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  • Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are officially the president and vice president of the United

  • States. The swearing-in went mostly smoothly, despite fears of protests breaking out. There

  • was one small unfortunate hitch, though. When Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor swore

  • in Harris, she mispronounced her name.

  • "I, Kamala Devi Harris, do solemnly swear …"

  • Harris simply smiled and continued with the ceremony, although people on social media

  • were quick to point out the mistake. One person tweeted,

  • "Is it being picky to have expected Sonia Sotomayor to pronounce Kamala Harris' first

  • name the same way she says it?"

  • Another posted,

  • "I have never related to Kamala more than in this moment, when she is having the most

  • important meeting of her life, and her colleague pronounced her name wrong."

  • Like Harris herself, many social media users refused to let the hiccup put a damper on

  • the day. One user wrote,

  • "Not even a mispronunciation can stop me from sobbing."

  • While another tweeted,

  • "To all those who refused to say Kamala Harris' name correctly, it's cool. Madam Vice President

  • will do after today."

  • The vice president's first name has been mispronounced so often, in fact, that it made the U.S. Captioning

  • Company's list of most mispronounced names last year, according to the Associated Press.

  • Harris is so used to dealing with the mispronunciation that she even wrote about how to pronounce

  • her name and what it means in the preface of her memoir The Truths We Hold: An American

  • Journey. She wrote,

  • "First, my name is pronounced 'comma-la,' like the punctuation mark. It means 'lotus

  • flower,' which is a symbol of significance in Indian culture. A lotus grows underwater,

  • its flower rising above the surface while its roots are planted firmly in the river

  • bottom."

  • Sotomayor herself knows what it's like to have a name that is constantly being mispronounced.

  • When she was appointed to the Supreme Court in 2009, people struggled to pronounce her

  • Spanish last name. Outlets quickly rushed to publish pronunciation guides to help out,

  • with the Wall Street Journal noting that her name had been pronounced several different

  • ways by media personalities.

  • Some people even criticized Sotomayor for sticking with the Spanish pronunciation of

  • her name instead of making it easier for non-Spanish speakers to pronounce. This inspired a backlash,

  • with the magazine Latina pointing out why saying names properly is such a big deal,

  • writing,

  • "Our names are a fundamental part of our identities. We have the right to have them correctly pronounced."

  • Mistake aside, a lot of people were moved by the significance of Sotomayor swearing

  • in Harris. Both are women of color in positions of power that, historically, have been dominated

  • by white men.

  • Senator Amy Klobuchar summed up the impact of that moment in a tweet, writing,

  • "[Kamala Harris] the first African American, Asian American, and woman to become Vice President,

  • is sworn in by Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina on the Supreme Court. This is

  • what breaking the glass ceiling looks like."

  • Harris has spoken about her admiration for Sotomayor in the past. In a tweet in September

  • 2019, Harris paid tribute to the Supreme Court Justice, writing,

  • "Judge Sonia Sotomayor has fought for the voices of the people ever since her first

  • case voting against corporations in Citizens United. As a critical voice on the bench,

  • she's showing all our children what's possible."

  • While the mispronunciation of Harris' name at such an important moment was unfortunate,

  • it was a busy day for the vice president and she probably didn't give the incident too

  • much thought. She spoke to NPR ahead of Inauguration Day and revealed what she would be focusing

  • on as she was being sworn in, telling the outlet, in part,

  • "I will be thinking about my mother, who is looking down from heaven. I will be thinking

  • about all of the people who are counting on us to lead and are counting on us to see them

  • and to address their needs and the things that keep them up at night. And I'll be thinking

  • about the fact that we have to hit the ground running immediately to support the people

  • of our country."

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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are officially the president and vice president of the United


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