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  • 6 Things That Men Should Understand From Female Text Messages.

    女性のテキストメッセージから男性が理解すべき 6 つのこと。

  • To strengthen love in a relationship, it is essential to keep details, surprises, and romance.


  • Currently sending text messages has become an essential part of life, it is an easy way to communicate and maintain presence even in the distance.


  • If men want to maintain a successful relationship with their partner, they must understand how the messages women send work, because often the imagination is let to fly hiding the true intentions.


  • Women act differently than men since they are more perceptible to fall in love with phrases, unlike men who are more visual.


  • So every phrase, emotion or word has many different meanings.


  • 1. When women use emojis.


  • It is an easy way to express their feelings without having to write a word, usually, the emoticons are emotions and when a woman sends them in a text message, it means millions of sentences in a pictogram.


  • The hearts, the happy face, the sad face, the kiss, the surprise face, all are a reflection of their personality, so men can easily discover distinctive features of how they are and what their state of mind is.


  • Usually, the emoticons project that the woman is tender, affectionate, childish, dedicated, cheerful, enthusiastic and lives life without complications.


  • They are women who communicate directly, clearly and concisely, without detours.


  • 2. When they write questions.


  • Where are you? How are you? What are you doing?

    どこにいる? 元気? 何してるの?

  • It is a way to express their interest and concern for the person they love.


  • In no way are written with the intention of harassing or invading the intimacy of the couple.


  • Many times women just want the couple to understand that he is important in their lives, that is a fundamental part of their daily living and that it is a basic need to maintain communication and make a presence.


  • 3. When nicknames are omitted.


  • Many times because of the responsibilities and obligations of life, the text messages women send to men are often lacking in romanticism, they just write what they really have to transmit and inform.


  • This does not mean that the woman does not love her partner, simply that at certain times there is no time either for work or for any other activity.


  • As for example: "My Love", "My life", "My soul", "My heart", many times they omit those romantic words.

    たとえば、「My love」、「My life」、「My soul」、「My heart」といったロマンチックな言葉を、彼女たちはしばしば省略します。

  • 4. When they write "I miss you", it is a way to show that the person they love is in their thoughts.


  • Some men believe that when a woman writes "I miss you" it is because she requires his immediate presence because she needs him.


  • However, it is only a phrase that has many meanings, such as "I am thinking of you", I love you, you are special, you are important in my life, I am in love.


  • 5. Messages suspense.


  • Just as you listen, messages where the information is incomplete waiting for the couple to act immediately and come to comfort them. "I'm having a nice coffee but ..."

    聞いたのと同じように、情報が不完全なメッセージは、相手がすぐに行動し、彼女たちを慰めてくれるのを待っています。 「おいしいコーヒーを飲んでいるところだけど...」

  • Or simply when women send short messages and let a few minutes pass so he can look forward to what they want to say.


  • It is a tactic to keep and attract the attention of the couple.


  • 6. When they send more photos than text.


  • Men are more visual, so the intention is to reinforce and strengthen the enthusiasm and motivation for them to want to see her.


  • They send photos of their person, where they are, work, children and so on, all with the intention of strengthening emotional ties and stimulate their commitment.


  • Text messages are only a way to strengthen love, however, it will never replace the face-to-face way since it is more effective to be with the person you love.


  • This way you can identify her attitudes and behaviors when she expresses her feelings.


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6 Things That Men Should Understand From Female Text Messages.

女性のテキストメッセージから男性が理解すべき 6 つのこと。

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