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  • Germany's favorite soap operas takes a new twist.


  • Britain has EastEnders in Australia, has neighbors and home and away Germany's favorite soap opera, however, is the long running back and forth between Volkswagen and Porsche.

    イギリスは、オーストラリアでイーストエンダーズを持っている、隣人と家を持っており、離れてドイツのお気に入りのソープ オペラは、しかし、フォルクスワーゲンとポルシェの間で前後に長い実行されています。

  • The latest episode, which emerged this week, is that VW wants to sell a bit of Porsche by means of an IPO.


  • To see why this is quite funny.


  • Why the clock back?


  • Well over a decade back then, German corporate titan and Porsche family member Ferdinand Piek was both chairman of VW.


  • Onda, significant shareholder in Porsche, Porsche is holding company started to build a stake in VW with a view to taking control.

    恩田、Porsche の大株主、Porsche の持株会社が、VW への出資を視野に入れた出資を開始した。

  • But owing to a Siris of unfortunate events, it ended up over leveraging itself to such an extent that it had to surrender control of the Porsche brand to VW or clear So far.


  • If no, don't worry.


  • The main thing to bear in mind is there's a long and vexing history of tensions between the various members of the Porsche family, the Porsche corporate entity on VW over what the various bits of their empire worth on this week's news may mean that comes back into the spotlight.

    心に留めておくべき主なものは、そこに長いとポルシェの家族の様々 なメンバーの間の緊張の厄介な歴史があります、ポルシェの企業のエンティティ VW 上の様々 なビットの価値がある彼らの帝国の今週のニュースでは、スポットライトに戻ってくることを意味するかもしれません。

  • The chatter is that VW may try to sell a 25% chunk of port to raise money for its pivot to electric vehicles at a mooted valuation of €100 billion.


  • Given that's more than VW's own market value, that seems a bit toppy, especially his HSBC.


  • Analysts think it could be worth this and half that finger.


  • Either way, the carmakers spicy Internets in history implies that Germans have another slice of middle European melodrama to look forward to.


Germany's favorite soap operas takes a new twist.



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