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  • you promised me doctor

  • you find my baby girl

  • everything about this is disturbing

  • [Music]

  • do not abandon how plaso right in my

  • detective agency are at your disposal

  • another child is missing

  • you need a detective

  • it's senora some time since all three of

  • us have been together

  • there's always a trail i'll take care of

  • the scandalous lady detective

  • it's an important story for the new york

  • times

  • i promised her i would look for a

  • missing child what you did was a

  • violation of my trust of our friendship

  • there's a violence to this case of fury

  • or whoever they are

  • they will kill again we're running out

  • of time

  • [Music]

  • all of new york will know of this

  • injustice

  • we must see and not be seen

  • i don't want to get anybody into trouble

  • what is being hidden from us

  • shame on you shame on you all tell her

  • to go to hell

  • there is more here than meets the eye

  • reckoning comes to us all

  • all i want is to be worthy of you sarah

  • monsters walk among us

  • is something wrong no

  • underneath our skin which of us are not

  • monsters

  • the alienest new season july 26th on tnt

  • [Music]

  • [Music]

  • you

you promised me doctor


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