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  • a long winter, hunkering down as we await brighter times.


  • Hope in the air with the rapid rollout of vaccines but no signs yet often early end to restrictions.


  • This remains a deadly virus, and it will take time for the impact of vaccinations to be felt.


  • So for now, we must all stand firm.


  • Winter will still be upon us at the next milestone, the 15th of February, when ministers review the England wide lock down.


  • By that date, the government hopes to have offered a vaccine toe everyone over 70 on all extremely clinically vulnerable people, regardless off age.


  • Boris Johnson will then set out his road map out of lock down in the week beginning the 22nd of February.


  • That is when Scotland is due to embark on a phased reopening of schools in England.


  • A longer wait Schools may begin to open from the eighth of March if the virus is abating.


  • In an ideal world for the government, the spring blossom would herald ah wider easing of measures.


  • But the government has given itself leeway on its key goal, vaccinating the over fifties its place to do that before the end of spring, which is technically the 21st of June.


  • Good afternoon.


  • Thanks for joining US.


  • Government scientists say that vaccinating that group is crucial to easing pressure on the NHS as you go on to the next wave down to those of the 50 we have further inroads introducing death and also significantly reduce the pressure on the NHS.

    政府の科学者たちは、そのグループにワクチンを接種することが NHS への圧力を緩和するために重要であると言う 50 のものに次の波に行くと我々 は死を導入し、また大幅に NHS への圧力を減らすためにさらに進出しています。

  • Keen for an easing of some restrictions, Tory MPs want England to follow Scotland in a phased reopening of schools this month.


  • Way need to get our Children learning again.


  • England should lead by example.


  • Public Health England have said that primary schools are safe, that they have low rates off transmission.


  • So why not at least open the primary schools or a couple of years in the primary schools from after the February half term impatience amongst conservative backbenchers for movement behind the scenes Tory MPs are critical of the scientists for their caution.


  • You could almost feel the goalpost moving, one told me off the focus on vaccinating the over fifties.


  • I understand Boris Johnson has Bean sounding bullish in private about opening up Richie Soon.

    ボリス・ジョンソンがビーンに 強気の発言をしているのを理解しています リッチー・スーンを開放することについて 個人的にはね

  • AC, ever keen to see the economy moving, rarely misses an opportunity toe offer warm words toe backbench skeptics.


  • But friends insist the chancellor fully accepts the need to act cautiously in the face off a mutating virus.


  • It's a bed, john dot ecosystem one leading scientist urges caution.


  • I think if we learn from our previous two waves, the mistakes that one need, what opening things up too quickly on may be slightly too early on.


  • What we have to think about now is that as we take, there was more, most at risk, individuals out of circulation for the virus.


  • The virus will just simply move then and to people who are circulating.


  • And if we have large numbers of people 45 50 on what's circulating in the population with the virus, then the number of infections in that age group will rise on.

    そして、私たちは、人々の45 50の大規模な数を持っている場合は、ウイルスと人口に循環しているもので、その年齢層の感染の数が増加します。

  • The pressure on the NHS would not be alleviated just help at last, prompting natural feelings off elation.


a long winter, hunkering down as we await brighter times.



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コロナウイルス。イングランドでの第3回目のロックダウンからの脱出ルート - BBC Newsnight (Coronavirus: The route out of England’s third lockdown - BBC Newsnight)

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