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  • hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech we have a lot of words today so I'm not


  • going to get into definitions we're going to jump right into the lesson our


  • words are shower sour sore and sure alright so for all of


  • these words here they're going to start with the S sound and to do this the tip


  • of your tongue is pointed towards the bottom of your mouth or it's behind the


  • top front teeth and that air is going to keep moving this is different than the


  • SH sound which is two letters that equal one sound and to say this sound your


  • lips are going to be puckered Shh your tongue is not going to be touching your

    唇がパンパンになってしまう しっ 舌が触れないようにしている

  • teeth that's going to be behind your top front teeth so the difference is my lips

    上の前歯の後ろの歯になるから 唇が違うんだよ

  • are a little more pulled back and Shh for the SH again two letters one sound

    はもう少し引き戻されて、SH のための Shh は再び 2 つの文字 1 つの音です。

  • now for the vowels this actually gets very confusing because of the spelling


  • we are going to think of shower and sour as two beats and two syllables I did


  • break out the vowels for you just so that you could see the difference here


  • so for shower what we're going to do is we're going to move to that ow


  • vowel and you're gonna open ow and then pucker for that then we're gonna add the

    母音は ow を開いて、それを吸って、それを吸ってから

  • er and to do that ow er you see your mouth is going to open


  • pucker and then your lips are gonna have to pull back into that square tense shape


  • for that er vowel for this vowel we are not touching our teeth with our tongue


  • at all for the R you can either point that tip down or flip it back so we have

    R の場合は、チップを下に向けるか、反転させると

  • two beats shall were shower shower shower and then for sour we're just


  • going to start with the s sour sour sour now for sore and soar you


  • are going to end with that or vowel sore and to do this you are going to


  • move your lips to a pucker and then pull them back and do square tense shape for


  • that er so let's give them all a try shower shower shower sour sour sour


  • sore sore sore soar soar soar so yes these two words are pronounced exactly


  • the same you might be asking what about the word show and for that we're just


  • going to have that long o and then what about shore and to do that we are just


  • going to start with that SH sound so we have show shower


  • sour sore soar shore so give it a try I know people are going to notice the


  • difference if you found this helpful we always love a like a share and


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  • options at tarle speech thanks so much everyone


hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech we have a lot of words today so I'm not



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B2 中上級 日本語 母音 シャワー 前歯 単語 吸っ 後ろ

SHOW, SHOWER, SOUR, SOAR, SORE, SHOREの発音の仕方 - アメリカ英語発音レッスン (How to Pronounce SHOW, SHOWER, SOUR, SOAR, SORE, SHORE - American English Pronunciation Lesson)

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