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  • first of all, I mean, last week's events, you know, in a democracy Ah, foundation of democracy is peaceful transitions.

    まず第一に 先週の出来事ですが 民主主義の基本は平和的な移行です

  • And obviously, you know, last week's, uh, even sir grave chilling to see And, you know, I'm glad as a country, we're taking it seriously, Andi, hopefully, you know, way you know, our democratic processes work, and there's accountability through all this, you know, for me, you know, stepping back.


  • We have Bean a za company, you know, leading up to the election.


  • One of our you know, this is the largest investment we ever put into in terms of content, moderation around election integrity and, you know, ah, lots of changes, content policies, the way we approach political ads.


  • We made significant changes to what was allowed and what was not on post the elections in early December, when state certified YouTube implemented policies on do you know and declared content would be violative off our community guidelines if there are certain widespread election fraud and so on.

    我々 は何が許可されていたし、何がポスト 12 月上旬の選挙ではなかったに重要な変更を行った状態認定 YouTube ポリシーを実装するときに知っていると宣言されたコンテンツは、特定の広範な選挙詐欺などがある場合は、私たちのコミュニティのガイドラインをオフに違反するだろう。

  • So we've been removing, you know, uh, you know thousands of videos, including videos from President Trump's channel.


  • If he found them to be violative and and you know it Z we have clear, consistent policies, you know, content.


  • Moderation, obviously, is about identifying content that scale and removing it.


  • Before people can see it, we reduce the spread.


  • You know, we don't recommend or promote content, which we think is violative.


  • And more importantly, we raised.


  • You know, we've given billions of views, both in terms of labeling we have done, and we raised authoritative content.


  • So from news organizations that are moments like this, and there's been a lot of effort there.


  • Having said that, just like with elections four years ago and the Partnership for Foreign Interference, you know, we were constantly learning through these moments and, you know, the Internet as a whole.


first of all, I mean, last week's events, you know, in a democracy Ah, foundation of democracy is peaceful transitions.

まず第一に 先週の出来事ですが 民主主義の基本は平和的な移行です


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YouTubeは何千もの動画を削除、アルファベットのCEOは言う (YouTube removed thousands of videos, says Alphabet CEO)

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