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  • scattered vaccine shortages cropped up on the front lines of the U.


  • S battle against the coronavirus pandemic on Friday, prompting at least one large health care system to cancel a slew of appointments of people hoping to be inoculated.

    金曜日にコロナウイルスのパンデミックに対する S の戦いは、少なくとも 1 つの大規模な医療システムの予定の slew をキャンセルするには、予防接種されることを望んでいる人々 のプロンプト。

  • The supply chain blips arose as the country struggles to speed up the pace of vaccinations, which totaled 12.3 million, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in New York, the country's most populous city.


  • Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city has vaccinated about 300,000 of its more than eight million residents what was on course to run dry next week because it was burning through vaccines faster than they were being replenished.


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  • I C radio quote, If there's no supply, we're going to have to freeze the appointment system.

    I Cラジオの見積もり、供給がなければ予約システムを凍結することになりそうです。

  • A Mount Sinai hospital spokeswoman said sudden changes in vaccine supply forced it to cancel appointments through next Tuesday, get needles in the arms.


  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo blamed the supply gaps on the federal government, which he said had cut supplies this week to 250,000 doses from 300,000, while expanding the eligibility to include seven million of the state's 19 million residents.


  • They had already sent out everything they had, so there was no increase in supply, and in the meantime, there was a dramatic increase in the eligibility.


  • The Cuomo disputed de Blasio's prediction that the city would run out of doses.


  • In Oregon, Governor Kate Brown said a federal official told her the state would not receive additional vaccine supplies because the federal government has not in reserve.


  • Brown wrote on Twitter quote.


  • I am demanding answers from the Trump administration.


  • I am shocked and appalled that they have set an expectation on which they could not deliver with such grave consequences.


  • Brown's comments followed a report in The Washington Post that the federal government has no remaining reserve of the two approved vaccines.


scattered vaccine shortages cropped up on the front lines of the U.



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予防接種に向けての競争、米国はワクチンの供給ギャップに直面している (Racing to inoculate, U.S. faces vaccine supply gap)

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