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  • When Zimbabwe's rich and powerful gets sick, they often go abroad for the best health care that money can buy.


  • But with travel curtailed by the global health crisis, the elite are being exposed to a truth that has long been known by the masses.


  • Zimbabwe's health system has been crumbling for years, and now it's struggling to cope.


  • Among those from the upper echelons to die in recent days were two Cabinet ministers, Onda retired General Adair Funeral on Wednesday.


  • Vice President Constantino Charanga, who has himself made several trips to China over the past 18 months for an unspecified illness, said Covert, 19 had taught that we are all mortals.


  • It does not discriminate between the powerful and the weak, the privilege and the deprived.


  • A government spokesman sparked uproar this week after suggesting the deaths of ruling party officials may have been the work of quote medical assassins.


  • He's since apologized and deleted his tweets after health workers pointed out that they've been risking their lives for months to treat patients without adequate protective equipment, ventilators and other vital supplies.


  • Norman Matara, secretary general of the Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights, says they've been telling the government that the health system is not working.


  • These people, it's every opportunity they get.


  • They would go to South Africa.


  • Indonesia is Singapore to get treatment now that they're facing the same system that we're talking about, They think that it's a result of medical practitioners, but it's actually a result off a broken system.

    インドネシアはシンガポールです 彼らは今、私たちが話しているのと同じシステムに直面していることを治療を受けるために、彼らはそれが開業医の結果だと思っていますが、それは実際には壊れたシステムをオフにした結果です。

  • Anger among overwhelmed medics is also adding to broader dissatisfaction amidst a prolonged economic crisis just as infections are surging.


  • More than half of Zimbabwe's over 32,000 confirmed cases were recorded in January alone, according to a Reuters tally.


  • The government says it's doing its best with limited resources on the country's.


  • Kobe 19 task force coordinator says Zimbabwe is equipped to handle the second wave and that the government was emphasizing prevention after tightening locked down rules earlier this month.


When Zimbabwe's rich and powerful gets sick, they often go abroad for the best health care that money can buy.



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COVID-19はジンバブエのエリートに警鐘を鳴らす (COVID-19 gives Zimbabwe's elite a wake-up call)

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