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  • In addition to the browser version of Google Docks, there's also a mobile app.

    ブラウザ版のGoogle Docksに加えて、モバイルアプリもあります。

  • This app allows you to view and edit all of your Google docks on the go.


  • It also stays in sync with the browser version, so every change you make in one version will show up in the other.


  • You can even use the app to make changes to your docks when you're offline.


  • This APP is free, user friendly and available for both IOS and Android.


  • Once you sign into the APP using your Google account, you'll find that the apse interfaces fairly similar to the browser version of Google Docks.

    Googleアカウントを使ってAPPにサインインすると、apseのインターフェイスがGoogle Docksのブラウザ版とかなり似ていることがわかります。

  • You can view your documents, and you can search for keywords by tapping the magnifying glass.


  • You can also tap the menu icon to see your recent documents, check your trash, change your settings and more.


  • Let's go back to our documents and choose block party.


  • You can now view your file as much as you'd like.


  • At any point, we can select the edit button in the bottom right, and we can edit text images, formatting and more.


  • When you're done, scroll up a little and tap the check mark in the top left.


  • If you're having a hard time reading the text on your device, you can zoom in by pinching, open and zoom out by pinching closed.


  • You can share this dock with others by tapping the share button in the top right.


  • You can also view comments or select the more icon to see additional features like page, set up word count and more.


  • The Google Doc SAP contains almost all of the same features as the browser based version, but there are some key differences between the two.

    Google Doc SAPは、ブラウザベースのバージョンとほぼすべての同じ機能が含まれていますが、2つの間にはいくつかの重要な違いがあります。

  • For instance, the mobile APP lacks certain features like shapes and the ruler.


  • Depending on your mobile device, the layout of your document might look different than it does in your browser.


  • For example, here's a document in the browser based version of Google Docks, and here is the mobile version.

    例えば、ここではGoogle Docksのブラウザベース版のドキュメント、ここではモバイル版のドキュメントを紹介します。

  • Because of these differences, it's a little more tricky to create a complex document from scratch on the mobile app.


  • However, Google Docks is still a great tool for viewing your documents and doing some quick editing.

    しかし、Google Docksは文書を閲覧したり、簡単な編集をしたりするのに最適なツールであることに変わりはありません。

  • If you want access to your documents wherever you may be, the mobile version of Google Docks is a great way to view and edit your files on the go Yeah, G.

    あなたがどこにいても文書にアクセスしたい場合は、Google Docksのモバイル版は、外出先でファイルを表示したり編集したりするのに最適な方法です うん、G。

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In addition to the browser version of Google Docks, there's also a mobile app.

ブラウザ版のGoogle Docksに加えて、モバイルアプリもあります。


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モバイル端末でGoogleドキュメントを使う (Using Google Docs on a Mobile Device)

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