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  • because now I want to talk to you about how the mayor has failed economically in his mismanagement off all of his department's.

    市長がいかに経済的に失敗したかを 話したいからです 彼の部署の全ての不始末を 怠ったことで

  • Whether it comes to the TfL to transport in general, to police to fire to his green initiatives to the housing.


  • It's all failure after failure after failure.


  • And you could see this headline here coming straight from the BBC and I'll read it out for you.


  • Boris Johnson blames London mayor for TfL bankruptcy before Cove in 19 before Kobe.


  • This is not talked about.


  • This institution was going bankrupt before the pandemic ever happened, and you'll see this next headline as well, and I'll read it out for you.


  • Mayor Sadiq Khan is accused of mismanaging TfL financing as he demands MAWR government money to prop up public transport in London just months after a £1.6 billion Corona virus bailout.


  • And the truth is this.


  • The TfL has gone nearly bankrupt twice last year alone.


  • In a couple months, he's gonna be asking for billions Mawr in bailouts, and that article I just showed goes on to say quote.


  • Over the past four years, Sadiq Khan has lost control of TF.


  • Els finances lost control of it.


  • £13 billion in record levels of debt.


  • 22 off The 26 major projects are currently delayed or canceled.

    22 オフ 26 の主要プロジェクトは現在、遅延または中止されています。

  • 22 out of 26 major projects delayed or canceled.


  • In the private sector, that person would have been fired at four projects out of 26 delayed or canceled.


  • And yet this one is currently in office and wants to stay in office for three more years while he fails on 70.


  • 80 90% of his projects is unacceptable, and you can see this next headline and I'll read it out for you.


  • Mayor City Con announces £110 million in Police Cuts Can you imagine that?

    市長シティコンが1億1000万ポンドの警察削減を発表 あなたはそれを想像することができますか?

  • £110 million in police cuts and let me talk Ah, little bit about what that headline means.

    1億1,000万ポンドの警察官削減と私に話をさせてください ああ、その見出しが何を意味するかについて少し。

  • And this time, when crime is soaring, when the mayor just recorded his 100th teenage murder on his watch, when we're seeing teenage knife, knife crime and stabbings at all time highs, he has decided to defund the police by £110 million.


  • Do you know that is the equivalent of 1, 861 full time salary.


  • Police officers imagine an additional 2000 officers on the streets that could be happening right now, and we could see those crime statistics going down.

    警察官が想像しているのは 2000人の警官が街頭にいるということです 犯罪統計が減少しているのを見ることができます

  • But it's not happening.


  • He chooses instead to defund the police.


  • But it gets worse.


  • Let's look at what he's done for some of his green initiatives, and you can see this headline here and it pretty much speaks for itself.


  • Sadiq Khan, criticized for backtracking on pledge for London public energy company and the Prophet The truth is, is that he has failed on his green spending initiatives, and that article goes on to say that fewer than 4000 London households have signed up Statistic Cons.

    Sadiq Khan, criticized for backtracking for pledge for London public energy company and the Prophet The truth is, is, that article goes on that he has failed on his green spending initiatives, and that article is that less 4000 London households have sign

  • Green Energy Company that he set up this year for £3.2 million.


  • Just another £3 million for your mayor.


  • 1.5 million for politically campaign fireworks, another million for luxury flights, another million for his PR campaign, another three million on his failed green initiatives.


  • This is how he spends your taxpayer money.


  • Think of that someone who doesn't doesn't even think much about a million here, a million there that could be used right now for the citizens of London.


  • It's hard to actually believe, but it gets worse.


  • And this is an article that was published by the Fire Brigades Union themselves, and you can see it here and I'll read it out And it says this.

    これは消防組合が発表した記事です ここで見ることができます 読み上げてみましょう こう書いてあります

  • The Fire Brigade Union condemns unthinkable £25 million cut to the London Fire Brigade, and this is a highly respected union here in London, the Fire Brigades Union And this article goes on to say that quote.


  • The fire brigade unions has vowed to fight the unthinkable proposals to cut the budget for the London Fire Brigade by £25 million as part of the mayor of London's plans.


  • And they go on to say they have condemned the plans.


  • And they have called on Sadiq Khan toe live up to his promise to protect frontline services.


  • We see this all the time.


  • We see how he keeps talking about protecting our services and protecting our NHS, and what does he do in the background?


  • He defunds them on the article finishes by saying quote.


  • As mayor of London, Boris Johnson delivered the biggest cuts in history to the London Fire Brigade, the London Ferrara Brigade says any further custom services will be dangerous to the public.


  • And the truth is, is the two party system has always done this to you, whether it's Boris or whether it's Siddique, they always find a way to run up debt.


  • For the TfL to defund are essential services, and then they give you another choice after four years and you get the other guys and then you get the other guys and you get the other guys at the same time.


  • It's the same agenda every single time.


  • That's why we need new voices and an independent voice.


  • And I just want to say at this moment to consider de funding the London Fire Brigade.


  • When you look at the history of what's happened here in London, including the Grenfell tragedy three years ago, Thio even think about defunding the London Fire Brigade at a time when we could need them at a moments notice.

    ロンドンで起こったことの歴史を見てみると 3年前のグレンフェルの悲劇を含めて ロンドン消防隊の資金繰りの悪化についても 考えてみましょう 瞬間的な通知でそれらを必要とすることができます

  • When there is so much work to being done to protecting some of our housing, it's unthinkable.


  • And yet that's what our current mayor of London is doing.


  • But it gets even worse, and you can see this final headline I have here and I'll read it out for you.


  • Sadiq Khan fails to build any social housing in his year as mayor, and this is something I've done an entire separate video about about how he has failed to build the affordable housing that he promised.


  • But in 2018, the government gave City Con £1.8 billion to build affordable housing.


  • How many's he built?


  • I haven't seen any.


  • Where has the money gone?


  • I have no idea yet another example of how our current mayor doesn't know how to manage a major remit for the mayor.


  • And it's unacceptable.


  • You put this man in office so he could run the police so he could run transport for London so he could run the fire brigade so he could build housing for this city.

    この男をオフィスに置いたから 警察を動かすことができたんだ ロンドンの交通機関を動かすことができたんだ 消防隊を動かすことができたんだ この街のための住宅を建てることができたんだ

  • And he has done none of it.


  • He's caused it all to be defunded and going bankrupt.


  • But why should we expect a man like this to be able to do this?


  • He has no business experience.


  • He's never shown any leadership.


  • He's never done any deals.


  • He's never worked with the private sector, so why should we expect him to do this?


  • How much my wife?


  • Why stop my wife?


because now I want to talk to you about how the mayor has failed economically in his mismanagement off all of his department's.

市長がいかに経済的に失敗したかを 話したいからです 彼の部署の全ての不始末を 怠ったことで


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経済的な失敗 ? (ECONOMIC FAILURE ?: How Sadiq Khan Has Failed In Delivering For All His Departments - Brian Rose)

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