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  • Today we're talking about parenting during the pandemic, check it out.

    今日はコロナ禍での 子育てについてです

  • [Life in Japan Theme Song]


  • Well, it's 2021. Parenting has never been an easy job,


  • But especially during a pandemic, it is very challenging.

    コロナ禍以前の 家庭の状態に関わらず

  • And whatever the state of your family was before the pandemic,

    コロナ禍の後は より大変だと思います

  • The pandemic came, and it just exaggerated whatever was happening.

    小さな問題も 大きくなります

  • So if there were problems inside, it exaggerated those problems,

    強みはこの局面で 活かされるでしょう

  • If there were good things happening, it actually kind of strengthened those things.

    コロナ禍でも家族が 楽しく過ごせる方法を考えたいです

  • But today we want to look at how can you live and have a happy family during pandemic.

    コロナ禍の子育てで 何が一番大変だった?

  • For you, what was the biggest like change and challenge of parenting here with the pandemic?

    子供と24時間 一緒にいる事かしら

  • Well, I think first of all having the kids home 24 hours a day...

    勉強もお母さんが 教えないといけないし

  • All of a sudden all of us moms instantly became teachers.

    突然だったから 選択肢も無かったわ

  • It wasn't like a choice to teach our children, we were just kind of tossed into that.


  • And then having them home...

    子供が出掛けないのは 劇的な変化だったわ

  • I mean there's just totally, a totally a different dynamic to having your kids home all the time.


  • I love summer breaks, I love breaks when my kids are home,


  • But one thing I find totally interesting when my kids are home is


  • We eat lunchlet's just pretend like we eat at noon.


  • They finish at 12:10

    5分もすると "ママ お腹空いた" って言うの

  • At 12:15 they will come and say "Mom, we're hungry. What's there to eat?"


  • I'm like "Seriously?!"


  • And this was months of this because everyone was stuck at home.

    栄養バランスの良い食事を作って 洗濯もして

  • And you're trying to balance healthy eating and healthy routines and school and tons of laundry


  • Because kids are home all the time, making messes and cleaning house,


  • Husbands are home with work, it's just...


  • It was a lot to take in all at once.


  • But! We made it through.


  • And there's still more of it here that we're working through now.

    家族皆で出来る 楽しい事も大事だね

  • I'd say one thing that probably really helped for us too was finding fun things to do together


  • Like, on purpose, so

    ベッカとアナが好きな "カタン" を一緒に遊んだり

  • Like Becca and Anna like to play Catan, so we'll play Catan with them


  • Or Joshua and I, we like to play MarioKart


  • Uh, even the whole family really gets into MarioKart.


  • And Uno. And Uno!


  • Making purposeful times with the family together.


  • I think establishing a healthy routine is very important.


  • Because then you get used to that,


  • It helps you manage your day a little more instead of just wondering

    "何しよう?" って悩む必要も無くなるし

  • "Well what am I going to do now? What am I going to do now?"


  • Well now it's time for this.


  • Because we still had work to do


  • It wasn't like we were all just on vacation for months,

    食事に勉強に 遊びの時間

  • And the kids still had school, so they had their school time,

    家族に合った ルーティンが大事だったわ

  • Then meal time, then play time and study time,


  • We just had to figure out a routine that worked with us all being in the house at the same time.


  • Joshua!

    - 学校はどう? - 楽しかった

  • Awww!


  • Sarah we came to pick you up!


  • Hey Sarah, how was school today? Good.


  • I missed you so much, Sarah.


  • Another thing I think was very helpful was establishing healthy eating patterns.


  • Because if I let my kids raid the fridge and feed themselves, Oh gosh

    サラは白米に 少し醤油かけるのが好き

  • They would be eating cereal and chocolate and bread.

    コロナ禍では玄米や野菜を 食事に取り入れたわ

  • My kids love bread. Oh, and white rice.


  • Plain rice. Just rice. Sarah would ask for it with a little shyoyu, soy sauce.


  • During this whole time we started experimenting with healthier options like whole grain rice and more vegetables


  • And more baked things, not fried,


  • And just introducing them to new things

    健康的な食事は 元気の源です

  • Like different soups and foods that are healthy but fun


  • But not just junk.

    テンションが上がりすぎたり 下がりすぎたりしません

  • It's amazingeating healthy helps you have the right type of energy

    お腹も満たしてくれるので すぐにおやつをねだりに来ません

  • You don't go on these highs and lows.

    よく "完璧な家族!" と コメントを貰いますが

  • Sugar high and then you fall and you drop and you're cranky.


  • And it would fill them up so they're not begging for food every 5 minutes.


  • So a lot of people comment, they're like "What a beautiful, wonderful family! You guys look perfect."


  • So... are we perfect?

    大変な事もあります 特に自粛中は

  • All the time!


  • Do you see my halo?

    今住んでる家は ブラジルやアメリカの家より小さいので

  • We definitely have had our moments, especially during the pandemic, has brought it out


  • When you're with each other all the time Yeah


  • And our house is much smaller than the house we had either in the States or in Brazil,

    子供達や僕らが 一人になりたい時

  • So you're in each others' business all the time


  • Whathow have we kind of dealt with that?

    一人の時間が欲しい時は 車で過ごしたりもしたわ

  • When someone's got a little upset or when the kids need to be alone or one of us...


  • Needs to be alone. Well at one point we said "Well the car's available."


  • If anyone needs some alone time, you can just go sit in the car a little bit.

    車に乗ってお気に入りの 公園に行きます

  • And actually I do that, don't I?


  • He does that every morning, he goes...

    いつでも電話できる 友人の存在も助かりました

  • I'll go get in the car and go for a little drive to a park I really like


  • And it's the perfect time to kind of, like, just stretch out a little bit.

    妹に電話したり 友達にメールしたり

  • So you know a lot of things that really helped me was having close friends that I could call up

    アドバイスや 励ましをもらいました

  • I would call up my mom,

    状況を理解してくれる人に 少し愚痴を言ったり

  • I'd call up my sisters, I had other friends that I was texting,

    支え合う関係は 本当に重要です

  • And just getting advice and encouragement


  • Or just complaining a little to someone who understood what I was going through.


  • And having that support system really, really is helpful.

    両親 祖父母 または 先輩の女性にアドバイスをもりました

  • Not only during a pandemic, but anytime

    教会には頼りになる女性も 沢山います

  • Because raising children is not something that we just all know the answers to, you know?

    困った時に 助けを求めることは大事です

  • Seeking advice from our parents and our grandparents or older ladies...

    恥ずかしいかもしれないけど 話す事は大事です

  • We have a lot of wise ladies in our church that we canthat I like to seek advice from

    同じ経験をした人が 必ずいると思います

  • I think it's very important to, if you don't know what to do, if you don't know the answer, to find someone who can help you.

    子供をどうしつけ 楽しませ 暖かい家庭を築くか

  • And don't feel ashamed to open up about something that maybe you feel like is embarrassing

    健全な家庭を築くには 積極的な努力が必要です

  • Because chances are somebody else is also struggling with the same thing,

    自然に出来上がる訳では ありません

  • Wondering how to keep their kids in line, or keep them entertained or just to keep a happy family atmosphere.

    毎晩 聖書を読む時間も持ちます

  • A healthy family atmosphere really does take work


  • And you got to be intentional about it

    病気の人や家族の為に 皆で祈ります

  • It just doesn't happen by accident.


  • One thing that we always do too is every evening we have family devotion time

    ダンスの様子は 動画にも出てると思いますが

  • Where we read the verse of the day from the Bible

    元気な クリスチャン系の 音楽をかけて

  • And we take turns praying — praying for people that are sick or for our family

    子供たちは 楽しく体操出来ます

  • And also we like to dance!

    神様を賛美することで 家族全員が元気をもらいます

  • I'm sure you've seen in previous videos, we do a lot of dancing in our house.

    なぜか音楽をかけて踊ると 気分が晴れます

  • And we turn on a good Christian upbeat song


  • And the kids dance, it helps them get their energy out,

    他にも気づいた事が 沢山あります

  • But also gives them positive energy because it's exciting, we're praising Jesus, and it's something good that we can do.

    登校前にテレビゲームは させません

  • So it's amazing, if you're depressed or sad or down, if you start dancing and have happy music on


  • It really does change the atmosphere


  • We found things that really helped us day by day, and still today

    聖書の物語を テレビに流しますが

  • I try not to let the girls play on the Switch or do any electronic games before they go to school


  • It seems like it puts them in a bad mood to want to leave for school.


  • So before school we turn on music,

    サラは折り紙を使って 色んな物を作ります

  • Or we can watch Bible stories online,


  • But no gaming, no... phone

    何作ってるの サラ?

  • A lot of times they'll do artistic things and that's when they'll start drawing things

    - 見せて - 犬だよ

  • Or Sarah makes all these origami things that are just amazing

    - 折り紙で? - うん

  • Yeah It's like my goodness!


  • (Singing) Whatcha making Sarah, Sarah Sarah Bear-ah, Sarah Bear-a?

    - 先生に教わったの - 学校の?

  • Whatcha making? Let me see! I'm making a dog.


  • A dog? From Origami? Yea.


  • How do you know how to do this?

    私自身が子供達と 一緒に時間を過ごすより

  • It's my teacher. The teacher at school?

    テレビに子守をさせた方が 楽でしょう

  • Aw, that's so cute.

    でも 子供はちゃんと 覚えています

  • Because let me tell you what,


  • Turning on the tv and leaving that as your babysitter is a lot easier than

    或いは ママと一緒に遊んだり 料理をした思い出か

  • Me personally spending time with them and investing in them


  • But, it's those times that they're going to remember

    良い思い出を 残したいですね

  • When they grow up, are they going to be like "yea, my mom just let me watch tv whenever I wanted"

    子供が親になった時に 模範になれるようにしたいです

  • Or are they going to be like "Oh yea, my mom played games with me, or she taught me how to make a recipe"

    ルースのPCに 付箋が貼ってあるよね

  • Or she taught me how to sow


  • Those are the things that are going to be positive memories


  • That we want them to then pass on to their children and grandkids.

    - このことだね - 自分自身への念押しです

  • So I like the little post it note that you have on your computer


  • Do you want to share what it says?

    健康な家族は 健康な夫婦から始まります

  • I think it says "Be the mom you want your kids to remember"


  • It just goes along with what you're saying


  • I have to put in reminders for me to have a positive attitude

    互いの弱さと強さと 一緒に生きていきます

  • It's a work in... I'm a work in progress.


  • Even with a healthy family, it starts with a healthy marriage too


  • And although I don't feel like our marriage is perfect yet,

    子供たちが小さい頃は 両親に預けて

  • I do feel we have a lot of love and understanding


  • And working with each others strengths and weaknesses


  • I have plenty of my own weaknesses!

    以前は家族以外の人と 出掛けられなかったので

  • How do we go about that?

    コロナ禍で家族が 遊びに来れないのは

  • Well, we used to always look forward to when our parents would come,


  • Either set, because they would help watch the kids so we could go out on dates

    二人だけの時間が 無かったので

  • Because until now, well Joshua just turned 5

    最初の数か月は 全員ずっと家で一緒でした

  • But before he was just too young to hardly leave with random people


  • This last year, you know, with all our families not being able to come visit,


  • It's been extra stressful — I mean not stressful, but


  • We haven't been able to really take time away, just the two of us

    二人だけというのは 難しかったです

  • So for those first months we were just all stuck together in a house,

    小学校が再開して 私も語学学校に行きました

  • What is going on?!


  • Mommy put a tent up for us.


  • Chillin' in your tent.

    二人だけの時間はあまり なかったです

  • So it's hard to just be Nate and I


  • And then as soon as schools went back, I went back to school

    一緒に映画鑑賞したり 少しでも一緒の時間を過ごしました

  • So I was studying in Shinjuku for 5 hours a day,

    でも私は夜9時を過ぎると 眠くて仕方ありません

  • And then we'd come home and have housework,


  • So it was very hard for us to have just alone time.

    "あなた達はいいけど 私の家族はもうどうにもならない"

  • But you have to just, after the kids go to bed,


  • Watch something together, or listen to something or try to hang out a little bit

    家庭に向き合うのに 遅すぎという事はありません

  • Except that, come 9:00 at night, I am not much good at anything.


  • What would you say to somebody who is watching and like

    優先順位をどうつけるか 相談してください

  • "Wow- you know, that's great for you guys, but my family is a mess and I've screwed up."

    子供達をハグしたり 愛を言葉で表現するだけで

  • What about that person?

    子供たちの人生において 大きな影響をもたらします

  • Well, it's never too late to start trying and start investing in your family

    子供達は愛が必要です スキンシップも必要です

  • If your marriage is in shambles, start there


  • Seek advice in what areas you should improve on first,

    子供の友人関係も 把握しておいてください

  • You know, with your children, if you don't hug them or you don't say that you love them,


  • Those are simple, small things you can do that will make a huge difference in their life


  • Because kids need that affection, they need that love, they need that physical touch


  • And I think that is very, very important


  • Keep an eye on who your kids friends are

    親として 母として

  • Because they will be highly influenced by their friends

    子供達の友人関係を 把握する事は大事です

  • We always tell the girls, because they go out and play with their friends


  • That we want them to influence their friends in positive ways


  • and never have their friends influence them negatively


  • I think it's very important for us as parents, as mothers

    "ここに行ったことある?" みたいな質問でも

  • To keep an eye on what friendships our kids are developing.


  • In a future video we want to do questions and answers,

    数週間後の動画で いくつかの質問に答えます

  • So if you have any specific questions


  • Maybe it's about parenting or families


  • Or maybe it's something fun like "Hey, have you ever gone to this place? Or tried this?"

    ベッカ アナ サラ ジョシュアに 聞きたい事があれば

  • Whatever it might be, feel free to post your questions down here


  • And in a couple of weeks we'd like to respond to some of those


  • Is there anything else that you would add at all?

    - 面白そうだね - でしょ?

  • Well, if they have any questions about our kids,

    いつもご視聴頂いてる皆さん ありがとうございます!

  • For our kidsyou knowif you would like to ask Becca or Anna, Sarah or Joshua anything

    チャンネル登録がまだでしたら 是非登録お願いします

  • Please write it in the comments and then we'll do a video in the future


  • and sit them down and see what their answer are to your questions.


  • Could be very interesting. Yeah, it could.

  • Well we're so thankful for each and every one of you that has been watching us and following us

  • If you haven't subscribed yet, please do so, it really does help this channel grow

  • And we appreciate you guys so much

  • And until next time, we'll see you on Life in Japan

  • Bye bye! bye.

Today we're talking about parenting during the pandemic, check it out.

今日はコロナ禍での 子育てについてです


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