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  • with a brand new factory in a suburb of Los Angeles.


  • Dan Izaki has bet over $4 million at the pandemic will change what Americans are willing to pay for high quality face masks.


  • You know, we have the mission of re shoring the production of PP to the United States, bringing it back for a lot of reasons.

    我々の使命は アメリカにPPの生産を 戻すことだ

  • Before Cove in 19 hit, the United States imported much of the personal protection equipment needed by health care providers, mainly from Asia.


  • Some U.


  • S companies pivoted in the crisis, such as liquor companies turning out hand sanitizer and plastics firms making face shields.


  • But one item that remains in tight supply is N 95 face masks, which provide a high level of filtration against airborne contaminants and are closely regulated by the US government.

    しかし、依然として供給が逼迫しているアイテムの一つが、空気中の汚染物質に対して高いレベルのろ過能力を発揮し、米国政府の厳しい規制を受けているN 95フェイスマスクです。

  • Zaki, a former New York stockbroker, is president of United Safety Tech Ah, startup that is poised to open a new and 95 mask factory in Laverne, California, possibly within weeks.


  • We use a completely domestically sourced supply chain, which means all the materials that go into this mask are truly made in America that is critical to the biosecurity off our country.


  • The pricing of many types of protective equipment remains elevated by shortages.


  • But once the market normalizes, Izaki estimates that is, masks will cost about 30% more than Chinese masks, or about a dollar 15 each.


  • He hopes that the pandemic will make Americans more willing to pay a premium, or that US government policy will mandate more domestic sourcing, which would benefit his venture.


  • People will, you know, will respect the Made in America, um, label on.


  • They will pay more.


  • Um, you know the bunch of things that need to happen in supply chain, um, to put us, you know, to make us more competitive versus overseas markets, and I believe that's gonna happen over time.


  • But there's always risk making masks isn't that hard.


  • The process is highly automated and doesn't require a costly clean room.


  • But getting a dependable supply of the materials, particularly the specialized layer of filtration material that makes them effective, is a challenge.


  • Other domestic producers are likely to face the same challenges, including industry giant three M, which has quadrupled its domestic production of N 95 masks since the pandemic started and makes 100 million masks a month, but a Zaki is ambitious.

    他の国内生産者も同様の課題に直面しそうだが、業界大手のスリーエムはパンデミックが始まってからN 95マスクの国内生産量を4倍に増やし、月に1億枚のマスクを作っているが、ザキは野心的だ。

  • This whole facility, which is about 45,000 square feet, will be full of of equipment making respirators A Z I mentioned earlier.

    この施設全体は約45,000平方フィートで、先ほど紹介した呼吸器A Zを作る装置がいっぱいになります。

  • We are planning to produce a million and 95 respirators per day by the end of the second quarter of 2021.


  • And you know what I hope?


  • I hope each one of them goes to a first line responders that needs them.


with a brand new factory in a suburb of Los Angeles.



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株式仲買人はアメリカ人が「メイド・イン・USA」のフェイスマスクを買うことに賭ける (Stockbroker bets Americans will buy ‘Made in USA’ face masks)

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