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  • someone who else who shares a great relationship with Tiger Woods or two time U.


  • S.


  • Open champ in golf analyst here at ESPN.


  • Andy North.


  • Andy Joining us now.

    アンディ 今、私たちに参加しています。

  • And I I first just want to get your reaction to this news coming out of the Los Angeles area.


  • Well, I just heard it a little while ago.


  • Follows in the car, actually, and, you know, you're you're saddened that this has happened and and hopefully it's going to be okay.


  • I mean, we're, uh all we know right now, it sounds is that he's still in surgery.


  • We haven't, uh, have any more information that they're finished.


  • But when you talk about multiple leg injuries, that's not good.


  • And you look at, uh, what the car looked like or is the SUV looked like, uh, you know, it was pretty mangled.


  • So, you know, hopefully always good when he comes out of surgery.

    彼が手術から戻ってきた時には いつも良い状態でいられるといいな

  • And, you know, again, as Justin was saying, You're thinking about his kids right now.


  • Andy, we're seeing the footage from the helicopter there of his SUV again.

    アンディ、私たちは映像を見ている そこのヘリコプターからの映像を見ている 彼のSUVの再び。

  • The sheriff's department did confirm this was a single car accident.


  • Tiger Woods, the single occupants of that car and anytime they used the term jaws of life to extract someone who was driving the vehicle.


  • You know, it is a serious situation, and you and I have been to tournaments together.


  • We've been sitting there when you and Tiger have had conversations, you are close to him.


  • You're you're someone that I think that he looks to and takes two as a father figure.


  • When is the last time you had communicated with Tiger?


  • Maybe just about life.


  • Forget about the Gulf for a second in the last time.


  • He just had communication with Tiger, Uh, way text few weeks back, mainly about, you know, how was rehab was doing and and, you know, hitting a few shots and, you know, just trying to get back to where you could.

    タイガーとは数週間前に メールで連絡を取り合っていました 主にリハビリはどうなっているのかとか ショットを打っていたこととか、元の状態に戻ろうとしていました

  • You could play golf again.


  • Um, and usually with him, it's, you know, don't do anything stupid, just calm down and do what you're supposed to do Rehab because he likes to push the envelope in.

    彼の場合は普通、バカなことはしないで、落ち着いて、やるべきことをやって、 リハビリをするのが好きなんだ。

  • And unfortunately, now this, you know, let's just hope that he's He comes out of this in one piece and he's healthy, you know, This is it's really sad and you hate to have this happen to, you know, people that you cover people that you get to know, but people you call friends and a Z Justin Tom was saying, You know, you're you're really saddened for this and, uh, you know, what is kids are going through right now?

    残念ですが、彼が無事に出てきて 健康であることを祈りましょう 本当に悲しくて、こんなことになるのは嫌ですよね あなたが取材した人たちは知り合いですが 友人と呼んでいる人たちもいます ジャスティン・トムが言っていました 本当に悲しくてたまりません

  • And you mentioned the relationship he has with his kids.


  • That iconic moment from 2019, when he won the Masters in that hug with his son, Charlie, taking it full circle from where he was when he won his his first Masters in 97 a win for the Ages.


  • And then to just share that moment with his son, who was able to watch the Tiger Woods that we have seen grown up since 2000.


  • Since 1997.


  • Until this point.


  • Andy, where has he come as a person and a father throughout some of this life's adversity he's dealt with over the last five years?


  • Well, I think it's been really easy to see the real positive changes in Tiger over the last three or four years.


  • Obviously, has kids had an awful lot to do with it, going through so many of the things that he's gone through and then to finally work hard and get back to doing something you didn't know.


  • If you ever get a chance to do again and then to win a major championship, Uh, that's a That's amazing story.

    もしまた機会があって メジャーで優勝したら... それはすごい話ですね

  • I mean, that's the kind of stuff that they make movies out off.


  • So But I think the one thing that gets so lost in stardom is that these guys air somebody's dad.


  • There's somebody's son.


  • I mean, these air riel, human beings and real people that hurt and, you know, we just just hope that, you know, he gets through this thing.


  • Andy.


  • He had had his fifth back surgery.


  • We had just seen him on the telecast of the Genesis with Jim Dance.


  • If we're being honest, he didn't look great.


  • He looked as if he was tired.


  • He was slouching over.


  • He'd even mentioned the gym dance that he wasn't even sure if he was gonna be able to be at the Masters or what his golf career looked like as he sat there on Sunday.


  • We know that Tiger has had issues in the past with painkillers and drugs because his back it has been in so much pain.


  • Admittedly, there was times he said he couldn't even walk.


  • Do you know anything about where Tiger was from a mental and physical standpoint since this fifth back surgery?


  • Absolutely nothing on that in that realm.


  • Um, the short, the conversations that we had over over texting were positive and making fun of each other and giving each other a hard time.


  • And and you know that so much of what Tiger is all about.


  • But he seemed to be in a really good spot then and was excited about working hard to get back to trying to play.


  • Andy North are two time U.


  • S Open champion.


  • Joining us now is a golf analyst with the city ESPN and has been so for so many years, shares a special relationship with Tiger Woods.


  • Andy, we appreciate your time this afternoon on what has been a shocking and surprising day for those of us not only in the golf world but in the sports world.

    アンディ 今日の午後のお時間に感謝します ゴルフ界だけでなく スポーツ界にとっても 衝撃的で驚きの一日でした

  • With Tiger Woods involved in a single car accident, I'd alluded to it at the top of the broadcast, but here it is from his agent, Mark Steinberg, has been his agents for his entire career, released this statement after reports started to circulate around the Internet and from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.


  • Tiger Woods was in a single car accident this morning in California, where he suffered multiple leg injuries.


  • He is currently in surgery, and we thank you for your privacy and support.


someone who else who shares a great relationship with Tiger Woods or two time U.



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