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  • So is it just me or are you thinking the same thing?

  • Are you wondering when the current mayor of London is actually going toe?

  • Let us know what he's campaigning on, why he thinks he should lead this city for the next three years because he's come out recently with a bunch of ideas or policies.

  • But they don't seem to be addressing what Londoners really care about that, and I want to speak on that in just a minute.

  • What he is talking about is, uh, new committees to review statues.

  • He's talking about a road tax for anybody that enters the city, and he's trying to appeal something that was ruled as illegal, which is his street space scheme.

  • That's what he's talking to voters about.

  • But that's not what we want to hear about.

  • And I know this because we commissioned a poll by mortar research and it asked Londoners what are the three most important things to you?

  • And it's no surprise what they said, because you and I know what it is.

  • It's housing.

  • It's crime and its transport.

  • So why isn't the future mayor of this city talking about those issues so crucial tow us Londoners, and I think I know why.

  • It's because his record on these three policies is atrocious.

  • Atrocious.

  • Look at his housing policy.

  • He promised us 400,000 new homes.

  • He delivered 12,000.

  • Look at his crime record.

  • Knife crime at nightmare proportions.

  • Look what happened over the past weekend.

  • Shocking, shocking stats and shocking stories of people being stabbed to death when going to get orange juice.

  • And finally look at what he's done with transport.

  • We've seen these lt Nz's low traffic neighborhoods we've seen and expansion and increasing our congestion charge dinners and Londoners.

  • They're not having it anymore.

  • They don't want it.

  • And they say, Why are you taxing us to pay for your failed TfL and your failed business decisions?

  • So I'm wondering, just like you, I think when is the mayor gonna actually show us why we should vote for him?

  • What are you going to show us what you have planned for us in the future?

  • What you have planned for this great city, I want to know.

  • And I also want to know when will you debate me?

  • Because I am clearly the only candidate who has got a chance to beat you.

  • I'm putting out all this data.

  • I'm putting out all these ideas.

  • I'm challenging you on your record.

  • So when's it gonna happen?

  • Give me a time.

  • Give me a place.

  • Uh, give me a format.

  • We could do it at London.

  • Real studios.

  • We could do it at your a mainstream media channel of choice.

  • But when is what?

  • I'm asking either that or please talk about the policies that Londoners care about.

  • Or finally, you could just step aside and allow some new, independent leadership to take this city in new direction, to get London back to work and to do the things that this city needs.

  • Build housing, solve these problems of knife crime on the streets.

  • And finally do something about this bankrupt transport network you have no plan for.

  • So that's what I challenge you to, Mr Mayor.

  • Debate me anytime, anyhow.

  • Anywhere.

  • Leave your comments below.

  • Do you want to see this debate happened, or do you simply want the mayor to talk about the issues that Londoners care about and stop talking about road taxes and statue committees and schemes that have already been ruled illegal in the high court's?

So is it just me or are you thinking the same thing?


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