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  • S Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is taking her call for hefty government spending to boost economies out of the doldrums caused by the health crisis on the road.


  • In a Friday video meeting with her peers from the Group of Seven rich nations, or G seven, as it is called yelling called for continued fiscal support to bolster the global economy, saying quote, The time to go big is now going big.

    金曜日のビデオ会議で7つの豊かな国のグループから彼女の仲間と、またはG 7、それは世界経済を強化するために継続的な財政支援のために呼ばれて叫んでいるように、引用を言って、大きく行くための時間が大きくなってきていると呼ばれています。

  • Doesn't, however, mean going it alone?


  • Yellen said the US was ready to reengage the global body, which includes Britain, Japan, France, Germany, Italy and Canada, as it helps steer the global economy out of the worst slump since the Great Depression.


  • That is in contrast to the solitary approach taken by the Trump administration.


  • The G seven was thrown into chaos during the Trump years, including a 2018 incident when Trump refused to sign on to a joint communique after leaders summit Because of a trade dispute between the US and Canada, Yellen is promising a more cooperative tone Under the Biden administration, three U.

    G7は、トランプ氏が首脳会談後の共同コミュニケへの署名を拒否した2018年の事件を含め、トランプ政権時代に混沌とした状態に投げ込まれた。 米国とカナダの間の貿易紛争のため、イエレンはより協力的なトーンを約束している バイデン政権下では、3つの米国。

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  • Is now signaling an openness to support G seven efforts toe have the International Monetary Fund provide help to low income countries hit by the health crisis.

    現在、国際通貨基金が健康危機に見舞われた低所得国への支援を提供するために、G 7の努力を支援するための開放性を示している。

  • Other topics on the table included inequality, vaccines, climate change and an international solution to the tax challenges resulting from the digital economy.


  • Yelling and her counterparts are laying the groundwork for leaders from the G seven who are expected to hold their first in person summit in two years at a British seaside village in June.





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米国は世界のテーブルに復帰、イエレン氏がG7に指示 (U.S. is back at the global table, Yellen tells G7)

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