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  • welcome to watch Mojo.


  • And today will be counting down our picks for the top 10 worst things Nintendo has ever done.


  • Yeah, okay.


  • The right Joy Con also has NFC read and write functionality.


  • The touch screen on the bottom provides console controls and the larger three D display on top for this list, we're looking at the anti consumer practices and bad business decisions of Nintendo.


  • Let us know in the comments which one you find the most unforgivable.


  • It's only gonna get worse from here.


  • Let's G o Number 10 Super Mario three D All Stars.

    Let's G o ナンバー10 スーパーマリオ3 Dオールスターズ

  • What theme?


  • Since the switch came out, all fans have been asking for is Maura Ports of classic games.


  • But Nintendo remained stingy with what they choose to re release.


  • Finally, in 2020 prayers were answered with the announcement of Super Mario three D All Stars, a switch collection containing Super Mario 64 Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy.


  • So what's the problem?


  • Well, the collection on Lee had a limited release window.


  • On top of that, the ports were actually inferior to fan made ports and emulation, specifically a PC port of Super Mario.


  • 64 that had four K and ultra wide support.


  • This was, of course, quickly removed by Nintendo's legal team, leaving us stuck with the lazy official version.


  • Number nine um, Ebo shortages.


  • Thes collectible figurines disappear from shelves, usually before they even reach them, thanks to Nintendo's terrible business model.


  • Despite having consistent um, Ebo support since the three DS, Nintendo doesn't seem too interested in making the amoebas themselves more accessible, constantly refusing to restock the lines while perpetuating a toxic preorder cycle.

    3つのDS以来、一貫したえーと、エボのサポートを持っているにもかかわらず、任天堂は、アメーバ自体がよりアクセスしやすくすることにあまりにも興味があるようではありません, 有毒な予約サイクルを永続させながら、常にラインを再入荷することを拒否しています.

  • It's basically impossible to get your hands on A me bows for a reasonable price.

    基本的にA me弓を安く手に入れることは不可能です。

  • You've got to be a dedicated fan with a lot of money to burn, to assemble any kind of collection.


  • This could all be solved if Nintendo would just manufacture Maura Me bows or actually restock them, but they still refuse to do so to link she Hi show Liu Correo met tonight Number eight.


  • Switch Voice chat.


  • You can set restrictions based on the Games age rating.


  • Yeah, as well as online communication and social media posting.


  • Many games nowadays are meant to be enjoyed with lots of other people, which is why voice chat has been an integral part of gaming for decades.


  • But this isn't the case with Nintendo, which insists on making it unnecessarily difficult to actually connect a headset to your switch.


  • Though the switch has a standard headphone jack, you need a phone or a tablet running the Nintendo switch online app to make a party and actually talk to people while you play.

    スイッチには標準的なヘッドフォンジャックがありますが、パーティーを開いたり、実際にプレイしながら人と話したりするには、Nintendo Switchのオンラインアプリを実行している携帯電話やタブレットが必要です。

  • Nintendo claims this is to protect kids using their devices.


  • But since most kids who have switches will also have access to a phone or tablet, it's doubtful that the extra steps actually help it all.


  • Number seven Super NES CD Rahm and I saw a post that said today I learned about the Sony and Nintendo collaboration that was supposed to be.

    7位 スーパーファミコンCDラムと今日はソニーと任天堂のコラボのはずだったのを知ったという書き込みを見た。

  • In the late eighties, Nintendo signed an agreement with Sony to jointly develop a CD Rahm Attachment for the popular SMEs, which was hindered by the fact it was still using expensive cartridges.


  • But not wanting to give ground to Sony.


  • Nintendo eventually abandoned the partnership completely toe work with a different company, Philips on the 500 Dr Sony's response.


  • Waas, of course, to announce it was making a video game council of its own, which would go on to become the wildly popular PlayStation one.


  • This grave error on Nintendo's part has left them playing catch up to Sony.


  • For the better part of 30 years, though, the PlayStation was certainly a good thing for gamers.


  • With a strong lineup of games such as per wrap of the rapper and Crash Bandicoot, most powerful gaming console available.


  • Number six selling out Sega video games threatened to rob this particular holiday season of a spirit of goodwill.


  • It's been proven many times that it's a myth.


  • Video games cause violent behavior, but back in the nineties, the moral panic over gory games like Mortal Kombat reached a fever pitch.


  • By 1993 Nintendo and Sega found themselves in front of Congress.


  • Rather than show a united front to politicians who didn't understand the industry, Nintendo tried to blame Sega for increasingly mature video games by saying they only allowed family friendly titles onto their platforms.


  • Unable to put their intense rivalry aside to this day, Nintendo maintains its family friendly image despite plenty of M rated games coming to its consoles.


  • Number five, no virtual console on switch.

    5番 スイッチにバーチャルコンソールがない

  • Nintendo has an absolutely enormous library of old games and In the days of the we and the We You, the virtual console, made it easy to play retro games.


  • Unfortunately, Nintendo has all but abandoned the virtual council on switch Switch Online comes with an impressive collection of any S and S NES games, but you'll struggle to get your hands on anything.

    残念ながら、任天堂はスイッチの仮想評議会をすべて放棄しています スイッチオンラインは、任意のSとSのファミコンゲームの印象的なコレクションが付属していますが、あなたは何かにあなたの手を得るために苦労するでしょう。

  • MAWR recent.


  • It's baffling that the virtual council has disappeared for this generation.


  • Not that it was handled well to begin with.


  • Back when the three DS had its launch price slashed, early adopters were compensated with ports of classic Game Boy Advanced Games, ports that never saw the light of day on the East shop for anybody else.


  • Number four the We use failure, a new view into your gaming world and creates dynamic new forms of game play.

    ナンバー4 我々は失敗を使用して、あなたのゲームの世界に新しいビューを作成し、ダイナミックな新しいゲームのプレイのフォームを作成します。

  • It opens a new window of possibilities.


  • The switch eventually became the hybrid console Nintendo always wanted the we you to be, but stuck in between two game changing consoles.


  • The Wii U has already been for gotten on paper.

    Wii Uは既に紙の上ではガッテン用になっている。

  • It had a lot of good ideas.


  • It was finally going to support HD graphics and would have a game pad with its own screen capable of being played in both handheld mode and on the TV.


  • But things didn't click for the Wii U, which sold poorly, had a terrible name and didn't have too many system seller titles.

    しかし、売れ行きが悪く、名前も酷く、システム的にも売れるタイトルが少なすぎたWii Uには物事が噛み合わなかった。

  • And with the minimal third party support, it had a significantly smaller library than the PS four and Xbox one and be a household hero with We Party You.

    そして、最小限のサードパーティのサポートで、それはPS 4やXbox Oneよりも大幅に小さいライブラリを持っていたし、We Party Youで家庭用ヒーローになる。

  • Number three.


  • Joy Con Drift.


  • Nintendo Switch is designed toe let you play games when and where you want.

    Nintendo Switchは、好きな時に好きな場所でゲームをプレイできるように設計されています。

  • We've had multiple different switches and even the switch light, but they all developed the same problem.


  • Eventually Joy Con drift or your joy con thumb sticks think they're being moved when it's not in use.


  • The problem can get so severe that you're unable to play your games, meaning you've either got to buy new controllers or, in the case of the switch light, send your entire consul away and hope it could be fixed.


  • The problem is so endemic to the switch family that multiple lawsuits have been brought against Nintendo, which until 2020 continued to deny that Joy Con Drift was even a problem.


  • The right Joy Con also has NFC read and write functionality that supports a me bow Number two major account breach.


  • Living in the age of information comes with some risks, namely that any one of the many companies that hold your personal details could get hacked.


  • But few would handle it as poorly as Nintendo.


  • In March 2020 news began to surface on social media of unauthorized purchases appearing on People's Nintendo accounts, often for fortnight v bucks.


  • Instead of admitting that there had been a data breach, however, Nintendo decided to keep customers in the dark for weeks on Lee, announcing in late April that roughly 160,000 accounts had been the victims of these hackers.


  • They may have been offered refunds, but refusing to explain what happened is unforgivable.


  • Before we unveil our topic, here are a few other bad Nintendo honorable mentions.


  • Tarja censorship, Fire Emblem awakening.


  • They really thought this scene was to inappropriate awful controls.


  • Star Fox zero The We You game pad wasn't anywhere near good enough to be used this much.

    スターフォックス ゼロ ザ・ウィーユーのゲームパッドはここまで使えるほど良いものではありませんでした。

  • That's a Sfar as you go Stop.


  • I do hope you like our new toys.


  • Before we continue.


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  • If you're on your phone, make sure to go into your settings and switch on notifications.


  • Number one.


  • Dems SIA's If there's one thing Nintendo hates, it's their own fan base.


  • Do anything using a Nintendo property ranging from creating a fan game to just uploading gameplay footage to YouTube.


  • And you'll almost certainly be issued a cease and desist notice.


  • Nintendo's merciless approach to copyright has led to a decline in people live streaming their games on pain of receiving a D.


  • M c a takedown.


  • Despite the fact live streams are free advertising.


  • The company even went out of its way to remove Mario themed games from other platforms like dreams on the PS four.


  • With a huge track record of anti consumer practices, this abuse of copyright law is the worst thing Nintendo still does to this day.


  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!


  • In the mood for more awesome gaming content, be sure to check out this video here on mojo plays.


welcome to watch Mojo.



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