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  • Once upon a time there was a very poor but compassionate old man and his old wife.


  • One cold snowy day, on the way to sell fire wood in town the old man rescued a crane caught in a trap.


  • That night, when the old man was telling the story of the rescued crane to his wife, they heard a knock at the door.


  • Wondering who was there, they opened the door and a beautiful young girl was standing in the heavy snow.


  • "I am sorry to bother you but I'm lost.


  • I would appreciate if you would let me stay."


  • "Come in.


  • You are welcome to stay but I'm sorry we have no bed or food for you."


  • The next day the girl started weaving behind a sliding door and asked them not to look inside.


  • Three days later she had woven a beautiful fabric.

    3 日後、娘は美しい反物(たんもの)を織り上げます。

  • "Uncle and aunty, please sell this fabric in the town and buy thread for me," she asked them as she showed them the fabric.


  • "What a wonderful fabric."


  • They were both impressed with her skill.

    2 人とも、娘の腕前に感心しました。

  • When the old man was selling her fabric, a lord was passing by and bought it for a lot of money.


  • After the old man sold that fabric, the girl continuously made many beautiful fabrics one after another.


  • One day, the old wife couldn't help peeking behind the door to watch the young girl as she did.


  • The old wife couldn't believe what she saw.


  • There was no girl, but a skinny crane pulling its own feathers by its beak and weaving them into the fabric.


  • At night, the girl told the old man and his wife.


  • "I can't keep my secret anymore.


  • I am the crane you rescued on that snowy day.


  • I really wanted to express my gratitude to you.


  • By transforming myself into a human being and weaving the fabric, this was the only way I could do something for you.


  • But you two found out who I am so now I must leave."

    でも、2 人とも私の正体を知ってしまいました。私は行かなければなりません。」

  • The beautiful girl turned into a crane and flew far away.


  • "Please don't go. Stay with us."


  • The old man and his wife were crying and watching the sky as the crane flew away.


Once upon a time there was a very poor but compassionate old man and his old wife.


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