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  • welcome toe impact toe kick things off.


  • I want to introduce you to a product that I absolutely love, one that I use all the time.


  • In fact, they may be small, but they sure are mighty need.


  • The next generation of our incredible Airbus galaxy was pro.


  • Yeah, mhm, no.


  • Here a galaxy buds pro.


  • The most immersive sound experience on galaxy buds.


  • The foundation of our Galaxy buds lineup is amazing sound and galaxy buds Pro are packed with pro sound quality.

    Galaxy budsのラインナップの基盤となっているのは素晴らしいサウンドであり、galaxy buds Proにはプロの音質が詰まっています。

  • Galaxy buds Pro Come with the most intelligent, active noise cancelation on true wireless earbuds, so you can transition seamlessly between your universe and the world around you.


  • When building galaxy buds, pro engineers were inspired by the highest quality audio devices around speakers S I.

    ギャラクシーバッドを構築する際に、プロのエンジニアは、スピーカーS Iの周りに最高品質のオーディオデバイスに触発されました。

  • P minimizes the size of each chip and organizes them into dense staffs to integrate all parts into a single component for more optimal use of space.


  • This'll breakthrough in engineering enables the galaxy buds pro to feature two way speakers.

    これは、エンジニアリングのブレークスルーは、プロの銀河の芽を可能にします 2 つの方法のスピーカーを備えています。

  • What really takes audio to the next level is active noise canceling the galaxy buds.


  • Pro uses its outer mike to monitor ambient noise and its inner mike to monitor noise inside your ear based on these noise readings, the advanced chips that generates an anti noise signal and eliminates up to 99% of background noise in real time, letting you enjoy Onley the sounds you want to hear.


  • But as much as we love being immersed in our own worlds, we need to be able to connect with the world around us.


  • Enter intelligent, active noise control with intelligent and see as soon as you start to speak.


  • Ah, microphone detects for your voice while a sensor detects for vibrations and advanced ai algorithm that ensures your voice isn't mistaken for other voices to confirm your in a conversation.


  • Hey, hey, Dan, can I get a shot of espresso with extra boosted caramel on an extra shot of?


  • And with improved Leighton, see ambient sound on the galaxy buds.


  • Pro will sound more clear and natural than ever before.


  • Intelligent A N C.

    インテリジェントA N C.

  • Lets you here and interact with your environment while your earbuds air still on for a truly seamless transition from emergent to communication.


  • One aspect of sound that's often overlooked is called quality butts.


  • Pro are designed with a voice pickup unit and three microphones to maximize call clarity once the voice pick up unit to text your voice to outer mix.


  • Position directly towards the mouth performed.


  • Be informing.


  • Be informing, funnels your voice directly to the mic to minimize external noise and amplify your voice.


  • There's even a built in solution to help you get around.


  • One of the most common pain points went on a call.


  • Wind in design the ear but itself has been reimagined with um, or closed fit.


  • At the hardware level, an outer mesh combines with an inner wind chamber to disperse and further neutralized wind.


  • Finally, advanced software distinguishes between voice and wind sound patterns to ensure no leftover breeze makes its way into a call auto switch.


  • Let's galaxy buds pro.


  • Switch with you If you're watching something on your tablet and your phone rings don't rush around.


  • Galaxy buds Pro will easily switch audio to the device you're using.

    Galaxy buds Proを使えば、簡単にオーディオを切り替えて使用しているデバイスに切り替えることができます。

  • We carefully studied the shape and contour of the ear to make galaxy buds pro.


  • Bit more securely, they're designed to sit just right within three key parts of your ear.


  • We also added a two millimeter vent to the outer shell of the buds to create airflow and balance the pressure around your ear so you'll have a balanced fit without the feeling of tightness and a i p x seven.


  • The galaxy buds pro have the highest standard of water resistance in the galaxy buds lineup.


  • If you have a pair of buds live, we've made sure you can still use your accessories.


  • You can get your own pair of galaxy buds pro and three amazing colors.


  • They'll be available for 1 99 starting January 15th with incredible sound quality.


  • Intelligent AMC on our most secure fit ever.


  • Galaxy Buds Pro will transform your listening experience.

    Galaxy Buds Proは、あなたのリスニング体験を一変させます。

  • The smartphone is one of our most helpful and most personal devices, so we've expanded one of our favorite services to help keep track of the things that matter most to you.


  • Smart things find we've made our Web service even easier to use, and we brought the service to your phone by adding it to our smart things up.


  • Smart things fine has given you peace of mind when it comes to locating your phone.


  • Last October, we extended it to help you track and locate your wireless earbuds, tablets and smart watches and this year.


  • We're expanding smart things.


  • Find even further so you can track any of your belongings even if they don't have a built in connection with Galaxy Smart Tag Galaxy Smart Tag allows you to take charge of your everyday belongings in an extraordinary way.

    彼らはギャラクシースマートタグギャラクシースマートタグとの接続に組み込まれていなくても、あなたの持ち物のいずれかを追跡することができますので、さらに見つけることができます ギャラクシースマートタグは、あなたが臨時の方法であなたの日常の持ち物を担当することができます。

  • It's a small portable device you'll be able to easily attached to the things you love most, and it's queen sized.


  • Battery lasts for months, and if you have trouble finding your smart tag, you'll be able to ring it and follow the sound.


  • Remote tracking services can help you locate your possessions to the nearest block or building.


  • But wouldn't it be great if you could find the precise location of your lost items with Galaxy Smart tag?

    しかし、Galaxy Smartタグで紛失物の正確な位置を見つけることができれば、それは素晴らしいことではないでしょうか?

  • Plus, you can Galaxy Smart Tag Plus will help you locate your belongings with unprecedented accuracy by guiding you to their location.


  • They'll take you to the bookcase in the corner of your office that your keys fell behind.


  • You can get a smart tag on January 29th, and you'll be able to get a smart tag plus later this year.


  • I am so proud to introduce our new Plessy device, the galaxy s 21.

    Plessyの新しいデバイス、galaxy s 21をご紹介できることをとても誇りに思います。

  • I'm so excited to finally be able to tell you about the galaxy s 21 s 21.


  • Plus, we've created a contract cut designed by combining the camera shell with the frame of the phone covering the camera fully in metal.


  • This camera housing is stronger and more durable than when it was covered in glass.


  • And we've created color combinations that stand out.


  • Galaxy s 21 comes in four colors while s 21 plus comes in three.

    ギャラクシーs 21は4色で、s 21はプラス3色で登場しています。

  • Today we've made another leap forward building the S 21 Siri's with an adaptive screen that goes between 48 120 hertz.

    今日、我々は48 120ヘルツの間に行く適応スクリーンを持つS 21 Siriのを構築するための別の飛躍をしました。

  • Whether you're scrolling through your social feed or photo gallery, your viewing experience is optimized for your content.


  • The contrast ratio and unbelievable peak brightness let you enjoy all the vivid colors in the content you're watching.


  • Even if you're outside On a really bright, sunny day, our new I comfort shield analyzes your usage pattern toe automatically adjust your blue light filter whether you choose galaxy s 21 at 6.2 inch display or the S 21 plus and at 6.7 inch display, you will get the most advanced, intelligent display we've ever put on a smartphone.

    あなたは本当に明るい、晴れた日に外にいる場合でも、私たちの新しいIコンフォートシールドは、あなたの使用パターンを分析し、自動的にあなたのブルーライトフィルターを調整するかどうかをギャラクシーS 21を選択する6.2インチディスプレイまたはS 21プラスと6.7インチディスプレイで、あなたは私たちが今までスマートフォンに入れた最も先進的な、インテリジェントなディスプレイを取得します。

  • We built these phones with our toughest front class ever.


  • That kind of intelligence turns everyday photography into an epic experience.


  • And it's all possible with the computing power of Galaxy s 21 brand new processor theme AI Solution on s 21 s 21 plus gives you an incredible visual experience in most third party camera apps like Instagram and Snapchat with a K video snap.

    そして、それはギャラクシーの21のブランドの新しいプロセッサのテーマAIソリューションのコンピューティングパワーですべて可能です 21の21プラスは、あなたにKのビデオスナップでInstagramやSnapchatのようなほとんどのサードパーティのカメラアプリで信じられないほどの視覚的な経験を与えます。

  • You can pull photos from your videos at 33 megapixels so your screen caps will look like portrait single take on the S 21.


  • Siri's will change the way you take videos by enabling you to shoot photos and videos all at once.


  • Just hold the camera for up to 15 seconds and your phone does all the thinking for you.


  • We've engineered our chip set to give you more.


  • We're delivering 20% faster CPU, 35% faster GPU and two times faster.


  • Ai and s 21 s 21 plus will last all day even in a five g network one you I three is easy to use, customizable and aesthetically pleasing, as 21 will be available starting at 7.

    愛とs 21の21の21プラスは、21が7から利用可能になるように、5 Gのネットワーク1あなたは私3が使いやすく、カスタマイズ可能で、審美的にも一日中続きます。

  • 99 s 21 plus starting at 9.

    99のS 21プラスは9から。

  • 99.


  • Both bottles can be yours on January 29th s 21 s 21 plus R.

    どちらのボトルも1月29日のS 21 S 21プラスRであなたのものになります。

  • Breakthroughs in smartphone technology introducing galaxy s 21 ultra.

    ギャラクシーs 21 ウルトラを導入したスマートフォン技術のブレークスルー。

  • We built s 21 ultra with our most powerful processor Amazing display.

    我々は、我々の最も強力なプロセッサを搭載したS 21ウルトラを構築しました 驚くべきディスプレイ。

  • And, of course, our incredible pro grade camera.


  • So you never miss a single moment Are four cutting edge lenses give you an enhanced visual experience?

    だから、あなたは、単一の瞬間を見逃すことはありません 4つの最先端のレンズは、あなたに強化された視覚的な経験を与えるのですか?

  • 108 Mega pixel wide lens broadens the scope of what you can capture.


  • The 12 megapixel, ultra wide lens adds more detailed every picture you take with our enhanced AI.


  • The brand new dual tele lens system creates a breakthrough in zoom quality.


  • The galaxy s 21 ultras powerful camera experience starts with its upgraded 108 megapixel image sensor space.


  • Zoom on the galaxy s 21 ultra is a turning point in the zoom experience, offering superb clarity between one and 100 times.

    ギャラクシーs 21ウルトラのズームは、1倍から100倍の間の優れた鮮明さを提供し、ズーム体験の転換点となります。

  • Zoom at one push of the shutter.


  • Up to 20 frames are captured and processed and instantaneous speeds advanced.


  • AI then evaluates and corrects thousands of fine details to produce detailed images even at high magnification levels.


  • Hours 21 ultra will let you shoot four K video at 60 frames per second with every lens on your phone.


  • Phantom black is our boldest color yet this powerful device has a 6.8 inch display with a peak brightness of 1 500 minutes.


  • We're introducing Walk home Technology toe s 21 ultra and making it the first ever as Siri's device compatible with ESPN, we're introducing two new independent s pence today.


  • The standard model now bigger with a more comfortable grip.


  • And the more advanced Espen Pro ESPN pro lets you take advantage of all the great Bluetooth features you've come to love.

    そして、より進化したEspen Pro ESPN proは、あなたが愛するようになったすべての素晴らしいBluetooth機能を活用することができます。

  • Like using air actions to snap a photo, remotely control your music player or click through a presentation.


  • The S pen for S 21 ultra will be available at launch and the S pen Pro will be available later.

    S 21 ultra用のSペンは発売時に、SペンProは後日発売されます。

  • This year s 21 ultra is the Onley model in the S 21.

    今年のS 21ウルトラは、S 21のオンリーモデル。

  • Siri's compatible with ESPN.


  • You could get your very own ultra device on January 29th for 11 99 and you'll be able to make it truly your own and choose among three gorgeous back plate colors that match the unique camera deco pattern.

    あなたは11 99のために1月29日にあなたの非常に独自のウルトラデバイスを取得することができ、あなたはそれを本当にあなた自身のものにすることができ、ユニークなカメラデコパターンと一致する3つの豪華なバックプレートの色の中から選択します。

  • If you choose the S 21 plus, you can pick between two stunning colors with a delicate rose gold shell.

    S 21 plusをお選びいただくと、繊細なローズゴールドのシェルが印象的な2色からお選びいただけます。

  • Thes colors will be available exclusively from Samsung dot com and select countries.

    Thes 色は Samsung のドット・コムおよび選択された国から排他的に利用できます。

  • Your S 21 device will come with the U.

    あなたのS 21のデバイスには、Uが付属します。

  • S B C cable that's compatible with many of your other devices, and our charges will remain available for anyone who wants one at the new lower price.

    あなたの他の多くのデバイスと互換性のあるS B Cケーブルと私たちの料金は、新しい低価格で1つを必要とする人のために利用可能なままになります。

  • Thank you again for watching impact Today Way had a breakthrough.

    今日もインパクトToday Wayを見ていただきありがとうございました。

  • We discovered an optimal hes glass that preserves a deep resonance black one that shows the color in its truest form.


welcome toe impact toe kick things off.



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