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  • I can’t take all the credit. Had a bit of help.

  • Oh, Jim Moriarty sends his love.

  • Yes, he’s been in touch. Seems desperate for my attention ...

  • ... which I’m sure can be arranged.

  • I had all this stuff, never knew what to do with it. Thank God for the consultant criminal.

  • Gave me a lot of advice about how to play the Holmes boys. Do you know what he calls you?

  • The Ice Man... and the Virgin.

  • Didn’t even ask for anything. I think he just likes to cause trouble. Now that’s my kind of man.

  • And here you are, the dominatrix who brought a nation to its knees.

  • Nicely played.

  • No.

  • Sorry?

  • I said no. Very very close, but no.

  • You got carried away. The game was too elaborate. You were enjoying yourself too much.

  • No such thing as too much.

  • Oh, enjoying the thrill of the chase is fine, craving the distraction of the game – I sympathise entirelybut sentiment?

  • Sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side.

  • Sentiment? What are you talking about?

  • You.

  • Oh dear God. Look at the poor man. You don’t actually think I was interested in you?

  • Why? Because youre the great Sherlock Holmes, the clever detective in the funny hat?

  • No.

  • Because I took your pulse.

  • Elevated; your pupils dilated.

  • I imagine John Watson thinks love’s a mystery to me but the chemistry is incredibly simple, and very destructive.

  • When we first met, you told me that disguise is always a self-portrait.

  • How true of you: the combination to your safeyour measurements; but this...

  • ... this is far more intimate. This is your heart and you should never let it rule your head.

  • You could have chosen any random number and walked out of here today with everything you've worked for.

  • But you just couldn't resist it, could you?

  • I’ve always assumed that love is a dangerous disadvantage.

  • Thank you for the final proof.

  • Everything I said: it’s not real.

  • I was just playing the game.

  • I know.

  • And this is just losing.

  • There you are, brother. I hope the contents make up for any inconvenience I may have caused you tonight.

  • I’m certain they will.

  • If youre feeling kind, lock her up; otherwise let her go. I doubt shell survive long without her protection.

  • Are you expecting me to beg?

  • Yes.

  • Please.

  • Youre right. I won’t even last six months.

  • Sorry about dinner.

I can’t take all the credit. Had a bit of help.


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アイスマン、バージン、ドミネトリックス - シャーロック・シリーズ2 - BBC (The Iceman, The Virgin and The Dominatrix - Sherlock Series 2 - BBC)

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