramedics arrived, her mother was already dead.


  • Diana herself was transported to the hospital in critical condition but survived the ordeal.


  • King is believed to still be in the country under an alias, and police recently released an age progression photograph in hopes of the public identifying and bringing this savage murderer to justice.


  • Number one Jerry Worth in this has been by far one of our most depressing episodes, given that all these fugitives are still on the run.


  • So we decided to end on a high note, seeing as the scumbag in our number.


  • One spot has just recently been caught and Camden, Arkansas, June 2019 Jerry Worth and brutally murdered his girlfriend Alyssa Cannon, along with her four year old son.


  • The bodies would take two days to be discovered after curious family came by to find out why Canon wasn't responding to texts or phone calls by that time worth and had fled using Cannons Car, which was later found abandoned in Seattle.


  • A manhunt involving multiple federal task force is set to the task of discovering worth his whereabouts, tracking him to a chain of hotels across Southern California.


  • On October 5th, 2000 U.


  • S.


  • Marshals raided a hotel in Burbank, California Which side note is only two blocks away from where the scripts writer lives and at last flushed worth and out of hiding a foot chase through a local neighborhood and literally right past, this writer's house ended up with worth his capture.


  • He was quickly extradited to Arkansas, where he awaits two counts of capital murder and will assuredly never see a single day as a free man again.


the U.



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