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  • developing story out of the n b A.

    n b Aの開発中の物語。

  • The league eyes looking into Kyrie Irving as we know he's gonna miss another game tonight isn't expected back before Saturday.

    我々 は彼が今夜別のゲームを欠場するつもりだと知っているようにカイリー・アービングに見ているリーグの目は、土曜日の前に戻って期待されていません。

  • The reviewing videos that air circulating on social media carry without a mask of what appears to be a family birthday party and a potential violation of the league's code protocols.

    ソーシャル メディア上で循環している空気のレビュー動画は、家族の誕生日パーティーとリーグのコード プロトコルの潜在的な違反のように見えるもののマスクなしで運ぶ。

  • Here is Nets head coach Steve Nash today.


  • That video surfaced.


  • Are you talking directly to him, or is he keeping his distance from the team?


  • You know there's been communication, but I think that's all in house.


  • So we we keep that to ourselves and we try toe to figure out, you know, our our home front privately.


  • So Kyrie, he's gonna miss his fourth straight game tonight against against the Nuggets, all of which are listed officially as personal reasons.

    カイリーは今夜のナゲッツ戦で 4試合連続欠場します 公式には全て個人的な理由として 記載されています

  • The Nets, therefore, and three when Kyrie plays this season, compared Toa one and three without him in a season that was supposed to be our first glimpse in tow, how the Urban Durant duo would fare in Brooklyn.


  • That pair has really barely played together in half of the Nets games so far this season, so not exactly the start that the that's what have wanted.


  • Woe is back as promised, and roads will get to you in just a second.


  • Let's bring in our also reporter, Malika Andrews, who is live at Barclay Center, and Malika on the phone with us, live on SportsCenter.

    記者のマリカ・アンドリュースです バークレイセンターから生中継です マリカが電話で話しています スポーツセンターから生中継です

  • We know we're not gonna see Kyrie for the rest of week, but take us through what happens next.


  • Well, Sage, now the investigation is underway from the league.


  • They're going to be reviewing that video and deciphering whether or not it is a violation of league protocols.

    彼らはそのビデオを見直して リーグプロトコルに違反しているかどうかを 解読するつもりだ

  • He was massless.


  • That's something that the league does not want to see.


  • Remember that players are also barred the season from going to clubs.


  • Going to lounge is attending gatherings with more than 15 people, and so that's what the league is going to be looking into here.


  • And remember, if he is found to have violated the league's health and safety protocols, he could be facing an additional amount of quarantine time.

    彼がリーグの健康と安全のプロトコルに 違反していることが判明した場合、彼は追加の隔離時間に直面する可能性があることを覚えておいてください。

  • And if he misses games while he is in quarantine, he could also stand to lose 1 81 6th of his salary, which is about 4 10, which is about $410,000 per game.

    そして、彼が隔離されている間にゲームを欠場した場合、彼はまた、彼の給料の1 81 6分の1を失うために立っている可能性があります、これは約4 10、1試合あたり約41万ドルです。

  • So that's what the league is going toe have to review now.


  • Okay, so it's a wait and see for sure, and we'll obviously you've been following this story as well.

    様子を見てみましょう あなた方もこの話を 読んでいるはずですよ

  • What else can you offer us?


  • A.


  • Sfar as the league's perspective as they look into this?

    彼らがこれを調べるように リーグの視点としてのスファール?

  • Well, you know there's not going to be, Ah, lot of empathy from the league in terms of potential protocol violations.


  • You've seen the way the league tighten those up today.


  • And I think certainly this compounds Kyrie Irving's challenges with the organization.


  • Even it was one thing when he was away.


  • Now, even if Kyrie Irving decided he wanted to come back and play this week or the Nets were ready for him to play again, it is out of their hands.


  • It is in the leaks hands now, and you are unlikely to see Kyrie Irving on the court without a significant quarantine period.


  • If this video, uh, turns out to be, uh, contemporary, uh, for a significant amount of time here and I think is you saw the Nets statement today, think the Nets expectation is Kyrie Irving has to come back and explain to them to his teammates, to the public.


  • You know exactly his reasons for going.


  • And then and then also, uh, you know, the impact that, uh, potentially his decision to be at that party may also have now on the next season.


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developing story out of the n b A.

n b Aの開発中の物語。


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Woj on Kyrie Irving possibly violating COVID-19 protocols: 'The NBA won't have much empathy' | SC (Woj on Kyrie Irving possibly violating COVID-19 protocols: 'The NBA won't have much empathy' | SC)

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