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  • Math and numbers can be scary, but some numbers are more scary than others to a lot of people.


  • Recently, I got kind of bored and decided to look into creating a single number or sequence of numbers that the most people around the world would be uncomfortable with.


  • Or just not like.


  • Different cultures around the world considered different numbers to be terrifying for different reasons.


  • So whatever frighteningly unlucky number we create needs to be maximized on cultural fears.


  • Across the world, 13 is a spooky number in the West.


  • 17 is scary in Italy, for is frightening.


  • Across East Asia, 39 is terrifying in Afghanistan, and 666 is spooky pretty much across the world.


  • So the number that you saw in the thumbnail of this video is based on all of these ones.


  • But the big question is, why are these numbers considered abjectly terrifying to some but are completely harmless to others?


  • What makes the most cursed number sequence in the world so well cursed.


  • Let's begin with four and continue up from there in numerical order.


  • Four is a number that strikes terror in the hearts of many across China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.


  • The reason why is fairly simple, but you have to understand the Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages in order to really get it in Mandarin Chinese.


  • The word for the number four is so, uh, the word for the concept of dead or death is almost identically pronounced as so.


  • And so it's very easy while speaking Chinese to accidentally speak the phrase death while you're attempting to speak the number four.


  • The taboo is present in both Malaysia and Singapore as well, because of the modern, large Chinese populations in both countries, and the reason is the same in both the Korean and Japanese languages as well, for both words, sounding almost identical or, at the very least, highly similar.


  • So because of this, the number four has been fairly taboo in Chinese and East Asian culture for centuries now, mentioning the number four around a sick relative or in a hospital is particularly avoided.


  • Gifts in groups of four are sometimes unwelcome elevators in apartment buildings will often skip the fourth floor and go directly from floor 3 to 45 In Hong Kong, Some apartment buildings skip all the floors from 40 to 49 in order to skip all of the forties.

    4人のグループでの贈り物は歓迎されないことがある マンションのエレベーターは4階をスキップして3階から45階まで直行することが多い 香港では40階をすべてスキップするために40階から49階までのすべての階をスキップするマンションもあります。

  • Although this is more likely to advertise a building with a higher floor count than from any fears of the supernatural.


  • In Cantonese, Chinese 14 and 24 are often considered to be even worse than the base four.


  • Because translated 14 sounds, Mork into will certainly die.

    翻訳された14の音は、Mork intoは確かに死ぬだろうから。

  • While 24 sounds more like easy to die in many Chinese neighborhoods, there is a noticeable real estate price drop on properties with the number four at the beginning or the end of their addresses.


  • Neighborhoods have removed four from their street names and become more profitable as a result.


  • But perhaps the most extreme example for fear of the number four in Chinese culture comes from the 2008 Olympic Games that were hosted in Beijing eight years previously.


  • In 2000, Beijing bid to host the Games then and lost, but they declined to apply to host the next games in 2004, and opted instead to wait around to apply again in 2000 and eight.

    2000 年には、北京のゲームをホストするために入札し、失われたが、彼らは 2004 年に次のゲームをホストするために適用することを辞退し、代わりに 2000 年と 8 に再び適用するために周りを待つことを選択しました。

  • Part of the speculation for why they did this was out of the cultural fear and apprehension surrounding the number four inside of China.


  • But of course, there's other numbers that are equally feared in other parts of the world as well.


  • Let's move on to 13, which is generally more feared in the Western world, and particularly in Anglo Saxon or English speaking countries.


  • There's a lot of theories for how 13 came to be so infamous in the West, like the Judas Theory, which suggests that the disciple Judas was the last man to sit with Christ at the Last Supper, therefore being the 13th member at the table and the one who ultimately betrayed Jesus to the Romans on Friday, the 13th in October of 13 07 King Philip, the Fourth of France, infamously ordered the arrest of the Knights Templar.

    弟子のユダが最後の晩餐でキリストと一緒に座る最後の男であったことを示唆しているユダ理論のように、どのように13が西洋でとても悪名高いようになったかのために多くの説があります、したがって、テーブルで13番目のメンバーであり、最終的に13 07フランスの第4代王フィリップは、悪名高いテンプル騎士団の逮捕を命じました。

  • So, for whatever reason, the number 13 and especially Friday the 13th is considered so unfortunate in the West that an estimated 17 to 21 million Americans suffer from legitimate fears about the date.


  • But before you denounce these millions of Americans for believing in pure superstition.


  • Consider the events surrounding Apollo 13, the third manned mission to the moon.


  • It was launched on April 11th, 1970 at 13 13 and two days later on April the 13th suffered a catastrophic oxygen tank explosion on board that forced the mission to abort and returned back to Earth.


  • But 13 isn't the only number in the teens with a lot of infamy.


  • There's also 17, which is primarily feared in Italy.


  • There's a long history of hatred for the number 17 here in ancient times.


  • The followers of Pythagoras in southern Italy hated the number because it was located right between 16 and 18, perfect representations of four by four and three by six quarter laterals.


  • Pythagoras followers also supposedly murdered a guy for showing the world that the square root of two was an irrational number.


  • But back to more about 17.


  • In the Old Testament of the Bible, it is recorded that the universal flood that swept the world began on the 17th day of the second month.


  • The term Vixie Latin for I lived was a common inscription on tombstones of the deceased.


  • However V I X I is also an anagram for X V II, which is 17 in Roman numerals, which led to an association of the number with the dead at the Battle of Teutenberg Forest in the year nine CEO, the German tribes annihilated the Roman 17th, 18th and 19th legions.

    しかし、V I X Iはまた、年9 CEOのTeutenbergの森の戦いで死者との番号の関連付けにつながったローマ数字で17であるX V IIのアナグラムであり、ドイツの部族は、ローマの17、18、19の軍団を全滅させた。

  • From then on 17 was never used by the Romans again to ever denote another legion.


  • Friday, the 17th is often considered mawr unlucky in Italy than the 13th, and there are some Alitalia flights which have removed the 17th row of seats onboard their planes.


  • Moving up in the curse numbers, we arrive on 39 which is particularly seen as bad luck in Afghanistan without clear origins for why 39 has somehow become lodged in the popular Afghan imagination as a symbol of pimping and prostitution.


  • It said to have initially become infamous as a result of a well known pimp in the city of Herat who became known as 39 because of the registration number on his expensive car and the address of his apartment in the Pashtun language, saying the number 39 is also similar.


  • Sounding two dead cow, which is a well known slang term in the country for a pimp.


  • Whatever the origins, 39 is such a problem in the country that vehicles bearing the number in their registration plates are so massively undesirable that they're almost impossible to sell.


  • 2011 was a particularly problematic year because after the Persian New Year in March, according to the Iranian calendar, the year was now 13 90.


  • So the Afghan government began issuing registration plates, beginning with 39.


  • And as a result, many drivers simply just refused to register their vehicles that year and risk financial penalties rather than risk the stigma of driving around in a vehicle with 39 on it.


  • During the 2010 Afghan parliamentary elections, one candidate had the misfortune of being listed 39th on the ballot and upon being harassed about it in the streets, had his guards opened fire into the crowd, which killed two people.


  • But the next and final big cursed number is, of course, 666 666 The devil's number, supposedly the number's infamy originates in the Bible Book of Revelations, Chapter 13, Verse 18, which states in the King James version of the Bible.

    しかし、次で最後の大きな呪われた数字は、もちろん、666 666 悪魔の数、おそらくこの数字の悪名高き起源は、聖書の黙示録第13章18節に記されています。

  • Here is wisdom.


  • Let him that hath understanding.


  • Count the number of the beast Threat is the number of a man, and his number is 666 Much has been made about this phrase throughout history, with many people associating the number with the devil or the anti Christ.

    獣の数を数える 脅威は男の数であり、彼の数は666です 多くの人々が悪魔や反キリストとの番号を連想して、歴史を通してこのフレーズについて作られています。

  • A good competitors from my most cursed number is another number that was created by mathematician Harvey Dubner, which reads as 100000000000006660000000000000 one The number is known as belphegor is prime and contains numerous superstitious elements.

    私の最も呪われた数から良い競争相手は、100000000000006660000000000000 1として読み取る数学者ハーヴェイ-ダブナーによって作成された別の番号です ベルフェゴールとして知られている数は素数であり、多数の迷信的な要素が含まれています。

  • The number 666 at the heart of the prime is, of course, the well known symbol of the beast.


  • The number is then surrounded on either side by 13 zeros, and it's all 31 total digits in length, which reads as 13 backwards.


  • Other numbers may be considered scary to different countries and peoples as well.


  • In China, the numbers 89 6 and four are each band search terms on Chinese search engines because of the date 1989 0604 the date of the Tiananmen Square massacre in Beijing.

    中国では、数字89 6と4は、日付1989 0604北京の天安門事件の日付のため、中国の検索エンジン上の各バンドの検索条件です。

  • With all of these numbers and they're in phonies, now explained, let's then create the most cursed number with the most widespread hate and censorship across the world.


  • In my opinion, I think this number sequence has to be 89 64 13, 17, 39 666 and four again, maybe followed up by the square root of two, just for good measure for the path Agrarians and their Ugo.

    私の考えでは、この数列は89 64 13、17、39 666と再び4でなければならないと思います、多分2の平方根が続いて、パスアグリと彼らのウーゴのために、ちょうど良い対策のために。

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this video was made possible by brilliant learn, complex topics simply for 20% off by being one of the 1st 200 people to sign up at Brilliant org's slash real life floor.



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4、13、17、39、666が世界で最も不気味な数字である理由 (Why 4, 13, 17, 39 & 666 Are the World's Spookiest Numbers)

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