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  • Urban Meyer in the Jacksonville Jaguars are invent are in advanced talks to see if they can finalize a deal.

    アーバン マイヤー ジャクソンビル ジャガーズで発明されています 彼らは取引を完了することができますかどうかを確認するために高度な協議である。

  • They met again as recently as yesterday to continue to try to get this deal hammered out.


  • We'll see whether they can now.


  • We should also put into context here that Urban Meyer has been a difficult coach to pin down.

    我々 はまた、アーバン マイヤーをピン留めするのは難しいコーチをされていることをここに文脈を置く必要があります。

  • And we've seen many situations evolved in recent years, where teams thought that they were getting close to a deal with a particular coach on Lee.


  • To see that deal go by the wayside and until Urban Meyer signs on the dotted line, it's not a deal.

    アーバン・メイヤーがサインするまでは 取引は成立しない

  • But the two sides clearly are highly interested in seeing if they could finalize this deal.


  • That would bring Urban Meyer to Jacksonville to what is right now the most attractive job opening in the NFL.

    それは、アーバン メイヤーをもたらすだろうジャクソンビルに何が今、NFL で最も魅力的な仕事の開口部。

  • And it's attractive because the Jacksonville Jaguars have the number one overall pick.


  • They have 11 upcoming picks in the upcoming draft.


  • They have over $100 million in salary cap space there in a no tax state, which would be an enticement toe all free agents and so there could not be a better opportunity for Urban Meyer.

    彼らはそこの給料キャップ スペースで $100 百万ドル以上を持っている税の状態では、すべてのフリー エージェントに enticement toe となるので、アーバン ・ メイヤーのためのより良い機会があることができませんでした。

  • At the same time, the Jaguars owner shot Con has been going through his process.


  • And while everybody's thinking that Urban Meyer has been the one guy that they've been focused on, the Jaguars have gone about and done other interviews as well, notably Arthur Smith, the Titans offensive coordinator on Sunday night, and other candidates as well.


  • And I think shot Khan as a minority, wants to be entirely respectful off the process and has been.


  • But at this point in time, he is in advanced talks with her romeyer to see if these two sides can finalize a deal that would bring a man who's won three national championships across four stops to Jacksonville.

    しかし現時点では 彼は彼女のロメイヤーと 協議を進めています ジャクソンビルに3度の全米選手権を制覇した男を 連れてくるための 取引が成立するかどうかを 確認するためです

  • Try to help Jacksonville advance to the next level in the NFL, You know, off the top of my head.


  • That was Bowling Green in Utah in Florida, where he won two titles on the knee, 11 at Ohio State.


  • He would try to become the fourth coach ever to win the national championship in college and win the Super Bowl.


  • Pete Carroll, Barry Switzer and Jimmy Johnson of the ones who have done that.


  • So Louis, let me start with you.


  • What do you think?


  • Urban Meyer spent his entire life in college football.


  • What would you think of that marriage?


  • Him going to Jacksonville?


  • Yeah, well, obviously, if you're gonna make the jump from college to the pros, you wanted to be a situation where you have a lot of capital at your disposal, whether it be from a salary cap perspective or a draft perspective to really requires much talent as you possibly can.

    うん、まあ、明らかに、あなたが大学からプロへのジャンプを作るつもりならば、あなたはそれが給与キャップの観点からであるかどうか、またはドラフトの観点から本当に多くの才能を必要とするかどうか、あなたの処分で多くの資本を持っている状況になりたいと思っていました あなたは可能性がありますように多くの才能を必要とします。

  • Because when you're someone who was a college coach, you're used to being able to control really the personnel on your football team, largely by your own doing.


  • Meaning this you could go out long as you are a great recruiter.


  • You could go out and sell players on your program.


  • You could get us many quote unquote first round.


  • Preston says you want if you have the facilities and you have the kind of program that players were attracted Thio.


  • So that would make sense for a college coach to be attracted to a situation like Jacksonville, where it seems as though, you know, in the realm of team building in the NFL, they have everything at their disposal to go ahead and make a quick turnaround.


  • So I understand did intrigue on his part.


  • You know, he is someone who has been very successful at the college level.


  • Now the grind and the restrictions is you can do as far as your rosters turn and whether or not you can actually get.


  • The players that come to your place in the NFL are much different than they are in college, so those kinds of pressures are much different.


  • We'll see how it turns out whether ultimately, if it does turn out for him, he could be.


  • There's been a lot of people have tried it.


  • Very few have been successful at it, so we'll have to wait and see.


  • That's right, Nick.

    その通りだ ニック

  • I will come to you on that thought.


  • The overwhelming majority of college coaches with no pro experience have gone to the NFL have not succeeded.


  • I just read you the ones who succeeded at the very highest level.


  • What would be your biggest concerns about Mayer not having the NFL experience?


  • Nothing.


  • Frankly, I mean, the overwhelming majority of coaches don't succeed like not very many coaches win Super Bowls.


  • Not very many coaches, the last passed their first deal, So I think it's just a really hard job.


  • You need luck and you need consistency and you need a good staff.


  • I think that would be the most concerning thing about bringing Urban Meyer on.


  • Considering the fact that he's been away from coaching for a little bit, it might be challenging for him to find the type of staff that he'll need to support him.


  • But I think all the things that you said were true and starting even with what Adam said about being successful across four stops, that was really, really impressive and one of the reason why he's one of the best coaches in the history of college football.


  • But he went across four stops, in part because that's what Urban Meyer is, kind of like Larry Brown and basketball.


  • It feels like you want a long term commitment from a guy like Urban Meyer, and for whatever reason, he hasn't He hasn't been able to do that at two stops.


  • I understand not sticking around a Utah bowling green, but Florida and Ohio State are programs that you kinda there kinda last place destination stops for a lot of college coaches so I'd be interested to see that him being a mile and a half from Gainesville if he's gonna end up staying in Jacksonville for a long time.


  • If he does, I first see him being successful.


  • But let me just say this there could not.


  • There could not be a better situation for him to step into if he decides he wants to fully make the jump right now, this is the one that if he's gonna take it, he's gonna take it now.


  • And what he struggled with at the college level, I believe, was that when he lost a game in a college football season, their season essentially was shot in terms of winning a national championship.


  • There are not too many teams that lose a game in college football and going to win the national championship.


  • So the NFL he could lose a little bit more and it wouldn't Driving is crazy as it did in the college level, so maybe there's some flexibility there.


  • But there could not be um or attractive opening position for him to jump to if he was ever going to make that jump.


  • And yes, he's begun assembling a staff and he's bringing along some trusted assistance if he makes that jump.


  • But he's preparing right now is if he would go and we'll see whether he finally takes that last step to doing it on.


  • You just described the situation where you could really almost he could mold the team in so many ways.


  • Like like Clay into a sculpture, because he has so much flexibility there with cap and etcetera.


  • Damian.


  • What your thoughts?


  • Well, I think it's Listen, I like to move, actually, for a couple of reasons.


  • Number one remind everywhere he's built everywhere he's been, he's built the culture.


  • He's been a proven winner.


  • I mean, we talked about whether Bowling Green, Utah, Florida, Ohio State.


  • He's built the culture that that's had those programs and winning positions.


  • Uh, that's number one.


  • And then number two.


  • The fact that he's a college coach, he's been obviously been close to the game.


  • He continues to be close to the game.


  • Being on the other network.


  • I think he understood.


  • He knows these college players, and so when it comes Teoh, you know the draft and having maybe some familiarity with these guys that maybe might give him a little leg up in the whole process.

  • Now he has to build out a you know, a staff around him that will help help him out with the process.


  • But I think you know, when you look at the Jacksonville Jaguars situation having a clean slate with all those assets, what to be draft capital and cap space boy that that's I mean, he really can build build something special down there.

    しかし、私はあなたが知っていると思います ジャクソンビル ジャガーズの状況を見てみると、すべての資産を持っています ドラフト資金とキャップスペースの少年は、私が意味する、彼は本当に何か特別なものを構築することができます 下に構築することができます。

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Urban Meyer in the Jacksonville Jaguars are invent are in advanced talks to see if they can finalize a deal.

アーバン マイヤー ジャクソンビル ジャガーズで発明されています 彼らは取引を完了することができますかどうかを確認するために高度な協議である。


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