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  • Hi, my name is Frank, and I collect secrets.

    翻訳: Yasushi Aoki 校正: HIROKO ITO

  • It all started with a crazy idea in November of 2004.

    こんにちは フランクと言います

  • I printed up 3,000 self-addressed postcards, just like this.


  • They were blank on one side, and on the other side I listed some simple instructions.


  • I asked people to anonymously share an artful secret they'd never told anyone before.


  • And I handed out these postcards randomly on the streets of Washington, D.C., not knowing what to expect.


  • But soon the idea began spreading virally.


  • People began to buy their own postcards and make their own postcards.


  • I started receiving secrets in my home mailbox


  • not just with postmarks from Washington, D.C.,


  • but from Texas, California, Vancouver, New Zealand, Iraq


  • Soon my crazy idea didn't seem so crazy


  • is the most visited advertisement-free blog in the world


  • And this is my postcard collection today


  • You can see my wife struggling to stack a brick of postcards on a pyramid of over a half-million secrets.


  • What I'd like to do now is share with you a very special handful of secrets from that collection

    でも そのアイデアは すぐに口コミで広まり始めました

  • starting with this one.


  • I found these stamps as a child, and I have been waiting all my life to have someone to send them to. I never did have someone.


  • Secrets can take many forms

    うちの郵便受けには ワシントンDCだけでなく

  • They can be shocking or silly or soulful


  • They can connect us to our deepest humanity or with people we'll never meet.

    テキサスに カリフォルニア

  • (Laughter)

    バンクーバー 果てはニュジーランドやイラクまで

  • Maybe one of you sent this one in. I don't know.

    クレージーだった私のアイデアは そんなにクレージーには見えなくなりました

  • This one does a great job of demonstrating the creativity that people have when they make and mail me a postcard は

  • This one obviously was made out of half a Starbucks cup with a stamp and my home address written on the other side.

    広告なしのブログとして 世界で最も訪問者の多いサイトになりました

  • Dear Birthmother, I have great parents. I've found love. I'm happy


  • Secrets can remind us of the countless human dramas


  • of frailty and heroism, playing out silently in the lives of people all around us even now


  • Everyone who knew me before 9/11 believes I'm dead


  • I used to work with a bunch of uptight religious people,


  • so sometimes I didn't wear panties, and just had a big smile and chuckled to myself


  • (Laughter)


  • This next one takes a little explanation before I share it with you


  • I love to speak on college campuses and share secrets and the stories with students


  • And sometimes afterwards I'll stick around and sign books and take photos with students


  • And this next postcard was made out of one of those photos


  • And I should also mention that, just like today


  • at that PostSecret event, I was using a wireless microphone


  • Your mic wasn't off during sound check. We all heard you pee (Laughter)


  • This was really embarrassing when it happened,

    馬鹿みたいなものもあれば 深い感情を伴っているものもあります

  • until I realized it couldn't been worse. Right. You know what I'm saying.


  • Inside this envelope is the ripped up remains of a suicide note I didn't use


  • I feel like the happiest person on Earth (now.)

    “すごい感じ悪い客のを カフェイン抜きにしてやった!” (笑)

  • One of these men is the father of my son. He pays me a lot to keep it a secret (Laughter)


  • That Saturday when you wondered where I was, well, I was getting your ring


  • It's in my pocket right now

    これには 葉書を書いて送るときに

  • I had this postcard posted on the PostSecret blog two years ago on Valentine's Day

    発揮される 人々の創造性が

  • It was the very bottom, the last secret in the long column.


  • And it hadn't been up for more than a couple hours before I received this exuberant email from the guy who mailed me this postcard

    見ての通り スタバの紙コップから作ってあって

  • And he said,


  • Frank, I've got to share with you this story that just played out in my life,He said

    “私を産んでくれたお母さんへ 私には素晴らしい—

  • My knees are still shaking

    両親がいます 愛を見つけました とても幸せです”

  • He said, For three years, my girlfriend and I, we've made it this Sunday morning ritual

    今この瞬間にも 私達の周りの人々の生活の中で

  • to visit the PostSecret blog together and read the secrets out loud

    静かに起きている 数え切れない人間のドラマ

  • I read some to her, she reads some to me

    もろさ 勇敢さを

  • He says, It's really brought us closer together through the years.


  • And so when I discovered that you had posted my surprise proposal to my girlfriend at the very bottom,


  • I was beside myself


  • And I tried to act calm, not to give anything away


  • And just like every Sunday, we started reading the secrets out loud to each other


  • He said, But this time it seemed like it was taking her forever to get through each one.


  • But she finally did. She got to that bottom secret, his proposal to her


  • And he said, She read it once and then she read it again


  • And she turned to him and said, Is that our cat? (Laughter)


  • And when she saw him, he was down on one knee, he had the ring out.


  • He popped the question, she said yes. It was a very happy ending.


  • So I emailed him back and I said,


  • Please share with me an image, something that I can share with the whole PostSecret community and let everyone know your fairy tale ending

    本にサインしたり 学生と記念写真を撮ったりしています

  • And he emailed me this picture.(Laughter)


  • I found your camera at Lollapalooza this summer


  • I finally got the pictures developed and I'd love to give them to you

    それから そのPostSecretの

  • This picture never got returned back to the people who lost it

    イベントでは 今と同じように

  • but this secret has impacted many lives, starting with a student up in Canada named Matty


  • Matty was inspired by that secret to start his own website,

    “音声チェックのとき マイクが

  • a website called IFoundYourCamera.

    切れてませんでしたよ みんなあなたが

  • Matty invites people to mail him digital cameras that they've found

    おしっこする音を聞いていました” (笑)

  • memory sticks that have been lost with orphan photos

    これを見て すごく恥ずかしく—

  • And Matty takes the pictures off these cameras and posts them on his website every week

    なりましたが もっとひどいことになっていたかも知れないと気付きました

  • And people come to visit to see if they can identify a picture they've lost


  • or help somebody else get the photos back to them that they might be desperately searching for.


  • This one's my favorite. (Laughter)


  • Matty has found this ingenious way to leverage the kindness of strangers


  • And it might seem like a simple idea, and it is,


  • but the impact it can have on people's lives can be huge


  • Matty shared with me an emotional email he received from the mother in that picture.


  • That's me, my husband and son. The other pictures are of my very ill grandmother

    それを秘密にしておくために お金をたくさん出してくれます”

  • Thank you for making your site.


  • These pictures mean more to me than you know


  • My son's birth is on this camera. He turns four tomorrow


  • Every picture that you see there and thousands of others have been returned back to the person who lost it --

    今 それが僕のポケットに入っている”

  • sometimes crossing oceans, sometimes going through language barriers.


  • This is the last postcard I have to share with you today


  • When people I love leave voicemails on my phone I always save them in case they die tomorrow


  • and I have no other way of hearing their voice ever again


  • When I posted this secret, dozens of people sent voicemail messages from their phones,


  • sometimes ones they'd been keeping for years, messages from family or friends who had died


  • They said that by preserving those voices and sharing them,

    “フランクさん 今僕に起きたばかりのことを

  • it helped them keep the spirit of their loved ones alive.


  • One young girl posted the last message she ever heard from her grandmother.


  • Secrets can take many forms

    3年間 僕と彼女は一緒に

  • They can be shocking or silly or soulful


  • They can connect us with our deepest humanity or with people we'll never meet again.


  • Voicemail recording: First saved voice message


  • Grandma:♫ It's somebody's birthday today ♫ ♫

    僕が彼女にいくつか読み 彼女が僕にいくつか読むという具合です

  • Somebody's birthday today ♫ ♫


  • The candles are lighted ♫ ♫ on somebody's cake


  • And we're all invited ♫ ♫ for somebody's sake

    だから 僕のプロポーズ作戦の葉書が

  • You're 21 years old today


  • Have a real happy birthday, and I love you. I'll say bye for now.


  • FW: Thank you.(Applause)


  • June Cohen: Frank, that was beautiful, so touching.


  • Have you ever sent yourself a postcard? Have you ever sent in a secret to PostSecret?


  • I have one of my own secrets in every book


  • I think in some ways, the reason I started the project, even though I didn't know it at the time,

    でも今回は 1つひとつ読み進むのが

  • was because I was struggling with my own secrets.


  • And it was through crowd-sourcing, it was through the kindness that strangers were showing me,


  • that I could uncover parts of my past that were haunting me.


  • JC: And has anyone ever discovered which secret was yours in the book?

    “彼女は一度読み上げ それからもう一度読み返しました”

  • Has anyone in your life been able to tell?


  • FW: Sometimes I share that information, yeah.


  • (Laughter)


  • (Applause)


Hi, my name is Frank, and I collect secrets.

翻訳: Yasushi Aoki 校正: HIROKO ITO


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