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  • are the Lakers playing LeBron too much, or does it not even matter with him?


  • Heck of a question.


  • LeBron has just played in his third straight overtime game last night, the one point win over the Oklahoma City thunder.


  • He did last night's game without Anthony Davis, who's still out with an Achilles injury.


  • He has also recently voiced lament for the All Star Game actually happening, especially because it's been such a short off season for him.


  • Obviously, last year, with the bubble ending in October, um, this all brings into question his minutes and whether he is sort of being run into the ground by Frank Vogel.


  • He is averaging 34.7 minutes a game, which is about the same as last year, which was, Ah, career low.


  • But if you look at sort of the the varying ways that coaches look at this, Steve Kerr has said, We're not going to play Steph Curry extra minutes or extra games.

    しかし、コーチがこれを見て様々な方法の並べ替えを見れば、スティーブ・カーは言った、私たちはステフ カリーの余分な分や余分なゲームをプレイするつもりはありません。

  • Just chasing W's.


  • His health is what's most important.


  • It feels like Frank Vogel isn't following that same theory here by playing him every single game, and presumably he will play in this All Star game.


  • Do we think he needs to hold back?


  • Because the Lakers win hole and with LeBron James healthy seemed to be the best team out there, regardless of record, regardless of standing and in this postseason probably won't be as much of a home court advantage again in the Post.


  • See that?


  • I think if I'm Frank Vogel, I'm giving the duty Day offer to.


  • He doesn't have to go full Tom Brady and play every single game and win a Super Bowl.


  • Just give me some days off.


  • Well, it's been eight years since we started asking if LeBron James is playing.


  • I'm sure people are even asking before that.


  • But it's been almost a decade of us asking.


  • Do we need to give LeBron changes a break?


  • And over and over he has proved to us both with the amount of money invested in that body and then that body's ability to with sane injury, that he could do it now, in this case, I do think is he that comment from him about the All Star Game is what sort of needling at us here.


  • We're thinking about the way he talked about his exhaustion, the way that he talked about how we hadn't signed up for that and he needed a break, and we're sort of internalizing that.

    彼が疲れていることを話していたことを考えています 私たちが契約していなかったことを話していて 休憩が必要だったことを考えています 私たちはそれを内在化しています

  • Looking ahead, I think it's smart to be wary of how much you're playing him now because at some point it might catch up.


  • It's kind of like the Tom Brady thing.


  • We keep saying that age is undefeated and then they keep disproving it.


  • So I'm not arguing that we should worry about him falling off a cliff, But because we also understand that the regular season in the NBA isn't it?


  • As important as we used to think it was, we've seen teams thrive and then fail in the postseason.


  • That balance, especially with this roster that returned most of the folks that were there last year for that winning team.


  • They don't need it as much as a team that needs to get their chemistry like the Nets or something right.


  • This is a team that added some pieces and they need to adjust to them but should be able to come back in the postseason even if they don't have a full 100% LeBron James for a couple games.


  • I just think it's very generous of you guys to even really care or even theorize about what Frank Vogel wants in this.

    フランク・フォーゲルが何を望んでいるのか 気にかけてくれたり 推理してくれたりするのは 寛大だと思います

  • Because if I know anything about how LeBron James is living his life, he is deciding everything that is happening to him.


  • If he's gonna play this many minutes, is because LeBron James wants to play in this many minutes.

    彼がこの多くの分をプレイする場合は、レブロン ジェームズは、この多くの分でプレイしたいためです。

  • He wants to play this many overtimes.


  • He wants to, I think, and this is not a real spoiler alert for anybody.


  • He wants to be considered the Tom Brady and beyond of the MBA.


  • Winning another M V P.

    もう一人のM V Pに勝つ。

  • This season, I think, is very important to LeBron James.


  • Otherwise he wouldn't really be doing any of this.


  • So I think LeBron wants to play these minutes.


  • That's why he's playing these minutes.


  • I will only caution everybody else on the Lakers and in sports, really to not say what someone like Kyle Kuzma said, which is Quote being tired is just in your head.

    私は唯一のレイカーズとスポーツで他のみんなに警告します、本当にカイル クズマのような人が言ったことを言わないようにするには、引用されている疲れていることはあなたの頭の中だけです。

  • Like I think that's true of LeBron James, Singular greatest of all time candidate.


  • But from Kyle Kuzma that just has, like big Jessie Spano energy, right, like, yeah, it's on.

    でもカイル・クズマからは... ジェシー・スパノのようなエネルギーを感じますね

  • Lee tired in your head until you are so, so scared.


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are the Lakers playing LeBron too much, or does it not even matter with him?



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