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  • -Now, Nicole, we've known each other a long time,


  • and I think I know you pretty well,


  • but I was hoping to get to know you a little better.


  • It is time for "50 Yes Or No's."

    "50 Yes or No's "の時間です。

  • ♪♪


  • -♪ "50 Yes Or No's" ♪

    -♪ "50 Yes or No's" ♪

  • ♪ "50 Yes Or No's" ♪

    ♪ "50 Yes or No's" ♪

  • -Are you ready for this? Okay. -Yeah, I'm ready.

    -(アルマン)準備はいい?(速人)オーケー (理子)うん 準備できてる

  • Yeah. -Were you born in Hawaii?


  • Yes.


  • -Did you grow up in Sydney, Australia.


  • -Oh, sorry. It feels like we're on a --


  • Yeah, no, I'll just -- Yes.


  • -Do you know how to surf? -Bodysurf.


  • -Ever been to the Sydney Opera House?


  • -Yes. I was there two nights ago.


  • -Do you like opera? -Yes, I was seeing an opera.


  • -Really? -Dude, is this planned?


  • -Did you study ballet in high school?


  • -High school. -Do you like being Australian?


  • -I'm Australian and I'm American.


  • -Is summer better than fall?


  • -I like fall very much.


  • -I knew you were gonna say that! Honestly, I knew it.

    -言うと思ったよ!(美咲)正直言って 分かってたよ

  • -Did you?


  • -Have you taken down your Christmas decorations yet?

    -(美咲)クリスマスの飾りつけは もう撤去した?

  • -Of course.


  • -Can you do a cartwheel?


  • -I think I can, but my daughters would say no,

    -できると思うけど 娘たちがダメって言うから

  • but I'm working on it.


  • -Were you shy as a child? -Yes.


  • -Do you still think of yourself as shy?


  • -Working on it.


  • -Was one of your first films called "BMX Bandits"?


  • -Yes.


  • -Were you in the 1995 film "Batman Forever"?


  • -I was.


  • -Can a text message ever have too many exclamation points?


  • -Yes, and I'm probably guilty of it.

    -(山里)そうですよね 多分 僕もそうだと思うんですけど

  • -Do you have any pet alpacas? -Yes.


  • -Do you ever pet your pet alpacas?


  • -Kiss them.


  • -Are koalas cuter than wallabies?


  • -Yes.


  • -Were you surprised with how "The Undoing" ended?

    -"取り返しのつかないこと "の終わり方に驚きましたか?

  • -No.


  • -Do you like country music? -Yes.


  • -Do you have any tattoos? -No.


  • -Have you ever gone skydiving? -Yes.


  • -Have you ever done a keg stand?


  • -No, I've not done that.

    -(達也)やってないよ (みのり)やってないよ

  • -Have you ever played beer pong?


  • -What's that?


  • -Do you think you could beat me in beer pong?


  • -I don't even know how to play it,


  • so I would never be able to beat you.


  • -Is "Mario Kart" a good game to play on a first date?


  • Oh, come on. -You tell me.

    (達也)何言ってんだよ (みのり)何言ってんだよ-教えてくれ

  • -Do you think there's a chance that life


  • is just a computer simulation?


  • -No. Oh, that has no romance to it at all.


  • -Are sunsets better than sunrises?


  • -Yeah.


  • -If given the chance, would you want to go to Mars?


  • -Yes.


  • -Can you do 20 push-ups in a row?


  • -Yes.


  • -Was it intense to work with legendary director


  • Stanley Kubrick in "Eyes Wide Shut"?


  • -Yes, but extraordinary.

    -(徳井)そうですけどね (山里)すごいですよね

  • -Do you use emojis when you text your friends?


  • -Yeah.


  • -Do you put sugar in your coffee?


  • -Yeah.


  • -Is pie pretty much always better than cake,


  • but we're all just pretending otherwise?


  • -No.


  • -Are you wearing Chanel No. 5 right now?

    -今 シャネルの5番をつけてる?

  • -No. [ Sniffs ]


  • Musk and patchouli.


  • -Are you a neat freak? -Occasionally.


  • -Are you a night owl? -Yeah, turning into one.

    -(アルマン)夜更かししてるの?-(アルマン)夜更かししてる (政子)夜更かししてる

  • -Is it ever okay to eat pizza crust first?


  • -Yeah, yeah, when it's really crispy and thin.


  • -Can you speak Russian? -A little.


  • -Have you ever swam with sharks? -Yes.


  • -Is it okay to take off your shoes on a plane?


  • -And put on socks?


  • -No, I think they meant, like,


  • the people that just take them right off.


  • -I'm so literal.

    -(達也)文字通りですね (みのり)文字通りですね

  • -Do you still have your outfits from "Moulin Rouge!"?


  • -No. I wish.


  • -Is the greatest thing you'll ever learn just to love


  • and be loved in return?


  • -Yeah.


  • -Would you want to be 25% happier,


  • but the catch is, you have to walk 25% slower?


  • -Mm...sure. I walk quite far.


  • Yeah, sure, I'd give that up.


  • -Do you like road trips?


  • -Yeah! Fabulous.


  • -Are clowns scary? -No.


  • -Have you ever been star-struck?


  • -Mm-hmm. Absolutely.


  • Right now. -Thank you.


  • It took you too long.


  • Do you sing in the shower? -Yep.


  • -Last question. Would I look good in a fedora?


  • -Mnh-mnh. -We did it, 50 questions.

    -うーん...-やりましたよ 50問

  • [ Dinging ]

    [ Dinging ]

  • -That looks terrible!

    -(徳井)ヤバそうだな (馬場園)ヤバそう

  • [ Both laugh ]

    [ Both laugh ]

  • -But how does Duran Duran pull it off?


  • And he looked cool. -Did they?

    カッコよかったですよね (馬場園)カッコよかった?-(徳井)そうなんですか?

  • -Yes. -Yeah, no, he did look cool.

    -(徳井)カッコよかったですよね (馬場園)カッコよかったですよね

  • Yeah.


  • -He's the best-looking dude I've ever seen.


  • -You need a bigger hat.


  • -It doesn't fit. Bigger than this?


  • -No, it looks too small.


  • No, well, I mean, just the whole thing doesn't work.


  • It doesn't work. Get it off quick! No!


  • You can definitely get a better fedora than that!


  • -What are you talking about? -Who chose that?


  • What do you -- I think you're out of your mind.


  • This is, like, my thing, I think.


  • -I think you are. You're out of your mind.


  • -Oh, I can't believe that.


  • I think this looks -- -Get it off!


  • -I think what would happen is, people would go,

    -(徳井)そうなると みんな行くんじゃないですか?

  • "Are you wearing a hat?


  • [ Both laugh ]

    [ Both laugh ]

  • People wouldn't even realize I'm wearing one.


  • They'd be like, "Can I get you drink?


  • What's up?


  • And I'd go, "Oh, I thought I brought my hat."

    "帽子を持ってきたと思ったのに "って

  • And I'd go, "Oh, where is it? Oh, I'm wearing it."


  • -Then you'd turn and knock somebody out with the brim.


  • -But if I wear it like that...

    -(美咲)でも その格好だと...

  • -No. No. No.


  • Just the whole thing doesn't work.


  • -My thanks to Nicole Kidman.


  • "The Undoing" is available now on HBO Max.

    "The Undoing "はHBO Maxで配信中。

-Now, Nicole, we've known each other a long time,



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