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  • what we saw this past summer, okay?


  • And how different it waas, uh, to what we saw this past week in Washington, D.


  • C, where we had last summer peaceful protesters who were black and of all races, uh, who are who are facing full military presence tear gas, rubber bullets on.


  • Then this week you saw armed rioters trying to overthrow the U.

    今週は武装した暴徒が 米国を転覆させようとしていた

  • S.


  • Government being essentially escorted in and out.


  • Uh, that shows you how critical it is to change the narrative on race on.


  • That isn't going to change, in my opinion, until white people are working side by side with people of color in diverse organizations when they when they see white people of color on the same path to economic mobility in the same social clubs that they're in on on, they see leaders in our communities that beyond athletes and entertainment in a country divided right, many of us are currently existing in societies that are marked by political polarization, income inequality and other kind of systemic issues.

    私の考えでは、白人が多様な組織で 有色人種の人々と並んで働くまでは 変わらないでしょう 彼らが経済的な移動に向けて 同じ道を歩んでいるのを見た時に 彼らは私たちのコミュニティで リーダーを見ています アスリートや芸能人を超えて 右に分断された国で 私たちの多くは現在 政治的な二極化や 所得の不平等や他の種類の 制度的な問題によってマークされた 社会に存在しているのです

  • Racism, classism, colorism.


  • You know, I thought about the CEOs over the past couple of days in the past week, you know, many of them step forward to speak out against this attack, right?


  • And it's great on one hand that these leaders are beginning toe leverage, that corporate voice.


  • But they did not, however, speak to how this was different, how the response from law enforcement was different.


  • We find ourselves in this kind of, uh, tremendous moment of complexity and during quarantine, Uh, you have no distractions, you really can't look away.

    私たちはこのような...とてつもなく複雑な瞬間の中にいます 隔離中は気が散ることもなく 目をそらすこともできません

  • And so when we think about the reckoning on race that came on the back off, um, in the aftermath of George Floyd that's forced all of us toe learn history, begin to talk about it and act differently.


  • It's, I think what makes it different is I think the world can't deny that inequities exist and organizations are obviously being held to task.


what we saw this past summer, okay?



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B1 中級 日本語 人種 差別 存在 リーダー フロイド 組織

雇用者は、人種間の不平等についてもっと努力するよう求められています。 (Employers asked to do more on racial inequality)

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