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  • Welcome toe watch mojo.


  • And today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 best and worst James Bond games.


  • Maybe.


  • Uh huh, I don't know.


  • Okay, for this list, we'll be looking at double 07 best and worst forays into gaming.


  • Which classic James Bond movie should be adapted into a modern game?


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  • Number five.


  • Worst Tomorrow Never Dies Thieves.


  • The next console game after a certain influential game by rare Tomorrow Never Dies, arrived on the scene with lofty expectations that it could never hope to meet, even forgetting about its predecessor.


  • However, the PlayStation game struggles toe ever get out of first gear as it trudges along 10 uneventful missions lacking any sort of depth.


  • The gameplay does not encourage approaching scenarios in any other way.


  • Besides shooting everything and hoping something hits, the third person shooter does not control well enough to make up for its uninspired levels or frustrating inventory system.


  • Oh yeah, number five Best.


  • The world is not enough.


  • Yeah, there is no other console that double 07 is more synonymous with than the Nintendo 64.


  • While the world is not enough, cannot take any credit for Bond's legacy on the system.


  • The Nintendo 64 version of the game is still an admirable early first person shooter with varied missions, Impressive visuals for the console and solid mechanics for the time can happen.


  • Although not without flaws, the multi player is nothing more than serviceable on the enemy.


  • AI leaves a lot to be desired.


  • The World is Not Enough, gets plenty of things right and delivers a thrilling adventure with a fair amount of replay value.

    World is Not Enough』は、多くのことを正しく行い、リプレイ価値のあるスリリングなアドベンチャーを提供しています。

  • Number four Worst.


  • A View to a Kill the Computer game.


  • While bond games came out at a steady rate throughout the eighties, most have been lost to time for a reason.


  • Ah, view to a kill.


  • The computer game is an oddly ambitious title that tries to incorporate three different place styles.


  • It's a shame that none of them are particularly well executed, whether slowly driving through the streets of Paris or scouring a mind to find the codes needed to stop a bomb.


  • Uh, view to a kill manages to be consistently boring.


  • Bond would star in some good games toward the end of the eighties, but this was certainly not one of them.


  • Number four Best James Bond double.

    4番 ベスト・ジェームズ・ボンド・ダブル

  • 07 Night Fire I need to back up.

    07 ナイトファイア バックアップが必要だ

  • Globetrotting Missile stopping and underwater driving is exactly the type of stuff that we expect from a James Bond adventure.


  • Freed from a movie to adapt, Night Fire tells an archetypal double 07 story that makes fun use of the franchises, penchant for outlandish scenarios and extravagant gadgets.


  • Nothing can stop Operation Night Fire, not even my own death.


  • That's a theory I mean, to test.


  • The single player is an enjoyable ride while it lasts, and it shakes things up just enough to keep things from growing stale.


  • Although Night Fire plays like a bog standard early two thousands FPs the missions do leave room for some experimentation and still like the campaign Night Fires.

    夜の火は、標準的な初期の2,000 FPの泥沼のように再生されますが、ミッションはいくつかの実験のための余地を残し、まだキャンペーンの夜の火災のようなものです。

  • Multi Player was unspectacular but still a good time.


  • Number three.


  • Worst Live and Let Die.


  • Remember that sequence involving a speedboat in 1970 threes Live and let die?

    1970年にスピードボートを含むそのシーケンスを覚えている 三つのライブと死なせて?

  • Well, this 1988 game remembers to its credit, Live and Let Die is at least unique among bond games, mostly because it started as a boat centric racing title that had nothing to do with the double 07 brand split into four levels that last only around five minutes each, but feel much longer.


  • Live and Let Die is a monotonous racer with little to no diversity or excitement, except for the speedboat spitting out bullets and sounding awful while doing it.


  • There is nothing remotely bond worthy in this game.


  • Number three Best James Bond Double 07 Agent Under fire during the early to mid two thousands, double 07 games became a reliable source for respectable B grade shooters.


  • Agent Under Fire does not attempt to set a new standard for gaming in any way, but not every release has to be revolutionary.

    Agent Under Fire』はゲームの新しいスタンダードを作ろうとはしていませんが、すべてのリリースが革命的である必要はありません。

  • The FPs tells a derivative but inoffensive original bond story.


  • While putting together a solid compilation of shooting galleries, driving sequences and set pieces, Bond Moves makes for a cool feature that shortest satisfy my six themed power fantasies.


  • They were such a highlight, in fact, that they made a return in night fire.


  • All in all, Agent under Fire runs well and looks pretty good, especially on the GameCube.

    全体的に見て、「Agent under Fire」はよく動くし、特にゲームキューブではかなり良さそうだ。

  • Number two.


  • Worst seven Racing on paper, A mission based racing game highlighting double 07 expansive collection of cars sounds amazing in reality.


  • Double 07 Racing is nothing but a disappointment.


  • Once the initial excitement of driving the Aston Martin DB five or the BMW Z three subsides, all that is left is an awkward racer with bad graphics, frustrating controls and an inconsistent frame rate.

    アストンマーティンDB 5やBMW Z 3を運転する最初の興奮が収まると、後に残るのはグラフィックの悪さ、イライラするようなコントロール、一貫性のないフレームレートを備えた不器用なレーサーだ。

  • You, Yeah, double 07 Racing is not without its occasional moments of adrenaline, but they are so few and far between that they end up making the games.


  • Lesser qualities stand out.


  • Even Mawr honestly, games like night fire and everything or nothing have far better driving sections than double 07 racing.


  • Sorry, doctor, is your flight's been canceled?


  • Number two Best James Bond Double 07 Everything or nothing Off all the James Bond games released over the years, none feel more like a summer blockbuster than everything or nothing.

    2位 ベスト ジェームズ・ボンド ダブル 07 Everything or nothing 何年にもわたってリリースされたジェームズ・ボンドのゲームの中で、夏の大ヒット作のように感じるものはありません。

  • Ah, third person action game with a Hollywood cast and production values to match E.


  • A's game blends gunplay, a cinematic presentation, fantastic driving sequences and moments of unadulterated popcorn nonsense.


  • To create a pure bond experience.


  • I'm not going any game that has double 07 Getting into shootouts on the side of buildings must be doing something right.

    私はダブル07を持っている任意のゲームを行くつもりはありません 建物の側面に銃撃戦に入ることは、右の何かをやっている必要があります。

  • Even though the gameplay is not perfect, everything or nothing has more than enough variety to deliver a thoroughly enjoyable campaign.


  • Agents, please hold your ground back is on the way.


  • Number one Worst Double 07 Legends, Dad, you know.


  • Yeah.


  • Ah game.


  • So bad Bond decided to retire for the better part of a decade, playing out like a greatest hits collection of some of Bond's movie romps.


  • Double 07 Legends throws Daniel Craig into the mix and then strips away any personality from these sequences for a game so driven by nostalgia, Double 07 Legends shows very little interest in celebrating Bond's legacy, opting to play like a generic first person shooter with no finesse, style or intelligence.

    Double 07 Legendsは、ミックスにダニエル クレイグをスローしてから、ノスタルジアによって駆動されるゲームのためのこれらのシーケンスから任意の人格を剥離し、Double 07 Legendsは、フィネス、スタイルや知性を持たない一般的な一人称シューティングゲームのように再生することを選択して、ボンドの遺産を祝うことに非常にほとんど関心を示しています。

  • While the film's sought to take the franchise in a more mature direction, Double 07 legends dumbed down the experience to such an extent that it lost bond in the process.


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  • Number one best GoldenEye Double 07 Really?

    ナンバーワンベストGoldenEye Double 07 マジで?

  • Is anyone surprised?


  • Ah, landmark release in console gaming history.


  • Rare is golden.


  • I double 07 showed that a mouse and keyboard are not required to craft a brilliant first person shooter.


  • The robust single player campaign highlights the games impressive environments, deep gameplay and clever mission structures that require some thoughts.


  • A Complete a Z Great as the story is, GoldenEye double 07 is all about It's frantic four player multiplayer, a mode so fun that this experience alone was enoughto warrant investing in a Nintendo 64.

    A Complete a Z Great as the story is, GoldenEye double 07 is all about It's frantic 4 players multiplayer, the mode so fun that this experience alone was enoughto warrant in a Nintendo 64.

  • At the time.


  • Every bond game released after 1997 exists in the shadow of Golden I double 07 in the mood for more awesome gaming content.


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Welcome toe watch mojo.



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