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  • The Brooklyn Nets are acquiring James Harden in a blockbuster deal that has sent a boatload of picks the way of the Houston Rockets.


  • And in the meantime, the Rockets have taken one of the players acquired acquired in that trade.


  • Traded it to the Indiana Pacers for Victor Oladipo.


  • So now James Harden, Ah, Brooklyn Net, Victor Oladipo, A Houston rocket and the MBA landscape officially changed its China Angola Junior here on ESPN Radio.


  • Mike Gola Jr and Jenny Gu McKay.


  • And today it is so interesting to see all of the takes already flying because I'm seeing so many people tweeting.


  • Tell Steve Nash I'm sorry, the amount of personalities he's got to deal with in this locker room.


  • But Gena, there's no denying this talent right now.


  • And on paper, I have a feeling this would be and I'm curious for your opinion.


  • A lot of people looking at this team as the clear favorite now for the MBA Finals.


  • On paper, this team could be, and I think it's different just because I still like the Lakers and the cool thing is when it comes to the East, if you get all the players on the court in their tip top game?


  • Absolutely.


  • That makes sense, especially with the game they'll have on the perimeter.


  • Everyone talks about small ball ruling the MBA.


  • Well, this team can do it different.


  • I'm talking about Kyrie Irving, who not only is, you know, a decent passing point point guard in the sense that he's scoring first, but he can actually pass the ball pretty well.

    私が話しているのは カイリー・アービングのことです 彼は得点を先に取るという意味では まともなパッシングポイントガードであるだけでなく 実際にはかなり上手にボールをパスすることができます

  • And that's one thing that Steve Nash probably look to improve.

    そして、それはスティーブ ・ ナッシュがおそらく改善するために見ている 1 つのことです。

  • And I feel like that's gonna go off the charts once he gets back on the floor.


  • You've got also now James Harden, who is the best ice, Oh, score behind the arc in a way that baffles his defenders.


  • And then you could play small ball with Kevin Durant being, you know, the guy that which we saw with his intention, especially starting the offseason, Um, defending, just blocking shots and making hustle plays that small ball lineup with K d at you know, your as your score.

    そして、あなたはケビン・デュラントと一緒にスモールボールをプレイすることができます、あなたが知っているように、私たちは彼の意図を見た男、特にオフシーズンの開始、うーん、ディフェンス、単にブロックショットとハッスルプレイを作ることができます、あなたが知っているように、あなたのスコアとしてK dとスモールボールのラインアップを作ることができます。

  • But then also the guy that probably challenges and protects the paint and then you've still got DeAndre Jordan and the pick and roll.

    しかし、それに加えて、おそらく挑戦し、ペイントを保護する男、そして、あなたはまだデアンドレ ジョーダンとピック&ロールを持っています。

  • That thing looks good.


  • I still like the Lakers in the West just because they could touch many different facets of the game.


  • And people tend to sleep on a guy like Dennis shrewder.


  • Um, but overall, right now, the Brooklyn Nets have positioned themselves on paper to compete with anybody in the MBA.


  • Yeah, and today I'd say this.


  • I agree with you.


  • I think the Lakers are absolutely still the favorite in this.


  • I think Brooklyn is, for sure, the favorite to get out of the East right now.


  • And that's almost solely on the strength of Kevin Durant being the best player by far in that conference.


  • Maybe if he's back as healthy as he appears the best player in the n b A.

    多分、彼が健康で戻ってきたら、彼はn b Aで最高の選手に見えるようになります。

  • In that process.


  • But we have seen, even with a team like the Lakers being the perfect example, these things consistent.


  • Take time with these top end players to get it together.


  • And what have we seen?


  • Kevin Pelton did a great article on ESPN dot com One of our great ESPN writers here about this so far because of the cove in 19 effects being the most inconsistent, unpredictable MBA season that we've had right now.


  • Wild swings between games blowouts, big wins, good teams, losing toe, awful teams in this process.

    試合間の乱高下 吹っ飛ばし大勝、良いチーム、負けたつま先、この過程でひどいチーム

  • And today, when you couple that with with Brooklyn's already had two dealt with Kyrie Irving being absent here for the last couple of games now and certainly his immediate future in the hands of the MBA as they investigate a video of him reportedly at a party that was circulating around Twitter.


  • I feel like there are so many plates spinning at once for the Nets that talents going to take you to a certain point.


  • But the continuity and experience of the Lakers as a unit together still has to put them ahead exactly like they have to deal with actually forming a team outside of what their challenge was with a new coach in Steve Nash forming a team and then now getting everybody literally onboard, tracking down, you know, Kyrie Irving and seeing what he actually wants to do for the real editor of the season, bringing in James Harden and incorporating him into the system.


  • Where?


  • Guess what?


  • When I watched the Brooklyn Nets, I see that ball flying around where people are passing and being very unselfish, and that's a different change of pace when it comes from the Houston Rockets offense, where he could dictate how every play went.


  • So yeah, they have a challenge ahead.


  • But again, like you said in this landscape of Cove, it where you can't predict who's in or who's out or you know who has the rhythm.


  • We just came off of a situation where the Cleveland Browns one and they didn't virtually practice.


  • Those types of things are gonna be hurdles for any team Thio to succeed again.


  • I see this Brooklyn Nets team.


  • If they can get their collective ish together, they're gonna be solid.


  • They're gonna be solid.


  • But teams like the Lakers might be just looking over there and be like, Oh, that's cute.


  • That's cute, like we're just going to refine what we have.


  • But in this moment, if the personalities can fit which look already, they've discovered it's pretty difficult, especially this year now, more than ever, Um, if the personalities can fit this team if they so choose is can contend with the Lakers for a championship now, Chenango junior here on ESPN radio is brought you by Goodyear, helping you discover the road ahead.


  • Goodyear more driven I'll say two things about this today.

    グッドイヤー・モア・ドライブ 今日は2つのことを言っておこう。

  • The first is I know.


  • Kyrie Irving.


  • I mean, how we're like, what, 12 hours removed from Stephen A.


  • Smith on this network, saying Kyrie Irving should retire at this point because it seems like his mind is elsewhere right now.


  • This is one of those moments where it feels like this could get your mind back to the somewhere.


  • It's supposed to be pretty quick in all of this when you see also a player that plays a similar position to you that has played point guard at certain times in this spot and that you want to make sure you go in and are establishing your role on this team going forward cause you're right, it is going to require some change.


  • But today it sets up for the ultimate frustration, like you said for Rockets fans, because what did you just mentioned?


  • There it is that style of passing, moving it around right now, And I know the Rockets already feel like they got their new booing Victor Oladipo.


  • But man, I was a big parks and rec fan, and I know there was a small part in that process There was a small part of an Perkins that looked after when she dumped Andy and he went and blowed up and got his life together.


  • That was like, Damn, you couldn't do that for me like you couldn't make yourself like that for me.


  • And so I'll be curious to see if his style will mesh in and fit in with what Brooklyn's been doing.

    彼のスタイルがブルックリンのやり方と 噛み合うかどうかに興味がある

  • Like you said, Would you like more of the status quo being in Houston being good, but not good enough?


  • Or would you rather see your cute X go and win and get married?


  • But at the same time, you're building your own family and your foundation by yourself.


  • I'm for healthy relationships here.


  • I hope you are, too.


  • I'm for a healthy relationships, but you know, good and damn well it is human nature to still, every once in a while when you're up late, going flick over to your ex instagram page and just make sure they're not doing that much better.


  • Then you're doing in that spot right now.


  • Everyone's been there, and I just don't want Houston up late night schooling and accidentally like an old photo or something and freaking themselves.


  • Outlook.


  • Houston I feel like we're good.


  • Yes, it's gonna be difficult if this team turns out to find the right motivation.


  • I'm speaking of the Brooklyn.


  • Let's find the right motivation that brings Kyrie Irving back, gets James Harden in shape.


  • And then let's just Sprinkle in.


  • Kevin Durant being the best score, potentially at 7 ft in the league.


  • That's not gonna be fun to watch.


  • But guess what?


  • They got a problem off of their hands, and now they're moving towards a solution.


  • And I feel like that's the healthiest outcome, even though at times it might make us feel a little bit salty.


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The Brooklyn Nets are acquiring James Harden in a blockbuster deal that has sent a boatload of picks the way of the Houston Rockets.



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