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  • Hello friends and welcome to gadget Mentor but friends cheating

  • is a bad thing in exam but friends today's technology has

  • become so high that some such gadgets have also become which

  • are used.

  • So this video of us today is going to be on a similar Gadget

  • their technology is very surprising so we know in our video

  • today friends go towards their first Gadget to learn about

  • some such amazing gadgets, but before that there is a request

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  • I keep bringing such latest information.

  • So let's start Gadget number one live stream Wi-Fi glasses

  • this type of eyeglasses as a small camera in built that can

  • live stream anywhere despite being very small His Image remains

  • Crystal Clear these eyeglasses work has a hidden camera in

  • one way so that you can live stream any situation along with

  • this you also At an officer where you can see the photo taken

  • in and edit it as well so friends using this type of camera.

  • You can help you a lot in your distance learning group study

  • in sharing your notes.

  • Number two rolling paper pen.

  • If you forget the exam time formula Etc, then it is for you

  • can help you a lot in this because the formula is normally

  • too confusing in such a situation remembering them is very

  • over-the-top. So if you are going to give the exam then at

  • this time the last time once the formula is revived then

  • it is something else so friends you can use it for this because

  • of this guy.

  • Jet it looks like a pen but it has an under paper which you

  • can use to note your formula now an emergency condition.

  • You can read the formula of this method Etc.

  • And we'll be able to revise once so friends this kind of

  • Gadget becomes very important for those who have a lot of

  • habit of forgetting the formula Etc.

  • Scan marker scanning for students is very important because

  • there are so many notes that he cannot write friends.

  • You can use it for this by hitting this Scanner with the

  • help of which you can easily scan any kind of content and

  • save it in your mobile phone at the same time.

  • The special thing about this gadget is that it performs real

  • time scanning that is you can see the contents can't immediately

  • on your computer or Mobile screen friends if Wish you can

  • also listen to the scanned content in audio which becomes

  • very full for the use of learning.

  • Then where is the gadget of this way?

  • You can easily scan things.

  • That's all in today's video.

  • See you soon with some of noobest Gadget friends.

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  • comment and try to make a video accordingly.

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  • If you want to purchase any of these gadgets if you want

  • more detail about them, then their link is available in the

  • description box allow till then and thanks for watching.

Hello friends and welcome to gadget Mentor but friends cheating


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