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  • a Z Australia prepares to celebrate its National Day on Tuesday.

    a Z オーストラリアは、火曜日に建国記念日を祝う準備をしています。

  • Indigenous woman Rita Wright will be marching with others in Sydney at a protest to change the date Australia Day on January 26th marks when the British fleet first arrived in Australia in 17 88 led by Captain Cook.


  • Viewing the land as unoccupied despite encounters with settlements for right, the day reinforces a legacy of mistreatment towards indigenous people.


  • Like I always thought kept the cook on this land and not that original paper, right.


  • A moral worry Woman was snatched off the street at age two and taken to a church mission, a dark era in Australia's history known as the stolen Generation.

    道徳的な心配 女性は2歳の時に路上でひったくりに遭い、教会の伝道所に連れて行かれたが、それは「盗まれた世代」と呼ばれるオーストラリアの歴史の暗黒時代だった。

  • There she was forced to sleep in a chicken coop as she's grown older.


  • She's no longer silent about what she's been through is I got older and stronger.


  • I was so tired that aboriginal, you know, on bein a full blood aboriginal woman and and let us speak lead to speak my mind.


  • What I thought about it.


  • Every year, voices grow louder, calling for the date to change for Australia Day.


  • Prime Minister Scott Morrison hasn't bowed to that pressure He told journalists last week that the day represents how far the country has come since colonization.

    スコット・モリソン首相は、その圧力に屈していません。 彼は先週、この日は植民地化以来、国がどれだけ遠くに来ているかを表しているとジャーナリストに話しました。

  • Morrison also criticized the decision by sport authorities to no longer refer to January 26th as Australia Day when promoting cricket games played on the national holiday.


  • Jasmine Seymour and award winning author who belongs to the bureau Baron Karl Clan, believes the matter should go to a vote.


  • I definitely think that we need to have a day for Australians because we are a country that is, um you know, Multilingual now multinational.


  • We have many people from all over the world who live here now and it is the great generosity of aboriginal people.


  • When we do welcome to countries on, we say, you know, care for our country.


  • You belong here, we all belong here so I do think there is room for a day for us all, but it has to not be that day.


  • Morrison last month did change Australia's national anthem, taking out a reference to the country being quote young and free.


a Z Australia prepares to celebrate its National Day on Tuesday.

a Z オーストラリアは、火曜日に建国記念日を祝う準備をしています。


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B1 中級 日本語 オーストラリア 先住 変更 民族 日付 女性

オーストラリアの先住民族が国の祝賀会に抗議する (Indigenous Australians protest national celebrations)

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