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  • Poland's government has now officially put into effect it's almost total ban on abortion.


  • Poland was rocked by mass protests last October when a constitutional court decided in favor of the ban, forcing the conservative government to delay its implementation until now.


  • Protesters gathered again after the news was announced late on Wednesday and abortion activists say more will follow.


  • I want us to have our basic rights, the right to decide about our bodies, the right to decide what we want to do.


  • And if we want to bear children and in what circumstances to have children.


  • I do not want to get pregnant one day and see my child die after birth.


  • That thought horrifies me.


  • The new law only allows abortions in cases of rape and incest and when the mother's life or health is endangered.


  • It means that terminations of pregnancies with fetal defects are illegal and doctors performing such procedures in Poland face prison.


  • Abortion has emerged as one of the most divisive issues since the conservative Law and Justice Party took power in 2015 in one of Europe's most devoutly Catholic countries.


  • Access to abortion has declined even without the legislative curbs as more doctors refused to perform them on religious grounds and many women seek abortions abroad.

    それは、胎児の欠陥を持つ妊娠の終了は、ポーランドの顔刑務所でそのような手順を実行する医師に違法であることを意味します 中絶は、保守的な法律と正義の党は、ヨーロッパで最も敬虔なカトリックの国の一つで2000年と15に政権を取って以来、最も分裂的な問題の一つとして浮上しています。

  • One law and justice politician said the party would consider introducing new rules that could allow the most extreme fetal deformities to be excluded.

  • But political commentators say an agreement between the party and its arch conservative governing allies would be difficult to achieve.


Poland's government has now officially put into effect it's almost total ban on abortion.



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ポーランド、中絶に関する新たな規制を発動 (Poland puts into effect new restrictions on abortion)

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