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  • Sometimes, when you want something really sweet,

  • you want it to hit the spot.

  • Double-layered deliciousness.

  • The smell of freshly made bread.

  • Ah!

  • For me, baking really is my happy place,

  • and I want it to be yours, too,

  • which is why I'm returning to my first true love.

  • It's the little details that make it look beautiful.

  • You're gonna love it!

  • From easy everyday treats

  • Oh gosh, that's good.

  • to indulgent desserts to share

  • Sometimes you've gotta just throw all the chocolate at it.

  • there will be bakes for every occasion.

  • When you rub it in and you're not sure if you've got any clumps of butter left,

  • you just shake the bowl, and the clumps should come to the top.

  • Plus, I'll be showcasing some of the bakers and pastry chefs I most admire.

  • [woman] Once I've finished a cake, it's that kid-in-a-sweetshop moment.

  • I love that.

  • So, let's bake, eat, and be happy.

Sometimes, when you want something really sweet,


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Nadiya Bakes | Official Trailer | Netflix

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