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  • since Jimmy Butler's returned to the lineup.


  • Miami is five and three, and they're second in defensive efficiency and opponent field goal percentage and the Heat have crept up to the ninth spot out in the East.


  • So, Matt, what do the heat need toe add before the trade deadline to be a real contender out east again?


  • Um, that's a tough call, you know, I think possibly a point guard.


  • But this team goes as far as Jimmy goes.


  • And with all due respect, I kind of feel like they over achieved last year.


  • They got hot at the right time, so I didn't mean it disrespectfully.


  • But no one expected them to make it to the finals, but they played hard, blue collar basketball, so they kind of come back down to Earth.


  • This year, Jimmy has been in and out, and the team has been inconsistent with Jimmy in that line of it's not always his numbers.


  • It's most of the time, just his presence and the security blanket for these younger players to know that they got their guy back.


  • So it'll be interesting moving forward to see if they make any moves.


  • But like I said.


  • At the very beginning, the season this team goes as far as Jimmy takes them.


  • I agree with that, and I hope that they don't go so far as to blow it up in order to try to make sure that they could get back to the success of last season.


  • So as much as they might have over achieved in the bubble, I still think there's a little bit of sort of bubble hangover from this squad because for his focus is this team was I don't know that every team was that in the bubble.


  • That's what they got by on ah, lot between SPO leading them and what Butler provided from a leadership standpoint.


  • So without Jimmy being the Jimmy of old in the Jimmy of what we know of him, you can't expect this team to be the same.


  • And I just hope that they don't tear it all down because they're, you know, have changed expectations based on kind of ah glory run last year that didn't end up coming to fruition.


  • Yeah, listen, I agree with you guys on Jimmy being kind of the catalyst here, but I do think it's about their collective parts, right?

    ジミーが触媒になったという点では 同意するが 彼らの集合体の問題だと思うよ

  • And you know, it's not just Jimmy, uh, it's all those guys spreading the floor right, Whether it's Duncan Robinson or Tyler hero Tyler hero, a lot was put on him because Jimmy missed three weeks.

    ジミーだけじゃなくて ダンカン・ロビンソンやタイラー・ヒーロー タイラー・ヒーローもだ ジミーが3週間も休んだから 彼には負担がかかったんだ

  • Okay, that's a lot of games that he missed basically a half the season, almost at that point and then go on.


  • Dragon's has been out for a ton of injuries as well.


  • Bam has been a little bit in and out of the lineup, is well, but Hero and Robinson have not hit the three pointers at the clips that they're used to hero.


  • From a percentage standpoint and Robinson from a volume standpoint, teams have really locked in on Duncan Robinson as a weapon was particularly that dribble handoff game with him and bam.

    割合の観点とボリュームの観点からのロビンソンから、チームは本当に武器としてダンカン ・ ロビンソンにロックされている特にそのドリブル ハンドオフ ゲーム彼とバムであった。

  • So I feel like the heat need toe.


  • Add another player, um, to kind of help open some of that up.


  • They had Jae Crowder last year, and they need a Jae Crowder type because obviously they can't get Jae Crowder back.


  • They need a guy who was tough, a guy who can shoot threes, and a guy who could pass and play some defense I think if they add just something like that, they could be right in that mix, that kind of 45 range again.


  • And at that point, they become a tough out potentially.


  • Do you agree, Matt, that if they could make a small movement, there could be a tough out Trevor Rees a type player?

    彼らは小さな動きをすることができれば、タフアウトトレバー リース タイプのプレーヤーがあるかもしれないことに同意するか、マット?

  • Absolutely.


  • You know, sometimes you mentioned Duncan and Tyler.


  • When your middle of the way or bottom of the scouting report, you could get away with things your first year or two.


  • But once you have a blowout performance saying the bubble or in the playoffs last year, you're gonna be at the top the top of the scouting report and people are gonna definitely lock in on you and really, game plan around.


  • You know, Jimmy Tyler, Bam and dunk.


  • And so to see Duncan not get his many shots doesn't surprise me because he's not sneaking up on anybody.


  • The world knows what kind of shooter he is, and he has toe have attention to detail every time he steps on the floor.


  • And that's what teams were doing.


  • And I think to that point that Barnes makes is that sometimes when you're a player that, you know, You just got to get better.


  • You gotta perform, You know what I mean?


  • It's not as if being at the top of the scouting report is a problem.


  • If you can perform and you know you can do what you once did.


  • I think that that bodes better than just trying to sort of find somebody else who may or may not fit.

    合うか合わないかわからない人を 探すよりはいいんじゃないかな?

  • And, you know, I'm I'm not.


  • I'm not saying that they're under performing in the sense that you know, they you know they're not playing well at all.


  • But I do think these air young guys that have space to improve as they get better in this in this league and Duncan Robinson tell a hero to guys we need to do in order for the Heat to expect to do anything in the playoffs.

    しかし、私は彼らがこのリーグでこの中で良くなるように改善するためのスペースを持っているこれらの空気の若い人と思うし、ダンカン ・ ロビンソンは、我々 はプレーオフで何かを行うことを期待するために熱のために行う必要がある人にヒーローを教えてください。

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since Jimmy Butler's returned to the lineup.



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チームはダンカン-ロビンソンを把握しており、それはヒートのための問題だ - マットバーンズ|ジャンプ (Teams have figured out Duncan Robinson and that's a problem for the Heat - Matt Barnes | The Jump)

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