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  • Progressive presents

  • "At Home with Baker Mayfield."

  • Got another one by the container.

  • Always camping by the containers.

  • I know.

  • Hey, protect my back side. I'm gonna get them.

  • Baker!

  • -Victory. -Boom! Game over.

  • Bake? Babe, can you please turn the TV down?

  • Neighbors just called again.

  • I told you that we were too loud.

  • Continue.

  • Get ready.

  • Guys, third time this week!

  • Click here!

  • Subscribe Now! At Home with Baker.

  • I have no idea how they can complain!

  • All they do is blast rock and roll all day.

  • Are you serious?

  • [Distant rock and roll Music]

  • Em!

Progressive presents


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B1 中級

ベイカー・メイフィールドはゲーマーです(Baker Mayfield is a Gamer | Progressive Commercial)

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    Steel Yamauchi に公開 2021 年 02 月 25 日