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  • Just days after he was acquitted by the U.


  • S Senate but admonished by its Republican leader for his role in the attack on the U.


  • S Capitol, the people who storm this building believed they were acting on the wishes and instructions of their president.


  • Former President Donald Trump lashed out Tuesday against his former ally, Senator Mitch McConnell.


  • In a statement from his office, Trump said, Quote, Mitch is a duer, sullen and unsmiling political hack, and if Republican senators are going to stay with him, they will not win again.


  • The statement was one of the first issued since leaving office, and since he was banned from Twitter permanently, it signals a growing rift between the two most important voices in the Republican Party.


  • There's no question gone that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day, no question about it.


  • While seven Republicans voted with Democrats to convict the former president in the Senate trial, not McConnell, who said his vote hinged on a technicality, his belief that a former president could not be impeached but then from the floor of the Senate, McConnell blasted the former president and said he is to blame for the mayhem unless the statute limitations has run.

    7 つの共和党員が民主党員ではなく、彼の投票は、技術的な問題、前の大統領が弾劾されることができなかったが、上院の床から彼の信念の上院裁判で前の大統領を有罪にするために投票したが、マコーネルは、前の大統領を非難し、時効の制限が実行されている場合を除き、彼は騒乱の責任を負うことであると述べました。

  • Still liable for everything you did while he's in office didn't get away with anything.


  • Yeah, yeah.


  • Trump and McConnell parted ways in the weeks after the election, with Trump irked that McConnell recognized Joe Biden as the winner.


  • While many Republicans in office still cling to the former president and his strong base of support, others like McConnell would like to move on, pointing out that Republicans lost the House, Senate and the White House under Trump's watch, becoming the first president since Herbert Hoover in 1932 during the Great Depression to do so in a single term.


Just days after he was acquitted by the U.



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B2 中上級 日本語 大統領 トランプ 機嫌 ミッチ 党員 責任

トランプ氏は、"政治的ハッカー "マコネル氏を非難する (Trump lashes out against 'political hack' McConnell)

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