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  • All is fair in love and war.

  • Miss Daphne Bridgerton.

  • You have no idea what it is

  • to have one's entire life reduced to a single moment.

  • The time has come for the social season.

  • -Tighter! -Is she to breathe, Mama?

  • My name is Lady Whistledown.

  • You do not know me, but I know you.

  • This is what they have been trained for since birth.

  • Which young ladies might succeed at securing a match?

  • You've always amused me, Miss Bridgerton.

  • Ever since I was a schoolboy and you were--

  • All but five?

  • Miss Bridgerton!

  • -Pardon me. -Forgive me.

  • Basset!

  • -Bridgerton! -Come here, old friend.

  • This is my sister.

  • The duke! I would recognize him anywhere.

  • How is it possible there has not been a single betrothal yet?

  • I wish to be entertained.

  • We find ourselves seated beside each other.

  • I think you're happy about that.

  • It'd be better if you refrain from thinking about me at all.

  • I am aware of your reputation.

  • I am anything but interested in you.

  • And I anything but interested in you.

  • Must our only options be to squawk and settle

  • or to never leave the nest?

  • What if I want to fly?

  • Lady Whistledown has all but declared me ineligible.

  • -Whistledown. -Whistledown.

  • If I am unable to find a husband, I shall be ruined.

  • Perhaps there is an answer.

  • We could pretend to form an attachment.

  • A pairing like that would be most enchanting indeed.

  • Every presumptuous mother in town will leave me alone

  • and every suitor will be looking at you.

  • Stare into my eyes.

  • If this is to work, we must appear madly in love.

  • The duke truly has put your head in a spin.

  • Is it awful that I'm enjoying it?

  • Dear reader, if there is a scandal, I shall uncover it.

  • It is more than just your honor at stake.

  • You think that just because I'm a woman,

  • I'm incapable of making my own choices?

  • There is nothing you cannot do.

  • You are a Bridgerton.

  • Is this not lovely? All of us together again.

  • Lovely indeed. We should tempt scandal more often.

All is fair in love and war.


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