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  • The year is 1871 and a lonesome traveler is making  his way on horseback through the state of Kansas,  


  • hoping to head West where he's  heard there's money to be made


  • As he's passing through the Great Osage Traildrained after days navigating wind-swept plains,  


  • he comes across what looks like a quiet homesteadThere he meets the Bender family, an odd-looking  

    彼は静かなホームステッドのように見えるものに出くわします。 そこで彼はベンダー家に出会います。

  • group of people if ever there was one. Unbeknownst to our weary traveler,  


  • old man Bender has quite the reputation among  the few families that live in this remote area.  


  • What do people say about him? They  call him a hideous brute, ill-tempered,  


  • repulsive. As for Mrs. Bender, she is called  a “midnight hagwithmurderous ambition.” 

    嫌悪感を抱かせるベンダー夫人は "殺人的野心を持つ 真夜中のババア "と呼ばれています

  • Indeed, after his belly was full of  stew and his head had hit the pillow,  


  • the traveler's life came to an abrupt end. He  was found some days later dumped near a creek  

    旅人の人生は突然の終わりを迎えた。彼は数日後 小川の近くに捨てられているのが発見されました

  • with his throat slashed and his skull crushed. This is the story of the Bloody Benders,  

    喉を切り裂かれ 頭蓋骨を砕かれた状態でこれはブラッディ・ベンダーズの物語です。

  • America's First Serial Killer Family. Ok, so let's go back to the beginning


  • This was a time in U.S history when European  settlers were trying to make a go of it  


  • in sometimes quite remote and  unforgiving parts of America


  • The Bender family was no exception. They arrived in Osage in northwestern Labette  


  • County in the year 1870, along with a handful  of other families. The locals didn't exactly  


  • welcome them with open arms, but neither did they  turn their backs to them. They were just another  


  • bunch of folks that were going to see just how  hard it was settling in such a harsh environment


  • It was just too much for some of the new  families and they packed up and left quickly,  


  • but the Benders, the Benders were made of  tough stuff. They weren't going anywhere


  • John Bender, Sr. made a claim on some land  adjacent to the Great Osage Trail, which  


  • would later become known as the Santa Fe Trail. It  was Native Americans who forged the trail, but it  


  • was Europeans who would name it the Osage Trail. If a person back then wanted to move West along  


  • an open road, then they had to pass through  this trail, and at some point come close to  


  • the warped homestead of the Bender family. The Benders soon got their hands dirty and  


  • built a barn, a corral, and a cabin. That cabin  had two rooms, only separated by the cloth of  


  • a wagon cover. They made a kitchen, and they  converted part of their cabin into a general store  

    荷馬車のカバー。台所を作り 小屋の一部を雑貨屋に改造しました

  • and a place a traveler could have a bite  to eat. On top of that, they made a small  


  • compartment where someone could rest their  head for the night. You could call it a bed,  


  • but it deserved to be called a butcher's block. So, who were the Benders exactly

    肉屋のブロックと呼ぶに相応しいそれで ベンダーとは何者なんだ?

  • Well, we know that John Bender Sr., aka, “Pa”,  could barely speak a word of English. We know  

    ジョン・ベンダー・シニア、通称 "パパ "は英語がほとんど話せなかったことは知っている。知っているのは

  • that he grunted a lot and to those who met  him he was seen as something of a brute


  • They were right. Mrs. Bender, Elvira, aka,  


  • Ma”, was said to be equally unfriendly, and  while better than her husband, her English  

    "ママ "は同じように不親切だと言われていました 夫よりはマシでしたが 英語は得意でした

  • wasn't perfect. Both her and John communicated  most of the time in German. She was sometimes  

    完璧ではありませんでした彼女とジョンはほとんどの時間 ドイツ語でコミュニケーションをとっていました彼女は時々

  • called a “she-devil”, but not because of her  appearance, but because along with her daughter  


  • she told anyone in the area that she had psychic  powers and could even communicate with the dead

    彼女は超能力を持っていて 死者と交信できると 誰にでも話していました

  • That daughter, Kate Bender, was the only  family member who was fluent in English,  


  • and so she was very useful when it came  to writing and distributing flyers that  


  • explained that she and her mother were  advocates of spiritualism and could  


  • heal the sick with their supernatural powers. As for the son, John Jr., word on the street,  


  • or should we say the trail, was that he washalfwit, a young man prone to sudden outbreaks  

    痕跡と言うべきか 彼は間抜けだと思っていた 突発性の若者だと思っていた

  • of laughter for no apparent reason. Some  sources state that the brother and sister  


  • were not actually related, but a married couple. This is the problem with the story of the Benders,  


  • the family was something of a mystery. There  has never been any documentation stating that  


  • they were German immigrants, this was just taken  for granted. It may or may not have been true,  

    彼らはドイツからの移民でした これは当然のこととされていましたそれが本当だったかどうかは別として

  • just as the rumor that Mrs. Bender had actually  come from the Adirondack Mountains in New York  

    ベンダー夫人が実はニューヨークの アディロンダック山脈から来たという噂と同じように

  • state and that she'd killed previous  husbands, might not have been true

    彼女が前の夫を殺したというのは 真実ではなかったのかもしれません

  • They were a weird bunch, a family that promoted  free love and who claimed they could talk to dead  

    彼らは奇妙な集団だった 自由恋愛を推進する一族で 死者と話せると主張していた

  • spirits. For that reason they were gossiped  about a lot. It didn't help their reputation  


  • when Kate Bender gave lectures on spiritualism  and during those lectures she would sometimes  


  • say that murder might not be such a bad thingand might actually be a brave and noble act


  • She also advocated free love, saying that  staying with one partner alone was just  


  • themiserable requirements of self-constituted  society.” Notably, she also once said in one of  

    "自営社会の悲惨な要件 "と特筆すべきは、彼女はまた、ある時

  • her lectures, “Shall we confine ourselves tosingle love, and deny our natures their proper  


  • sway?...Even though it be a brother's passion for  his own sister, I say it should not be smothered.” 


  • As you can imagine, folks that lived near the  Benders were somewhat apprehensive about making  


  • friends with them. You had the brute of a fatherhis wicked wife; an idiot son and a daughter that  


  • claimed she was in contact with the dead and  didn't believe in any kind of sexual propriety


  • They were outcasts, strange-sounding  pariahs living in the middle of nowhere,  

    彼らは人里離れた場所に住んでいた 奇妙な響きのパライヤだった

  • and so people kept their distance. But travelers, people looking for  


  • a new life in the American West, they knew  nothing about the Bender family. They just  

    アメリカ西部での新しい生活のために ベンダー家のことは何も知りませんでしたただ

  • wanted a place to rest their head for a night  or two and a good meal to restore their energy


  • The Bender homestead was like an oasis to  these travelers, and they were only too  

    ベンダーの家は旅行者にとって オアシスのようなものだった 彼らはあまりにも

  • happy to have a place to stay, to be able to  fill their wagons with food, water, gunpowder,  

    泊まる所があるのが嬉しい 食料や水や火薬を積んだ荷馬車があるのが嬉しい

  • booze and tobacco. Not only that, they were  reportedly entranced by Kate's good looks  

    お酒とタバコに夢中になっていたと言われています。それだけでなく、ケイトの美貌に 魅了されたと言われています

  • and her way with words. “Come rest,” she told  them, “I will heal you with my psychic powers.” 

    そして彼女の言葉の使い方は"休もう "と言っていました "私の超能力であなたを癒してあげる "と

  • Healing was far from the truth. Traveling down that trail was not for the meek.  


  • Not only could a person or a group of people  starve out there, but they needed their strength  


  • and they needed weapons if they should come  into contact with bandits or unfriendly Native  


  • Americans. Let's not forget that many groups  were travelling with everything they owned


  • That's why when the young man we described  in the beginning of this story was found  


  • with his throat slashed and his head caved  in, it wasn't exactly a big shock to people.  


  • Everyone knew that the trail was a treacherous  place and one could easily be set upon by a  


  • gang who wanted what was in their wagon. In 1871, 72 and 73, people went missing,  

    荷馬車の中のものを欲しがるギャングたち1871年 72年 73年には 人が行方不明になりました

  • always close to where the Benders lived. The  locals at the time grew quite worried. People  

    ベンダースが住んでいた場所の近くで当時の地元の人々は かなり心配していました人々は

  • were told not to go out on the trail alone or at  night, but no one suspected that it was the Bender  


  • family that was behind the strange disappearances. In fact, mobs at times would accuse some man down  

    奇妙な失踪事件の背後にいた一族を 疑っていました実際、暴徒はある男を非難していました

  • on his luck, and proceed to chase him  out of town. They would soon discover  


  • they'd been chasing away the wrong people. In March, 1873, a physician from Independence,  


  • Kansas, named Dr. William York, alighted a train  in Cherryvale, a town not too far from the Osage  


  • Trail. This guy was a person of standingso when he went missing it was big news


  • What was he doing in the middle  of nowhere you might ask


  • York had made the journey because he was  looking for two people that had gone missing.  


  • Those two folks had been acquainted with  York, and he was determined to find them


  • The friend was George Newton Longcor, and  he was accompanied by his young daughter,  


  • Mary Ann. They'd left Independence  with the hope of resettling in Iowa,  

    メアリー・アン彼らはアイオワに再定住する希望を持って 独立しました

  • except they didn't get very far. They'd  found the Osage trail and later disappeared

    遠くには行けなかったが彼らはオセージの足跡を見つけて 姿を消した

  • We know that on his quest to find his friend  and his friend's daughter that York arrived  


  • at a place called Fort Scott in Kansas. We know  that on March 9 he left that place, and we also  


  • know that he never made it home from there. What the Bender family didn't know is that  

    彼がそこから家に帰れなかったことを 知っていますベンダー家が知らなかったのは

  • they had now bitten off more than they could chew. You see, Mr. York wasn't just a man of standing;  


  • his two brothers were also extremely powerful  people. One was a colonel in the military and the  


  • other was a member of the Kansas State Senate. Those two guys were obviously upset that their  


  • brother had vanished into thin air, a brother  that had been looking for other people that  


  • had vanished. While the brothers at first  thought that the disappearances might have  


  • been down to attacks by Native Americansthey also wondered if some of those  


  • homesteads contained something quite insidious. What they were about to discover was something way  

    ホームステッドには 何か陰湿なものがありました彼らが発見しようとしていたのは

  • more evil than they had bargained for, something  that would shock America for many years to come


  • They got fifty guys together and  went out to visit those homesteads,  


  • arriving along the tracks like a small army. At one point the group, led by the brother who was  


  • a Colonel in the US Army, arrived at the Bender's  place. He spoke to the family, well, as best he  

    アメリカ陸軍の大佐が ベンダー家に到着した彼は家族と話をしました

  • could do since the older Benders were terrible  with English, and he was told that his brother  


  • had stayed the night with them, but he'd left the  next day. The Benders told the Colonel that the  


  • trail was fraught with danger and his brother  may have come across some dangerous natives

    彼の弟は危険な原住民に 出くわしたかもしれない

  • There was just something wrong about  this family, and Colonel York grew more  


  • suspicious when he learned that Mrs. Bender  had recently threatened someone with a knife.  

    ベンダー夫人が最近 ナイフで誰かを脅していたことを知って 不審に思った。

  • We know that did indeed happen because  the newspaper clipping still exists today


  • The Colonel went back, and again  asked, do you know where my brother is.  


  • He was rather less friendly this time. Mrs. Bender was enraged that the men were back,  


  • while Kate Bender told them she'd use her  clairvoyant skills to find the missing man.  


  • At that point, the Colonel and his men were pretty  sure that this family were not what they claimed  


  • to be. In fact, some of the men in the group  said that they were guilty and should be hanged


  • But the Colonel needed more evidence before he  sent a family to the gallows, and they went to  


  • talk to more people in nearby communities. Weeks passed, and then one local noticed  


  • something strange. He passed the Bender house and  realized that the place seemed to be abandoned.  


  • It looked like the Benders had just taken  off, leaving some of their animals behind


  • That man reported what he'd seen to members of  the township, and soon the Colonel heard about the  


  • missing family. Due to terrible weather, it took  some days to go out and search for the Benders,  


  • but in the end a search party of  several hundred people was formed


  • When they got to the Bender house they  discovered that it was pretty much empty  


  • of clothes and provisions. All that had been  left behind was something that smelled awful,  


  • as if a decaying body was under the floorboards. The men found a trapdoor that was bolted shut,  

    床板の下に腐敗した死体があるかのように男たちはボルトで締められた 罠の扉を見つけました

  • but they soon managed to wrestle it openThe door led to a dark room under the house,  

    しかし、彼らはすぐにそれをこじ開けることに成功しました。 扉は家の下の暗い部屋につながっていました

  • and there they saw blood splattered  everywhere, some of it not so old


  • The group moved the cabin, and they  started digging, thinking that bodies  


  • must be buried. Later that evening they found  Dr. York's decomposing body. He'd been buried  


  • in the nearby orchard. The next day they found  another eight bodies buried in shallow graves.  


  • When they looked down the well, they found  another body, as well as various body parts


  • It was a horror-show, a terrible thing to  behold. Some of the bodies had been mutilated,  

    それはホラーショーだった 見ているだけで恐ろしいものだった死体の一部が切り取られていました。

  • while the body of a young girl didn't seem to  have been injured at all. The group suspected  


  • that the family had buried her alive. In all, the  Benders might have killed at many as 21 people,  


  • although a more conservative estimate is 11. The Benders had few good friends in that area,  


  • but suffice to say, the now growing crowd  of people weren't too kind to folks that  


  • had known the family. One man was hanged  just because he knew them, although the  

    一家を知っていたからといって 絞首刑になった人もいました一人の男は 彼らを知っていたという理由だけで 絞首刑になったが

  • crowd pulled him down and he survived. The media arrived at the Bender place,  


  • coming from as far away as New York City and  Chicago. The public came from far and wide,  

    ニューヨークやシカゴなど 遠くからも来てくれました一般の人たちは、遠くからも遠くからも来ていました。

  • all wanting a look at the place where  evil had lived. Rewards were offered to  


  • anyone who could locate the family, which in  today's money were around $20,000 and $40,000. 


  • Where were the Benders? Well, vigilantes wanted that reward,  

    ベンダーはどこにいたの?まあ 自警団はその報酬を望んでた

  • with some claiming they had caught up with the  family and killed them all. Some claimed they shot  


  • and buried them, others said they shot and threw  them in the river, but these were likely lies.  


  • No bodies were found and no reward was given. The Benders were either very good at hiding  


  • or they were all six feet under. The reward then went up to more  


  • than $60,000 in today's money, but still no  one could find them. As this was happening,  


  • the story spread to every state. Books were  written, including one called, “The Five Fiends,  


  • Or, The Bender Hotel Horror in Kansas.” It wasn't easy finding this family for the simple  

    "カンザスのベンダーホテル・ホラー"この家族を見つけるのは 簡単ではなかった

  • fact that not much was known about them. Were the  parents legally married? Were the children even  


  • their children? Were they even called Bender? It was soon speculated that Mr. Bender was  

    彼らの子供たちは?ベンダーと呼ばれていたのか?すぐに推測されたのは ベンダー氏は

  • actually named John Flickinger, and that MrsBender had likely been married several times.  


  • Worse, her husbands always seem to end up  dead with wounds to the head. It was likely  


  • that Kate and John Jr. were children of some of  those men, and that their real names were Eliza  

    ケイトとジョン・ジュニアは その中の何人かの子供で 本名はイライザだった

  • Griffith and John Gebhardt. Where did they all go


  • We just don't know. Their story remains one of  the strangest unsolved mysteries in U.S history.  


  • Maybe they were killed by an angry posse, but  if they were, no bodies were ever recovered  

    怒りにまかせて殺されたのかもしれないが もしそうだとしても 死体は発見されていない

  • and no one claimed that handsome reward. They  might also have moved West, started another life,  

    誰もその立派な報酬を要求しなかった彼らは西に引っ越して 別の人生を始めたのかもしれない

  • and filled the ground with more bodies. Maybe their descendants are living next  


  • door to you right now, just waiting  to carry on their murderous legacy


  • Now you need to see this, “The Most Shocking  Unsolved Murders In The World.” Or, take a  

    "世界で最も衝撃的な未解決殺人事件 "を 見てくださいそれとも

  • look at this, “Doctor Intentionally  Kills Over 200 Patients (Dr. Death)”

    これを見ろ "医師は意図的に200人以上の患者を殺す(医師死亡)"

The year is 1871 and a lonesome traveler is making  his way on horseback through the state of Kansas,  



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