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  • This is London's zero waste top up truck.


  • It used to deliver morning milk to bleary eyed Londoners.


  • Now it's got a new lease of life as an electric powered package free goods delivery truck.


  • After being furloughed from her sales job in 2020 L is shown used savings to start her new business, delivering package free food and household products around London in a former milk float.


  • So the idea is essentially to make it easier for people to shop zero waste so they make a booking and I bring it to them.


  • They bring their containers outside, they tell their neighbors, the neighbors jump on board.


  • We also kind of postal locations, um, on on our website and so other people can kind of get involved and fill up in a somewhere that's near them.


  • Customers book a visit from the top up truck online and then purchase goods such as lentils, past our olive oil and shampoo.


  • Using their own containers, Sean is aiming to meet a demand, which is rapidly growing from a low base.


  • A decade ago, the market for unpackaged bulk goods could hit $1.5 billion by 2030 in the European Union.


  • According to a report by Zero Waste Europe, the average UK households struggles to recycle even half of its waste.


  • But recycling manager Andrews Ebola is just one of a growing number of Londoners who are reshaping their lives to reduce waste.


  • Yeah, he now manages to fit a month's worth of non recyclable waste into a jam jar.


  • It is my laundry liquid bottles I'm used over the last three years, so I probably saved about six times about 30 bottles in three years.


  • Not many so many bottles, but a few times to buy number of households that could do this.


  • We could save billions of plastic bottles a year just by having a refill, um, attitude to shop it.


  • So recycling is good, but refilling is much better, and we're using is much better.


  • I spent the first two weeks of stressing myself to death.


  • There was so much information out there as to what you could do and things I couldn't do myself because I didn't have the means locally.


  • I didn't have those revealing stores back then, um, but I pushed myself, and that pushed myself to distress me and my husband a lot, but we did get in the end.


  • As the zero waste movement gains popularity in the UK capital, Ella Sean is planning a crowdfunding campaign to grow her top up truck business and hopes he'll work will inspire even more people to go as waste free as possible.

    イギリスの首都で廃棄物ゼロ運動が人気を集める中、Ella Seanは、彼女のトップアップトラック事業を成長させるためのクラウドファンディングキャンペーンを計画しており、彼が働くことで、より多くの人々が可能な限り廃棄物を出さずに済むようになることを期待している。

  • It would be good to see big corporations kind of doing this, and it would be good to sort of if this could initiate change, you know, outside of this small little sphere, then that's brilliant.


  • Um, hopefully that this is the start of a kind of circular movement.


  • It can spire inspire other people to start circular businesses.


This is London's zero waste top up truck.



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廃棄物ゼロ運動がロンドン全体に広がる (Zero waste movement spreads across London)

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