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  • hey everyone jennifer from tarle speech with your  pronunciation question today's question is apt for  

  • this christmas day how do i pronounce the words  christian which is a follower of christianity  


  • and christianity a religion based on the teachings  of jesus christ so i do think people get confused  


  • because the person's name jesus christ is  with the long i christ but when we say the  


  • word christian and christianity we are actually  going to use a short i so let's take a look at  

    word christian and christianity we are actually going to use a short i so let's take take a look at

  • both of these words how do we say these words so  to say christian we're going to think about two  

    この二つの言葉をどうやって言うのか... ...クリスチャンと言うには... ...二つの言葉について考えてみましょう。

  • beats chris chen the mistake i hear as people  try to pronounce all of these letters um and say  

  • christian and that isn't correct it's just two  beats two syllables chris chun for christianity  

    christian and that isn't correct it's not not not correct it's just two beat two syllables chris chun for christianity.

  • we're going to have one two three four five beats  or five syllables and this gets slightly confusing  

    1 2 3 4 5拍子か5音節になると少し混乱します

  • because we are going to shift the word stress from  syllable one on chris to the an adi when we add  


  • that ity ending so let's break these two words  down to say christian we're going to start with  

    この二つの言葉を分解して キリスト教と言いましょう。

  • chris and to do this we're going to say the k and  the r sound together in a blend or a cluster to do  

    クリス これはKとRの音をブレンドして クラスターにしてみましょう

  • this tip of your tongue is pointed down for the  k back of the tongue is pulled up air puffs out  


  • keep your tongue there you're going to close your  mouth a little bit to square tense lip shape and  


  • that is going to give you that r sound you do not  want to open your mouth wide between those sounds  


  • that will add an extra sound there keep your mouth  in about the same position and then just close it  

    それは余分な音を追加することができます あなたの口の中で約同じ位置に維持し、ちょうどそれを閉じます

  • add the short sound relaxed mouth your mouth is  slightly open tongue is just below those top teeth  


  • and then end with an s for that first syllable  to do an s the tip of the tongue either behind  

    を行うには、その最初の音節の s で終了し、舌の先端の後ろのいずれかを行うには

  • the top teeth or pointing down it is not  touching the t so that air can move out  


  • chris then we're going to end with chun to do  this the ch sound two letters one sound the  

    クリス 最後はチャンで締めくくりましょう chの音は2文字で1つの音になります

  • ch sound to do that touch the tip of your  tongue to the back of your top front teeth  


  • and then pull the tongue back  your lips are going to be puckered


  • and then you're going to add the schwa the  uh sound your mouth is just open and relaxed  


  • and then end with the n the n sound you're going  to do that by touching the tip of your tongue to  


  • the back of your top front teeth air is going to  move out of your nose i did write it as chin if  


  • that's easier for you to remember like your chin  um then you can say it that way as well the key is  


  • just a very short and relaxed vowel for syllable  two let's put that all together chris chin  


  • christian christian christian and now for christianity  


  • syllable number two instead of the short  is going to be along e chi to make that e  


  • you're going to smile and make that vowel nice  and long and then we're going to say and to do  


  • this open your mouth wide tongue tip will be low  in your mouth back of the tongue will be pulled up  


  • mouth is in a nice wide circle and then move that  mouth while you're closing it move the tongue to  


  • the back of the top front teeth again for the  n an this syllable is going to be the loudest  


  • the longest and the highest because this is  our stressed syllable so again longest vowel  


  • a little bit louder and higher in pitch than  the others then we're going to add a schwa uh  


  • and then end with d to do that touch the tip of  the tongue to the back of the top front teeth  


  • and then smile for the e e all right so let's put  this all together chris chi an a dee chris chi an  


  • adee christian adee christianity christianity  Christianity let me try it again christianity  

    adee christian adee christianity キリスト教 キリスト教 let me try it again キリスト教

  • christian christianity and now for a sentence  it's a big day for people who follow christianity  


  • these christians from around the world will  be celebrating christmas merry christmas  

    世界中のこれらのキリスト教徒は、クリスマスを祝うことになります メリークリスマス

  • everyone wishing you peace and joy in  this holiday season thank you everyone


hey everyone jennifer from tarle speech with your  pronunciation question today's question is apt for  


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