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  • a really good point.


  • Ticktock has named its top videos off the year with a B A.

    Ticktockは、その年のトップビデオをB Aでオフに名前を付けました。

  • In the viral video category, this was the most watched.


  • A 15 2nd clip by creator Bella Porch, lip sinking to Milly be song em to the B with 43.2 million views.

    クリエイターのベラ・ポーチによる15 2ndクリップで、リップがMillyに沈むことで、4320万回の再生回数でBに曲のemを歌うことができます。

  • Nathan Apodaca took the second spot.


  • He became a household name after posting a clip of himself skateboarding to Fleetwood Mac's Dreams, which got 11 million views since September.

    9月から1100万回再生されたFleetwood Macの「Dreams」にスケートボードをしている姿を投稿して一躍有名になった。

  • Apodaca started an online clothing store on moved from his RV into a three bedroom home that an amazing group leader, Kaitlin Riley, came in third with 615,000 views around the beginning of us locked down, she used the app to make fun off work zoom calls.


  • Yeah, to piggyback off of what Matt said.


  • If you guys were struggling working from home, you're not being creative enough.


  • There's a lot to do right now for the company.


  • I've been very, very busy giving myself projects, so you just need to be thinking about the company, be creative and have a positive mindset, and you'll find something to do during this time at home on celebrities made the list to Will Smith made it to number five on the viral video list with his wipe down video, while Jason Derulo, Kylie Jenner and Liz Oh are the top three A listers on the platform.

    私は自分自身にプロジェクトを与えることに非常に、非常に忙しかったので、あなただけの会社のことを考えて、創造的であり、ポジティブな考え方を持っている必要がありますし、あなたは有名人に自宅でこの時間の間に何かを見つけるでしょうリストを作った ウィル・スミスは、彼のワイプダウンビデオでバイラルビデオリストの第5位にそれを作った一方で、ジェイソン・デルーロ、カイリー・ジェンナーとリズ・オーは、プラットフォーム上でトップ3のAリスターである。

a really good point.



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2020年のTikToksトップバイラル動画 (TikToks top viral videos of 2020)

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